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Reasons to Go to Gili Air | The Right Place to Relax


Reasons to go to Gili Air – Lombok is another leading tourist destination in Indonesia after Bali. It is not surprising that visits to the Thousand Mosques Island are never empty.

Generally, people going to Lombok will go to the 3 Gili—small islands, namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air (water means water). The last one has a variety of uniqueness that makes it the reason to go to Gili Air.

Attractive Natural Scenery Gili Air

One of the reasons to go to Gili Air is the beautiful scenery. Located in Gili Indah Village, Selamat District, North Lombok, this mini island is located at the eastern end of the three dykes (Gili) as mentioned above.

Reasons to go to Gili Air

Here, you can enjoy a calm beach atmosphere, but it's not too quiet either. You can get around this mini island by taking a walk to enjoy the fine and clean white sand. Beach lovers will feel at home in this place because the atmosphere is so pleasant with the gentle breeze and the waves, which are also quite 'relaxing'. impressively, on the beach, you can also enjoy beautiful views of the mangrove forest.

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Perfect for relaxation

More than that, among the reasons to go to Gili Air is for relaxation because of its quiet location. Compared to Gili Trawangan, which is full of facilities and crowds, this island is quieter.

However, compared to Gili Meno which is so quiet this island is still more 'alive'. There are restaurants and cafes that you can visit when you want to fill your stomach while relaxing.

Underwater Tourism Paradise

Meanwhile, the next reason for going to Gili Air is an 'underwater tourism paradise'. If you who like water sports, such as diving, will be very happy in this place. There are several spots to see underwater beauty, such as Frogfish Point, Air Wall, Malang Reef, Air Slope, and Segaluh.

Then, under the waters of this dyke, you will find a variety of marine life, ranging from coral reefs of various shapes to colorful fish.

The good news is, that you can also get snorkel packages in Lombok from Gotravela Indonesia. No need to worry if you are not good at swimming or diving because there are also guides that help beginners.



One more thing, the reason for going to Gili Air is easy access. You can use a fast boat from Lombok Harbor Ward (if you are from Lombok Island). Apart from that, if you are from Bali, there are also several ports to cross to the Gili Islands. Of course, with Gotravela Indonesia, you have many choices between Bali to Gili Islands fast boat tickets to choose from.

So, those are the reasons to go to Gili Air that you need to know. We hope that you will include this mini island in your next vacation list, whether you are from Lombok Island or Bali Island. You don't need to worry about accommodation while in that place, because Gotravela Indonesia has a variety of attractive packages. You can get further information by clicking the WhatsApp button on this site. Have an adventure and have fun….! (y)

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