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Nine Islands Labuan Bajo

nine flores island

Pulau Sembilan in Labuan Bajo is a tourist attraction that has an exotic natural charm. So don't think that in Labuan Bajo there are only Komodo Island, Rinca Island and Padar Island only.

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There are still many interesting tourist destinations that you should visit, one of which is Pulau Sembilan. Let's discuss more about this beautiful and exotic island.

Pulau Sembilan is also known as Pulau Manggiatan. The location is in the Komodo National Park area, NTT.

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Take a vacation to Pulau Sembilan and other interesting tourist attractions in the Komodo National Island area.

The Enchantment of the Beauty of Nine Bajo Island

Island Nine has some unique things, what are they?

1. Shaped Number 9

Pulau Sembilan has a unique shape, different from other islands. It is called Pulau Sembilan because the shape of the island is similar to the number 9. Among the islands in Labuan Bajo, Pulau Sembilan is the smallest.

It only takes about 20 minutes to get around the whole island. Yes, because this island is very small. But make no mistake, behind its very small size, this island has the charm of stunning natural beauty.

2. Formed by Dead Rocks

Another unique thing that is owned by Pulau Sembilan in Labuan Bajo is that the island is not formed by soil. Rather, this island is formed from dead coral reefs.

Here you will not find a single tree. There is only a stretch of blue sea that stretches to the right and left of the island. It's a very beautiful sight.

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3. There is a Small Saltwater Lake

Its shape, which is similar to the number nine, makes a hole in the island. This hole looks like a lake. But because of its position in the middle of the sea, the water is salty. This is also a unique thing. A small salty lake can only be found on Pulau Sembilan.

The size of this lake is about 20 meters. The depth is 2 meters, deep enough. But when the water recedes, the depth is only about 50 cm.

If you come during the day, the color of the lake water looks like sparkling. It's because of the sun's rays. Wow, so beautiful. Many tourists choose to relax by the lake while waiting for the sunset.

4. There are Stingless Jellyfish

In addition, another interesting thing that you can find on Pulau Sembilan is the existence of a unique shaped jellyfish.

If people are usually afraid of being hit by jellyfish because of their stings, the jellyfish here don't sting. Very different from jellyfish [there are generally.

Pulau Sembilan has jellyfish that do not sting so visitors need not be afraid. The jellyfish also has a beautiful appearance because it has purplish blue tentacles. Very different from the jellyfish that are usually found elsewhere.

5. Favorite Location For Snorkeling

If you travel to Pulau Sembilan Labuan Bajo, you can do snorkeling. Yes, this place is a favorite snorkeling tour. Of course because it has an enchanting underwater view.

If you do snorkeling here, don't forget to capture it by taking pictures. You can see many jellyfish animals that are blue in their tentacles. You can approach the jellyfish because they don't sting so it's safe.

Tips for Traveling on Pulau Sembilan

1. Wear Footwear

Because Pulau Sembilan is formed from dead corals, then structure the sand is very sharp. You have to be extra careful when on vacation to this island. We recommend wearing footwear when walking on Pulau Sembilan. This aims to protect the feet from being injured by the sharp sand texture.

2. Wear Sunscreen

In addition to wearing footwear, another thing that should not be missed is wearing sunscreen. Because there are no trees at all, you can imagine that the location must be very hot, especially during the day. Well, to protect your face from the hot sun, wear sunscreen.

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How, how beautiful and exotic is the charm of Pulau Sembilan Labuan Bajo. Are you interested in coming there? Make sure to prepare as well as possible so that your vacation is fun.

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