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5 Interesting Jogja Gunung Kidul Temples To Visit

Yogyakarta Temple Gunung Kidul

Are you in Yogyakarta and want to go to the temple? These 5 Jogja Gunung Kidul Temples might be your choice.

When you hear the word Pura, what you can imagine is Bali. Naturally, because Bali is known as the Island of a Thousand Temples.

This is because most Balinese people are Hindus. But make no mistake.

In Jogja, there are several temple destinations that you should visit. What do you want to know? Let's read more.

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Temple Destinations in Gunung Kidul Jogja

Do you know if in Jogja precisely in Gunung Kidul there are also many temples for places of worship for Hindus. Besides that, you can also visit the temple?

Well if you don't know, in this article we will discuss about these various temples. Here are 5 Jogja Gunung Kidul Temples that are interesting for you to visit. Listen!

Here he is 5 Jogja Gunung Kidul Temples For You To Visit

Santi Loka Temple Gunung Kidul

Located in Gunung Kidul, the first temple you can visit is Santi Loka Temple. This temple is in Banaran Village, Playen District, Gunung Kidul. To get to this temple is quite easy.

Santi Loka Temple Jogja

From Banaran Market the distance from this temple is only 1 KM and there are road signs that will show you the way to the temple. When you arrive, after entering the gate you will see a fairly wide courtyard. You will also immediately feel the typical Hindu atmosphere when you enter the temple.

Derpo Kusumo Temple

No less cool than the temple of Santi Loka Temple, the second temple is Derpo Kusumo Temple. This temple is located in Ngepoh Hamlet, Plajan, Saptosari, Gunung Kidul. Derpo Kusumo Temple is a temple that was built in the 90s.

Derpo Kusumo Temple

One of the attractions of this temple is that every Sunday there will be activities around the temple for young Hindus whose title is pesraman. To reach this temple, you need a little struggle because there are still some parts of the road that are a little rocky and steep.

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Ngobaran Beach Temple

The third is the Ngobaran Beach Temple. Traveling to the beach but at the same time being able to visit the temple, you can not only do it when you go to several beaches on the island of Bali, you can also do it in Jogja in Jogja.

Ngobaran Beach Temple

Here you will not only see the beauty of the beach and the sand, but you can also do other fun things. For example, seeing the scenery around the beach from a height because the Ngobaran Temple building is at an altitude.

Giri Natha Temple

On the fourth list, there is the Giri Natha Temple. Giri Natha Temple is located not so far from Santi Loka Temple. In addition, this temple is easy to find because it is on the side of the road and the building is quite large.

Giri Natha Temple

This temple will be crowded with visitors at certain moments. To get to this temple, from Jogja you have to take about 1 hour.

Bhakti Widhi Temple

Last but not least is Pura Bhakti Widhi. This temple has existed since the 1980s, 1985 to be exact. Even though it has been decades, this temple still functions as a place of worship for Hindus around.

Bhakti Widhi Temple

When you enter this temple, you will immediately see the large courtyard and tall buildings. The distance from this temple to the city of Jogja is about 65 KM. So, you have to take about 1-2 hours to arrive if you depart from Jogja.

So, those are 5 interesting Jogja Gunung Kidul Temples for you to visit. There are still many more temples in Gunung Kidul for places prayer Hindus people. If you want to come to these temples just to visit, still obey the existing rules to respect each other.

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