Cheap Car Rental Unlocked

Cheap Car Rental Unlocked

In modern times like today, the existence of means of transportation is very important to support human mobility, especially for various purposes, ranging from business or work to just relaxing or traveling. Especially for walking, Travela buddy even easily can find many places car rental. Unfortunately, sometimes the rental comes complete with a driver. Though, there are times Travela buddy and couples or families and friends want to have a picnic together more freely without being constrained or disturbed by driver. Answering anxiety Travela buddy In this regard, the key-free car rental service Gotravela Indonesia also presents.

Present in many tourist destinations

It is undeniable, the car is the most appropriate solution for group picnics with family or colleagues. Don't want Travela buddy Having difficulty finding these services, