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5 Recommended Manado Tourist Attractions Apart from Bunaken

Recommended Manado Tourist Attractions

Hello travela. In this article, we will give you recommendations for Manado tourist attractions that could be your holiday destination.

When planning a holiday to Manado, what tourist attractions will immediately enter your list?

There's a big chance that Bunaken will definitely be at the top of your list.

Actually, there are still various Manado tourist attractions that are equally beautiful and stunning, you know! Anything, right? Let's find out below.



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Manado Tourist Attractions

We certainly know and are proud of the beauty and natural wealth of the sea in one of the provinces in the northern part of the Republic. Manado is the capital of North Sulawesi Province. Manado City has 11 sub-districts as well as 87 sub-districts and villages. Located in Manado Bay, this city is surrounded by mountainous areas.

Manado is the second busiest city on the island of Sulawesi after Makassar. This city does offer a lot of tourist attractions. Starting from natural, cultural, culinary, to historical tourism that you should not miss.

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Attractions Other Than Bunaken

If you hear Manado, perhaps what comes to your mind is bunaken. Yes, Manado is very famous for its very enchanting marine tourism. Especially Bunaken. This marine park, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, has truly stunning underwater beauty.

Apart from that, what makes Bunaken Marine Park so famous is because it has the highest biodiversity wealth in the world. This time, we will introduce you to 5 recommended tourist attractions in Manado besides Bunaken that you should visit too. So when you go to Manado you don't just have to go to Bunaken. Here he is :

Siladen Island

Siladen Island Manado Tourism

There is no need to doubt Bunaken Island for its beauty, both above and below sea level. Even so, that doesn't mean you don't need to visit other islands around Manado, you know! The thing is, there are still many islands around Manado that are equally beautiful, such as Siladen Island which has white sandy beaches.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the charm of coral reefs below the surface of the clear sea water here. So, if you are planning to spend time snorkeling or diving in Manado, Siladen Island is definitely a Manado tourist spot that you must visit!

Benchmark Beach

Benchmark Beach

Have a dream of vacationing at Navagio Beach in Pulay Zakynthos, Greece, but the costs still haven't been collected? No need to wait until you are old to be able to enjoy the beauty of Navagio Beach for yourself, because you can visit its "brother" in Manado, precisely at Patokan Beach.

Surrounded by two cliffs, you can find a colorful lagoon turquoise combined with a white sand beach that is definitely Instagram-able! Even though your struggle to reach Patokan Beach in Tanjung Silar, Bolaang Mongondow Regency is quite difficult because of the terrain. But all these difficulties will definitely pay off, really!

Lihaga Island

Manado Tourism Lihaga Island

Want to experience for yourself what it's like to have a private island? If so, Lihaga Island should definitely be on your list of Manado tourist attractions that you must visit! Lihaga Island is not inhabited by humans, so the area is guaranteed to be natural and clean.

This small island is the perfect location for those of you who want to spend a moment relaxing on the white sandy beach while enjoying the sound of the roaring waves of the brilliant turquoise sea.

Plus, you can also find several spots for diving and snorkeling because the natural marine environment is still very well preserved.

Mount Tumpa

Mount Tumpa Manado

Bored of playing on the beach and sea? Don't worry, because natural tourism in Manado isn't just about beaches and sea, really! So, the next recommended Manado tourist spot is Mount Tumpa which stands proudly.

And at the peak, you can see the view of Manado City which stretches seemingly without limits, plus Bunaken Island and Manado Tua Island, you know! Not only that, you can also enjoy Manado from a height in a different and much more exciting way, namely by paragliding. Interested in trying it?

Tumbak Island Marine Park

Tumbak Island Marine Park

Apart from Bunaken, did you know that Manado also has other marine parks that are no less amazing? The name is Tumbak Marine Park, which combines the beauty of a small island with white sandy beaches, clear and sparkling blue sea water, and biodiversity that is very well preserved below the surface of the sea water.

Here, you can find at least 20 diving and snorkeling spots, plus the opportunity to see for yourself the extraordinary beauty of sea fan coral.

That's a list of Manado tourist attractions besides Bunaken that deserve to be included in your list of visits when you get there. From the list above, which one catches your eye the most?


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