Rent Scooters in Bali

rent a scooter in bali

Do you want to get the best scooter hire in Bali? Here is a great place to rent scooters in Bali for your vacation.

Rent Scooters in Bali

Traveling around Bali using a rental scooter is a way of traveling that provides many conveniences. Ease of movement, ease of managing costs, ease of time management and many others. For those of you who need recommendations on where to rent the best scooters in Bali, read this info until it's finished!

Here you can check the price of rent scooters in Bali Kuta.

Gotravela Scooter Rental in Kuta

Best Scooter Rental, Easy Terms, Affordable Costs

Among the hundreds of scooter rental places in Bali, you may have to find the best place which provides more services than others. What information do you need to find them? You can note this.

1. Ease of Access

Some motor rental companies in Bali may require to go directly to their office to register. This kind of process seems to be a little troublesome, especially for those who are visiting Bali for the first time.

Nowadays, many companies are opening online registration which can be done long time before your vacation in Bali. Of course, this convenience will provide many advantages for you. Order scooters can be done in advance.

Scooter rental near bali airport


2. Ease of Requirements

Almost all motorbike rental companies impose loan conditions. The most common conditions for applying are to get a guarantee. In the case, you can use personal documents such as identity cards or passports.

However, there are also companies that ask for additional requirements such as money guarantees or other things. This requirement depends on each company and not all implement it.

3. Complete Facilities

The way to find a scooter rental company that provides complete facilities is to look at the testimonials given by its customers. You have to find out in advance whether the company will provide you with complete facilities or not.

Additional equipment that is a must in motorbike rental is a pair of helmets, raincoats, and maybe a portable GPS. There are also companies that add a pick-up or delivery service to the location you are staying at or even to the airport.

4. Additional Insurance

We never know what will happen while on the highway. Danger may appear and disrupt your vacation. Therefore, find a motorbike rental company that provides additional insurance while driving!

5. Friendly and cooperative staff

Even though it has many advantages in other aspects, but if the staff serving you seems bitchy and unfriendly, then you should not use the services of this company. However, whether a company is good or not depends on their service to customers.

6. Complete Vehicle Types

The most important of the information above is this part. One of the characteristics of the best places to rent scooter rent in Bali is that they provide the widest range of choices for their customers. All types of motorbikes are available here, from automatic motorbikes to sport motorbikes.

After all, among the motorbike rental companies you can find in Bali, Gotravela is the best place for this business. This company has dedicated itself to serving the needs of tourists in providing motorbike rentals.

At Gotravela, you will find all the conveniences mentioned above. Starting from online bookings to a variety of super complete vehicles. Everything is available only in Gotravela.


Don't hesitate to contact customer service right now. You will be wholeheartedly served from the time you book online until you finish your vacation in Bali. Call right now!

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