Sailing Komodo Tour

Sailing Komodo Tour

Sailing Komodo Tour a perfect and unforgettable cruise. Sunset and Komodo dragon tour and watching Manta Ray on a sailing komodo tour.

The Global Commission on Aging once conducted a study whose results concluded that “Holidays make you young".
Surely this is desired by many people and you are no exception, right? Indonesia has everything, you can also get millions of interesting spots and youthful benefits from visiting the island of Komodo. So, are you curious about a sailing Komodo tour? Take a look at our explanations and offers below.


Sailing Komodo Tour

Sailing Komodo is divided into 2 types, namely Private sailing Komodo dragons and Open trip sailing tours. So from the 2 types, they are divided again from the length of the tour program itself. Such as: 1 day tour or so-called day tour, 2 Days 1 Night Sailing Komodo, 3 Days 2 Nights Sailing Komodo and so on.


Vacation to Komodo National Park, a Beautiful Place in Eastern Indonesia

East Nusa Tenggara has never disappointed about its amazing natural beauty. Tourist objects appear tirelessly to entertain the mind who is tired of facing activities. The fresh sea air is able to throw all that tiredness away if you dare to come to Komodo Island or stop by Labuan Bajo. Not just to see the giant lizard that the world loves.

There are many activities you can do while visiting Komodo National Park this. Starting from walking trekking to diving and snorkeling activities that will not make your vacation boring.

Komodo-Island-National Park

Moreover, Komodo Island also has many mainstay spots which are often mandatory destinations for domestic and international tourists. Of course, as an Indonesian citizen, you don't want to lose feeling the beauty of our nature.


Despite the stunning island, Komodo also has a historical legend for the community Komodo island. Until now Komodo for the local people called Orah. The call came from an ancient incident about a princess who had twin sons, the Dragon Princess. After marrying Moja, a young man from across the island, the princess gave birth to two twin sons, one named Gerong and the other son named Orah.

Orah has a different body that is shaped like a lizard. Embarrassed, the young couple threw Orah into the forest. One day when Gerong was an adult and was about to go hunting for deer, he met a giant lizard.

He chased after her and intended to kill with a spear but Putri Naga appear and ban it. The Princess explained that the lizard was Orah, Gerong's twin sister.

This is what makes people treat Komodo well. You can even get this legend when visiting the island of Komodo. Komodo National Park was about to be closed, however, you should be grateful that Komodo Island is not closed.

If you want to visit this cool tour, there are various ways of sailing komodo tours and make sure you choose the one that is easiest for you.


The Easy & Best Way Towards Komodo National Park

There are many ways you can do to get to Komodo Island, one of which is by utilizing the many available travel tours. However, if you feel that you are not free and less flexible, you can rent a means of transportation with a private sailing Komodo tour. You can arrange your schedule freely and the number of people who will be in your group. That way a vacation trip to Komodo Island will certainly be very impressive.

The fastest route you can take is the merging of air routes with sea or land routes. You need to know, you must travel by sea to get to Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo.

Rent ship

You will have to use phinisi boat or yacht from Laboan Bajo to go to Komodo Island. It's good for you rent a boat in laboan bajo to get a more enjoyable and certainly more flexible journey.

If you think renting a boat then you have to pay a lot then the answer depends. It depends on the type of ship and how long you rent the boat. You can even book a boat and experience living on a ship during your Laboan Bajo cruise. You can also rent it for only one day, so you don't have to worry about boat problems, especially if you want to have a different experience.

Komodo dragon sailing tour

The fun thing that you get by renting a boat is the many vacation routes starting from Laboan Bajo, Moringa Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island to other popular destinations. You don't need to be tied to the itinerary of the travel agent you use, you can arrange your own itinerary if you rent a private one.

Especially if you order from a trusted service, you will get information about destinations that are rarely visited.

How to sail the Komodo tour by using a ship, there are various choices of ships with various price offers. You can use the phinisi boat which is a traditional boat made of wood.

If you don't want to, you can use a Yacht which has a capacity of 8 people and the price is also more expensive than the phinisi. The third option is to use the AC 1 medium ship with a more affordable price but facilities equivalent to Phinisi.

Before you rent a boat from Laboan Bajo, it's a good idea to get to know a trusted and experienced boat rental. Go Travela Indonesia is a mainstay site that provides a variety of ships for trips to Komodo Island. There are several types of ships with great facilities and at the best prices. To find out more detailed information, it's a good idea to contact our customer service.

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