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Elf Rental in Bali | Cheap Elf Short Elf Long Rental Prices

Elf Rentals in Bali

Cheap Bali Elf Rental

“Elf rental in Bali 11 seater and 16 seater”

Hi Travela, meet again with us Gotravela Indonesia, a vacation with family and a small group size or small group is certainly fun, with Bali elf rental.

Isuzu Elf is the best choice for that, you can find many Bali cheap elf rental services / Elf rental in Bali with two unit variants Isuzu Elf short & Isuzu Elf long.

With us, Car Rental and Indonesian Tours have a team of drivers who are reliable and professional, friendly and very experienced in the location and route of the Bali area.

For other types you can see car rental in bali we.

cheap car rental in bali
Elf Rentals in Bali

The Isuzu Elf car has become the mainstay of transportation for group tours for Agent Entrepreneurs engaged in tour and travel and Bali Rental Transportation Entrepreneurs.

Also meet:

Before we offer special prices for elf rentals in Bali for you this year, let us tell you a little about the composition of this Isuzu Elf microbus type.

Elf Isuzu Best Price

Elf Short and Elf Long Rental Prices

Elf Isuzu Max. 11 seaters
Elf Short Half-day Rentals: Rp. 500.000,-/06 Hours
Elf Short Full-day Rental: Rp. 650.000,-/12 Hours
Short In / Out Elf Rentals: Rp. 275.000,-/One way
Elf Isuzu Max. 16 seaters
Elf Long Halfday Rentals: Rp. 600.000,-/06 Hours
Elf Long Full-day Rental: Rp. 850.000,-/12 Hours
Long In / Out Elf Rentals: Rp. 350.000,-/One way
Elf GIGA Max. 20 seaters
GIGA Halfday Elf Rentals: Rp. 675.000,-/06 Hours
GIGA Full-day Elf Rentals: Rp. 900.000,-/12 Hours
GIGA Elf Rental In/Out: Rp. 450.000,-/One way

Long Elf Package

3 Day Rental
(In, FD & Out)
Rp. 1.355.000
4 Day Rental
(In, 2 x FD & Out)
Rp. 2.050.000
5 Day Rental
(In, 3 x FD & Out)
Rp. 2.755.000


  • FD (Full day duration 12 hours)
  • In (Transfer in from Airport to Hotel)
  • Out (Transfer out from Hotel to Airport)


  • The price of the Isuzu Elf Bali rental package is very suitable for small groups, family groups or weeding and MICE.
  • Rate Package above includes units, pro driver and fuel.
  • Not including: Tipping drivers, parking & tolls and additional fees for outside the Bali Highlight area.
  • The rental price applies only to the area highlight bali (Kintamani, Bedugul area and south Bali such as uluwatu, GWK and others)
  • Not valid for Singaraja, Karangasem and West Bali areas – Please reconfirm.
  • Terms & Conditions apply! Read please Car Rental Terms and Conditions inexpensive.
  • For use over 5 days or need 5 more elf units, you can re-negotiate & contact Sales Go Travela again.
  • For how to book & confirm, please fill out the book form and contact Go Travela Cs below.
How to Book

Please send your elf rental message in Bali via WhatsApp to check availability & wait for further confirmation

Name : …………..
Number of people : …………..
Type Elf : …………..
How many days of use : …………..
Tour Date : …………..
Reservations :

Office: +62 361 4754 416
Whatsapp: +6281999565666
Email: gotravela.id@gmail.com

infographic How to Order Gotravel

Getting to know Isuzu Elf short & long

This Elf Indonesia Microbus is divided into 2 (two) variants in Indonesian tourist transportation services.

interior short elf
  1. Elf Short (10 – 12 Seater) is a type of Isuzu Elf NHR 55 Microbus which has an engine capacity specification of 2800 cc Diesel Direct Injection.

    With a short chassis, Cabin air conditioning Double blower, suspension is softer (soft ride) because of the design for passenger transportation.

    This microbus is also quite familiar to the Indonesian people as an efficient and reliable transportation for transportation businesses.

    We can find use for cheap Bali elf rental or transportation to pick up school children, employee transportation, travel, etc.
  2. Elf Long (12 – 16 seater) is a type of Isuzu Elf NKR 55 MICROBUS LWB which has a length and breadth of 5505 (mm) with wider dimensions. Compared to its predecessor NHR 55, it is equipped with a 2800 cc/100 ps engine.

    Support Triple Blower or AC Ducting. Design for various types of businesses, such as: Travel, Employee transportation, Rental Transportation etc.
Long elf Interior Configuration
elf rental in bali
cheap elf rental interior in bali

Ideal for group size

As a transportation whose use is efficient and reliable for Indonesia's transportation business, Isuzu Elf has a spacious cabin volume to match the capacity of a small group.

The cost of transportation for an elf Bali traveler group rental will be more efficient than other city car rentals.

In addition to the choice of elf rental in Bali, there are very variants and savings, you can also choose the type 30 seater medium bus or other microbuses such as:

  • Kia pregio
  • Kia Travello
  • Toyota Hiace with varied rental prices.

If you have more budget and don't mind and prioritize comfort for your vacation.

You might consider using toyota hiace we are the latest with the best offer prices.

We rent all types of cheap elf rental microbus vehicles in Bali with driver services and fuel.

The purpose of vehicle rental services with drivers and fuel is so that you no longer need to think about fuel costs and road routes.

That way it will be easier for you to take into account the transport budget in your group travel budget.

Rent Isuzu Elf Long

In terms of travel agents, the composition of Group size is 10 people and above.

If you plan to take a vacation to Bali in the amount of 10-17 people, it's a good idea to use Bali Elf rental services with Go Travela.

Call us now to order Car rental and Indonesia tours which is in this page specifically Bali tourism. We will always be ready to serve your group size.

Prepare our best vehicle units and drivers to serve and take you to your favorite tourist spots while on the island of Bali.

If you use Bali Elf Rental Services with us for more than 3 days, of course we will be happy to give you a discount on elf rental.

Let's find the tour of your choice!

As you know, in addition to cheap Bali elf rentals, we rent for you. We also provide a variety of tour activities and attractive promo offer packages for you.

But first, let's read other important information such as:

Tour package offers

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You are at the right time on our site and I hope this page will be a guide and useful for you all.


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Bali Elf Rental 2024 with the Best Long Bali Elf Rental Prices.

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