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Travel buddy Are you looking for transportation references that are suitable for holidays with family or colleagues? Or are you confused about choosing a vehicle that can accommodate enough people, but with luxurious quality? If it's the middle anxiety Travel buddy feel, then the following article is the most appropriate answer. Yes, there is a HiAce Luxury rental service with the best price from Gotravela Indonesia.

Big Size and Luxurious

hmm.. I don't think it's wrong to mention that one of the difficulties when planning a group tour is the transportation problem. Booking a bus is the easiest option. However, if the tour participants are no more than 15 people, then that is redundant. The reason is using 1 car is not enough, using 2 cars will be complicated. So, minibus rental could be the solution. Responding to this anxiety, Gotravela Indonesia also presents the HiAce Luxury rental service. Yes, Hiace is a type of minibus produced by Toyota. While Luxury is a super premium series from Hiace. As the name suggests, this minibus has a very luxurious cabin space. Having dimensions of 5,9 x 1,9 x 2,2 m, the Toyota Hiace 'only' can accommodate 11-14 passengers in it. This indicates that the cabin space is made comfortable with plush soft seats and loose legs. Driving in it doesn't feel like you're riding in a car because it's so comfortable.

Maximum Quality

Meanwhile, with the Hiace Luxury rental, Travel buddy won't be disappointed. The reason is, not only highlighting the luxury of the cabin space, the Toyota HiAce Luxury also has good engine performance. Carrying a 2494 cc engine with diesel power, this Japanese manufacturer's car is capable of overcoming long trips. Thanks to the engine which has a configuration of 4 cylinders in line, 4 valves, DOHC, the HiAce Luxury is also quite stubborn and tough. As a VIP-class commercial vehicle, the HiACE Luxury runway is comparable to the Toyota Fortuner, which is known to be fierce. Thus, there will be no 'fussy' car stories on the road and interrupt the trip Travel buddy.

Minimum Rental Price

Interestingly, with the advantages of both the design and the kitchen runway, the HiAce Luxury rental is still at a very rational price level. Gotravela Indonesia provides rental prices for this luxury car, starting from IDR 1 million per day. This price is certainly very cheap if Travel buddy compare with the variety of luxury and comfort that will be Travel buddy get while riding this car. so comfortable, Travel buddy You can also mingle with each other, chat like you're at home while traveling to your favorite tourist destinations.

So, that's the review about HiAce Luxury Rental from Gotravela Indonesia. Considering its various advantages, it's not wrong to make the Toyota HiAce the best choice for traveling. Further information or reservations can directly contact Gotravela via the WhatsApp button on this site. Happy holidays. (y)

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