Rental Transportation in Indonesia

Indonesian Rental Transportation Us Gotravela Indonesia provides online car and motorbike rental services for all tourist destination areas in Indonesia. Rental & Tourist Transportation Rental in Indonesia with price offers 2024 - 2027

Indonesian rental transportation areas offered include eastern Indonesia and Java


We really understand that the existence of car and motorbike rental/transportation services is really needed for us and the mobility of tourists while traveling.

Rental & Tourist Transportation Rental in Indonesia, Indonesian car and motorbike rental prices 2024 - 2027

In this case, we also participate in providing Indonesian car and motorbike rental services in several central areas of Indonesia's mainstay destinations, especially the eastern part. To use mensuksescan 10 mainstay destinations for the Indonesian government's Golden tourism which is being promoted.

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Indonesian Car Rental Transportation


Cross-Region Travel

When traveling across regions and islands where it is not possible to bring a private car, the best alternative to meet these needs is to use rental transportation services. In this case, travelers can choose according to the destination according to your favorite travel itinerary.

Let's start page browsing Indonesian Rental Transportation :

Car & Motorbike Rental in Bali


Rent a car and motorbike in Bali Island of the Gods tourist destination.

Gotravela provides car rental services with driver services and automatic car rental (self drive) is the best choice, considering that the island of Bali is difficult to find mass transportation public transportation (you can read; complete info on the island of Bali) although there are also options such as:


Rent a Car and Motorcycle in Lombok


Rent Cars and Motorcycles in Indonesia, with Lombok and Gili Trawangan Tourism destinations. In Lombok, we also provide car rental services with driver services, which is the best choice, considering that the island of Lombok is also difficult to find public transportation that only passes through public protocol roads, although there are several options such as:


Bemo is the name for city transportation in Lombok, don't imagine beautiful Three-wheeled vehicles like in Jakarta, this is just a name for bemos, but ordinary cars are also used, such as the old Suzuki Carry from 1986 - 1990's. serving several locations such as Ampenan, Mataram, Cakranegara and Sengigi, but regarding safety and comfort, of course you already understand the conditions of public transportation.


Taxi is a public transportation that still exists like the Mataram Blue Bird but is very rarely found on the road. Even if you want to use it, you have to order by calling (0370) 627000 to order it, and it is quite expensive to take one way from one spot to another. crossing Mataram, Chakranegara and Senggigi

Gojek Online:

It is the online Ojek transportation which is managed by the private sector which is still not optimal in addition to the limited number of passengers, not all tourist spots or areas can be served properly, even though this transportation is relatively cheap.

Car Rental in Lombok 2023

Of course in this case you will need a rental vehicle for your means of transportation to reach your favorite locations and destinations while on the island of Lombok.

Car and Motorcycle Rental in Indonesia, offering cheap car rental services in Lombok, various types of four-wheeled vehicles, both with a driver plus fuel or a driver, we also provide luxury car rental/rental or luxury vehicle based on req/early order (because there are a few steps this type of luxury vehicle).

We also provide Tourism Bus Rentals for your Group/GIT at the best prices (reasonable prices). Rent a car in Lombok with our available units below.

The need for transportation and car rental in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara with various interests;

Types of Cheap Car Rentals in Lombok

Car and Motorcycle Rental in Makassar

Makassar (On Progress

Rent Cars and Motorcycles in Indonesia, with Makassar and Toraja Tourism destinations. Gottravela Indonesia where we also provide car rental services with driver services is the best choice, considering the island of Sulawesi has a tough road terrain and only inter-provincial and inter-regional transportation is found there, so we understand very well you need a car rental with a driver to explore your favorite best tours there.

Car and Motorcycle Rental in Flores


Prices, Tips and Tricks for Choosing Services

1. Trusted Place

Finding or using a car rental service in Bajo must look at the reputation of the service. Is it reliable, provide maximum service or not. Because if this rental place is trusted, of course many consumers are satisfied with the services it provides.

2. Price Comparison

There's nothing wrong with doing a price comparison when deciding on a car rental service in Bajo. If in one place and in another place you have been compared, then make a decision. Do not forget to consider the documents or documents for the vehicle as well as a reasonable price and not soaring because of taking advantage of the opportunities that exist.

3. Quality Vehicles

An important factor in determining where visitors will find car rental services in Bajo is considering the quality of the vehicle or transportation. Is the condition of the machine that we will use is safe or not. Well, to get rid of these worries, you should visit gottravela.

Types of Cheap Car Rentals in Labuan Bajo

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