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Rent a Tourist Bus in Bali

Bus Rentals in Bali

Using a tour bus rental in Bali with us. Bali car rental and bus rental services in Bali for your group and company gathering needs.

Tour buses from 25 seater to 45 seater are available in Gotravela, the convenience of luxury bus rental in Denpasar and friendly, professional drivers and decades of experience in the tourism sector.

Rent a Tourist Bus in Bali
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Rent a Tourist Bus in Bali

Travel in Bali Island is the dream of many people, until berFIT tourists and group size flocks come to this island from using small cars to using rent a tour bus in bali.

We can find group size tours starting from company/travel agent/event organizer/government office will definitely choose a vehicle with a large capacity tourist bus as mobility tourist transportation they were on the island of Bali.

Almost every district in Bali has interesting destinations that are worth visiting.

With that transportation infrastructure that is capable of accommodating a large number of people (groups) is needed. One of them is with Rent a tour bus in Bali – Gotravela Indonesia.

Gotravela's flagship product Bali automatic car rental – Car rental and Indonesian Tours can complete your needs for cheap bus rental access requests in Bali 2023 while on vacation on the island of Bali.

Starting from usability Tourism buses for work or official visits, events for wedding groups, buses for group holidays - GIT, for Tirta-yatra visits, bus rentals in Bali for company outings.

We also provide bus rental units in Bali for service Airport Transfers service, Hotel Transfers Service, Bus Charter/Rental, Half-day tour charter bus rental, bus rental package prices for tours, Bali – Java – lombok overland bus rental with the best bus facilities AC/TV/LCD/wifi, Reclining Seat, Mic, the condition is good and clean and an experienced driver will go to tourism objects on the islands of Bali, Lombok, Java and throughout Indonesia.

Bali bus rental interior

Bus Rental Prices in 2023

full dayIDR. 800K
half dayIDR. 600K
Transfers - Sanur/Kuta/Nusa DuaIDR. 350K
Transfer - Tanah Lot/Ubud/UluwatuIDR. 450K
Transfer - PadangbaiIDR. 700K
full dayIDR. 1.100K
half dayIDR. 700K
Transfers - Sanur/Kuta/Nusa DuaIDR. 400K
Transfer - Tanah Lot/Ubud/UluwatuIDR. 550K
Transfer - PadangbaiIDR. 800K
full dayIDR. 1.100K
half dayIDR. 800K
Transfers - Sanur/Kuta/Nusa DuaIDR. 400K
Transfer - Tanah Lot/Ubud/UluwatuIDR. 550K
Transfer - PadangbaiIDR. 800K
full dayIDR. 1.350K
half dayIDR. 1.100K
Transfers - Sanur/Kuta/Nusa DuaIDR. 750K
Transfer - Tanah Lot/Ubud/UluwatuIDR. 1.050K
Transfer - PadangbaiIDR. -
full dayIDR. 2.500K
half dayIDR. 1,800K
Transfers - Sanur/Kuta/Nusa DuaIDR. 1.200K
Transfer - Tanah Lot/Ubud/UluwatuIDR. 1.800K
Transfer - PadangbaiIDR. -
29 BUS
full dayIDR. 1.250KIDR. 1.500K
half dayIDR. 900KIDR. 1.200K
Transfers - Sanur/Kuta/Nusa DuaIDR. 650KIDR. 900K
Transfer - Tanah Lot/Ubud/UluwatuIDR. 850KIDR. 1.150K
Transfer - PadangbaiIDR. 1.100KIDR. -
35 BUS
full dayIDR. 1.450KIDR. 1.600K
half dayIDR. 1.000KIDR. 1.300K
Transfers - Sanur/Kuta/Nusa DuaIDR. 750KIDR. 1.000K
Transfer - Tanah Lot/Ubud/UluwatuIDR. 950KIDR. 1.250K
Transfer - PadangbaiIDR. 1,200KIDR. -
45 BUS
full dayIDR. 2.500KIDR. 2.400K
half dayIDR. 1.900KIDR. 1,800K
Transfers - Sanur/Kuta/Nusa DuaIDR. 1,250KIDR. 1.100K
Transfer - Tanah Lot/Ubud/UluwatuIDR. 1.400KIDR. 1,800K
Transfer - PadangbaiIDR. 2.000KIDR. -

