The Derawan Islands

Derawan Islands

Derawan Islands Explore Marine Tourism

Marine tourism lovers should not forget one of the tourist destinations in East Kalimantan, namely the Derawan Islands. This destination, which belongs to the Berau Regency area, keeps the beauty of a beautiful marine ecosystem. It is not wrong if the Derawan Islands become one of the marine tourism destinations for tourists. The following are interesting things that can be found in the Derawan Islands.

Derawan Islands

 Consists of Several Islands

Like the islands in general, the Derawan Islands consist of several islands that have their own characteristics. Tourists can visit Derawan Island, Kakaban Island, Maratua, and Sangalaki Island.

Protected marine animals, including rare animals, are often found in these islands. For example, barracuda fish, dolphins, green turtles, and mantas. Of course there are many other aquatic animals that can be found. In addition, because it is surrounded by several islands, the Derawan Islands appear to have clean white sand that is smooth and shiny. This view is truly captivating and spoils the eye.


Best Diving Spots in Kalimantan

The Derawan Islands offer several spots for diving and snorkelling activities. Many divers make this tourist spot the main diving destination. Of course this cannot be separated from the many species of fish and also the beautiful coral reefs under the Derawan sea.

One of the interesting spots is on Kakaban Island. Tourists can enjoy the sensation of swimming with thousands of jellyfish. Don't worry, the jellyfish here do not have a stinger, so they are safe for tourists. This activity can be done in a freshwater lake located on Kakaban Island.

Marine tourism in Kalimantan can also be enjoyed by snorkeling. This activity is very suitable, especially for tourists who want to swim with manta rays. Tourists can visit Manta Point to be able to enjoy the underwater sensation with mantas.

In addition, there are still several points that tourists can use to enjoy the underwater beauty of the Derawan Islands. Tourists can visit the Blue Light Cave which is a very amazing sea cave.

If you want to see sharks, tourists can choose Shark Point. Enjoying the beauty of coral reefs at Coral Garden can also be an activity that is no less fun. In addition, there are still various alternatives for diving such as Tuturuga Point and Snapper Point.


Turtle Conservation Area

One of the things that makes the Derawan Islands attractive is because of its location which is a turtle conservation area, specifically the green turtle. This turtle conservation area can be found on Sangalaki Island. Traveling while observing how green turtles lay their eggs will be a memorable experience. This activity can be done at night.

Tourists can also see for themselves how hatchlings hatch from eggs. This will happen after passing the 50 day period of planting. In fact, if you visit at the right time, tourists can participate in releasing the green turtles into the sea.


Derawan Islands Tourism Alternative

The Derawan Islands still have hidden attractions that are hard to find anywhere else. Tourists can visit Goa Haji Mangku which has a vertical cave lip. The inside of this cave is filled with water. At first glance, Goa Haji Mangku will look like a small pond or lake. Enjoying the exoticism in this place can be an alternative tourism in the Derawan Islands.

For tourists who like to take pictures, a visit to Maratua Island or Labuan Cermin Lake can be an alternative tour. Both of these places offer beautiful views so they are suitable to be captured in shots. The resulting photos are guaranteed to be instagramable.

Maratua Island has white sand, combined with turquoise sea that surrounds it. This location has become one of the tourist destinations for photography for many people. In addition, various snorkelling spots can also be found on this island. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful island of Haji Buang Lake and Tanah Bamban Lake.

One more thing that should not be missed is Labuan Cermin Lake. As the name implies, this lake has very clear water like a mirror. Tourists can do swimming activities to refresh their minds or just relax enjoying the scenery while taking pictures. To reach the location, tourists must pass through a river overgrown with lush mangroves.

After the activity, it's time to taste a variety of typical culinary from Derawan. Various processed seafood such as Tehe-tehe can be enjoyed in Derawan. These teas are processed glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk and view using sea urchin shells. In addition, tourists can taste Kima-kima, sea shells that are isolated and dried.


Enjoying Derawan Exoticism from the Inn

The Derawan Islands are famous for floating inns on the beach. Staying in a place like this will certainly give its own sensation for tourists. Once out of the inn, tourists can immediately throw themselves to swim or dive. In addition, this beachfront inn area is perfect for tourists who like to relax while enjoying the exoticism of the sea in Derawan.


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Tourists can adjust their budget to choose lodging. Derawan also provides other lodging such as hotels, villas, resorts, and homestays, both high class accommodation and low budget accommodation. Traveling in the Derawan Islands will be an unforgettable experience.

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