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Saloka Theme Park Promo

saloka theme park tour

Get a Saloka Theme Park promo ticket on August 17, 2022. You will get a special price cheaper than normal days. What are the requirements to get a promo ticket to the Saloka Theme Park tour? Let's see.

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Good news, there is a special promo on August 17, 2022 for Saloka Theme Park Semarang. This promo is valid only for single tickets.

You can use this promo ticket to bring your beloved family. Children will definitely be happy to be invited on vacation to Saloka Theme Park Semarang.

The discount on canal tickets is 17 percent plus 8 percent.

There are conditions to get this independence promo ticket. Visitors must wear clothes with shades of red and white.

This Saloka theme park promo is only valid on August 17 2022. Make sure you meet the applicable conditions.

Not only ticket promotions. At Saloka Theme Park there are various competitions. Prizes of dozens of vouchers are ready to be given to visitors.

Saloka Theme Park Location

Saloka Theme Park Semarang is located at Jalan Fatmawati No. 154, Gumuksari, Lopait, Tuntang, Semarang. In this family tour, you can find many rides.

Among them are Balalantara, Coastal, Ararya, Kamayayi, and Segara Prada.

1. Coastal Zone

You will see the coastal zone is like a real beach. The manager did design in such a way to make it look real.

Even the shape of the building is made like it is on the beach. So visitors will feel at the beach.

Cakrawala is one of the favorite rides in the Coastal Zone. The horizon is a gondola with a height 33 meter.

When you ride this gondola, you will see Rawa Pening and the surrounding mountains.

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2. Balalantara Zone

Next there is the Balalantara Zone in this Saloka Theme Park. There are rides and attractions that you can enjoy. Flying Beetles, one of them.

The height of this ride is 4 ether. The track length is 500 meters. For those who like to stimulate adrenaline, this ride is perfect. Visitors who ride this vehicle will feel the sensation of rotating 360 degrees.

3. Kamayayi Zone

Then there is the Kamayayi Zone. This zone is specifically for children. Here children can find an ice cream parlor. There are also food trucks.

4. Ararya Zone

The Ararya zone is suitable for those of you who like challenges. What's going on here? There are extreme game rides that can make you nervous. An example is Lika Liku. This ride is a roller coaster with a height of up to 2 meters.

This game ride has a tortuous path. When driving very fast, which reaches 2 minutes.

5. Prada Segara Zone

Furthermore, there is a zone that has the theme of the mining industry. Here, you can enjoy dish culinary while playing.

Some of the rides here are Layang Beetle, Horizon, and Paku Bumi.

Price of admission

The following is the ticket price for a group of at least 25 people.

  • Student HTM Weekdays Rp.80.000
  • HTM General Weekdays Rp. 96.000
  • Student HTM Weekends and national holidays Rp. 100.000
  • Public HTM Weekends and national holidays Rp. 120.000

You will get ticket promo prices if ticket bookings are made D-3 before your visit. Please call this number 0823 5900 0077.

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Wow, it's really exciting to have a vacation to Saloka Theme Park in Semarang Regency. Let's fill this 17 August 2022 holiday to get a special promo.


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