Prices for Mai Bus HDD 45 Seats Bali

1. 29 Seater Buses

  • Full day : Rp. 1.500.000/12 Hours
  • Half day : Rp. 1.100.000/6 Hours
  • Transfers to Sanur/Kuta/Nusa Dua Airport: Rp. 800.000/One way
  • Tanah Lot/Ubud/Uluwatu Transfer: Rp. 900.000/One way
  • Transfer Padang bai: Rp. 1.200.000/One way

2. 35 Seater Medium Buses

  • Full day : Rp. 1.750.000/12 Hours
  • Half day : Rp. 1.200.000/6 Hours
  • Transfers to Sanur/Kuta/Nusa Dua Airport: Rp. 900.000/One way
  • Tanah Lot/Ubud/Uluwatu Transfer: Rp. 1.000.000/One way
  • Transfer Padang bai: Rp. 1.350.000/One way

3. 45 Seater OH/Big Bus

  • Full day : Rp. 2.450.000/12 Hours
  • Half day : Rp. 1.800.000/6 Hours
  • Transfer to Sanur/Kuta/Nusa Dua Airport: IDR 1.150.000/one way
  • Transfer Tanah Lot/Ubud/Uluwatu: IDR 1.250.000/one way
  • Transfer Padang bai: Rp. 2.100.000/One way

Terms & Conditions

  • Price in rupiah is nett | (K : kilo/thousand = 000)
  • Price includes driver and diesel
  • Cancellations on the day of use and already at the location are subject to full rates
  • Overland prices do not include toll tickets, parking, entrance tickets to objects
  • Prices do not apply if there is an increase in fuel

Special Bus Rental 40 and 45 Seats

40 & 45 Seater Bus Adi Jaya
Adi Jaya Bali Interior Transport
Bus Condition:
  • The bus is equipped with AC, Reclining Seat, TV, Audio System (Karaoke), Mike, Cooler, Safety Belt, First Aid Box, Fire Extinguisher, Glass Breaker Hammer, Emergency Door, socket to charge HP battery.
  • All passengers get Accident Insurance Protection (Jasa Raharja).
Conditions as follows:
  • Prices in Rupiah are NETT.
  • Includes fuel and driver fees.
  • Departure / Start starts from the city of Denpasar and surrounding areas.
  • Not included: Toll Gate, Parking, Tourism Object Entrance Ticket and Tips for Crew Bus.
  • Only for the furthest route to the Bedugul/Kintamani area, beyond that it will be adjusted.
  • Rates can change at any time if there is a change in national economic policies (such as fuel, etc.).
  • The price above does not apply to Tirta Yatra / Prayers / Wedding Shuttle.
  • Bus 45 cannot enter the Kuta area and Kartika Plaza area, unless there is a special permit (Satlantas Police) with an additional fee

How to order a bus rental above:
Please send a message via SMS, WhatsApp or email to check availability and wait for further confirmation, with the format:
Name : …………..
Bus seater : …………..
Package : …………..
Tour Start Date : …………..
Tour End Date : …………..
Reservations :

Whatsapp/SMS/Tel: +62 (361) 4754 416 / +6281999565666 (click on the number next to)
Email: gotravela.id@gmail.com

Busy Bali Bus Season

So far we have served your needs Rental Transportation in Indonesia for foreign or domestic tourists.

The demand for tourist bus rentals in Bali will certainly be difficult due to the limited units during high seasons such as July, August, November, December to Lebaran or Chinese New Year.

Demand for bus rentals will also be difficult during the MICE season or world international events when they are held on the island of Bali.

So here are our tips:

If a fellow traveler immediately book a bus in advance when your tour plan to Bali is ripe or final, especially during the high season.Gotravel tips

Bus Driver & Co-Driver

The need for tourist bus in bali To make your tourism and event programs a success, of course you need it good coordination between us the transport as mobility and the tenants or event organizers.

Our drivers, co-drivers and assist drivers have a good attitude, experience and are supported by the work ethic of our professional and unquestionable bus transportation team.

Guest comments or feedback from the tenants are very much needed by us to evaluate the service and performance of our bus transport team. Because the quality of service will certainly affect your satisfaction as a loyal customer and our prospective customer.

We are committed to always providing and serve our customers and prospective customers with the best effort during a vacation to the island of the gods. Rent a tourism bus in Bali is one of the mainstay products, which we offer to you and your friends travel agent, eo and corporate which are for Indonesia and abroad.

Gotravela Cooperation and Tourism Bus PO

The fleet we use comes from our partners where we have cooperation (contracts) with the best and binding prices, of course with unquestionable standards, such as:

  • White Horse Bus Bali
  • Trans Mansion
  • Mai Bus Transport
  • Sanjaya Kusuma Transport
  • Adhi Jaya Bali Trans
  • WW Bali Trans
  • Kul Kul Bali Transport

A tourist bus that already has a standard engine EURO2 and EURO3 (European emission standards).

It has a bus interior with a luxurious design, cleanliness in the bus that is always maintained, the condition of the tourism bus engine regularly gets maintenance, as well as the latest bus output 2017 and above.

bus rental in bali kulkul
Tourist Bus in Bali
The types of tourism bus rental vehicles that we provide are standard executive and luxury class buses with seating capacities:
  • Tourist Bus 20 passenger seats
  • 28 passenger seats
  • 30 – 35 passenger seats
  • 40 – 45 passenger seats
Equipped with facilities
  • Full Air Conditioning (AC)
  • Reclining seats
  • DVD player and LCD screen
  • Karaoke facilities
  • Sound System
  • cool box
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Travel insurance
Sanjaya Tourist Bus


  • The price above for renting a Bali tourism bus includes diesel and a driver.
  • Tour bus rental does not include inter-island crossing fees, ferry boats, parking tickets, toll fees, guides, driver lodging and meals, driver tips and kenek.
Payment Terms
  • The payment process can be done with confirmation from us.
  • Min. Deposit 30% of the price of the bus rental, and if there is a cancellation from the consumer before 14 days of using the bus, we will return a refund deposit of 10%.
  • Booking at least 5 days before (D day) using the bus.
  • Payment of rental payments in advance, at least 2 days before the date of use of the bus.
  • If there is a cancellation on the day of use from the consumer, the payment or deposit is not returned (forfeited).
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer.
Rental Period Extension
  • Excess time to use the tour bus rental, please confirm with us again (Overtime charge applies if it exceeds the usage time in a day.)

We also provide minibus rental services in Bali, semi micro & vehicles such as;

And also for areas outside Bali:

Bali and Tourism

General information about the island of the gods, geographical location between two islands; West Java and East Lombok, of course, Bali is the belle of the island with a beautiful tropical climate. Neatly packaged, this island offers thousands of destinations which of course will never run out to be explored since hundreds of years of the first tourist trips undertaken by Maha Rishi Markandeya from the land of Java 13 centuries ago.

The development of tourism in Bali from year to year has made it more mature and professional, organizing from small to international events makes this island an ideal place for leisure tourism, MICE and high-class exhibition trade fairs.

Hopefully in the future tourism in Bali will remain a benchmark and barometer of tourism for new destinations in Indonesia. Below you can find other travel tour offers, such as;

Such is the offer for renting a tourism bus in Bali that is informed on this page. If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to write in the comments column below or contact us.

Source Fleet starting from:

#KulKul Trans

Thank you, if you are a travela friend, you can leave a review below. 

Greetings – Gotraveladmin +6281999565666 Tourist Bus Rental in Bali.


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  1. Thank you for the gotravela, Ms. Grace, for the group running yesterday, Dec 20th, the mansion bus is ok, Ms. Happy group while in Bali (recommended for Gotravel)

    Jasmine / Banten tour

  2. how much for a full day charter for a 40 seater bus?
    is there a limit to the tourist area in Bali full day tour charter?

    1. Dear Mr. Suharta,

      Thank you for the comments here, for 40 – 45 seaters the price is 1,950K per day (12 hours), there is no limit to the distance to highlight attractions (Kintamani, Bedugul and Uluwatu Nusadua). Lovina / deer and gilimanuk.

      For more details, you can WA at +6282144448095 – We also offer tour packages snorkeling in lombok and Gili

  3. Min, if I want to rent it for a wedding, can I major in Klungkung Singaraja 35 seats, how much is it? Thank you

  4. Please inform whether there is still a bus seat fleet of 30 people for December 4-6 2019, thank you

  5. Low response and prices listed on the website are no longer valid because they are still being updated, I have used gitravelaindonesia 5 times
    Please improve CS2's service again,

    1. Dear Mas Richard, our loyal and best customer - in advance, thank you very much for your support to us all this time and apologize for the lack of update rates at this time due to the transition from the Covid period to the new normal this time. But we know that (the transition period) is not the reason for our defense of this complaint. Hereby once again we apologize for the inconvenience and our mistake. In the future, we will pay more attention to our update rate and service issues.

      Thank you, Richard, for your input. Always healthy & our respectful greetings to mas & family there.

  6. Permission to ask, is it possible to rent a 29 seat bus only for pick and drop?
    From Padangbai to Singaraja?
    If possible, how much will it cost?

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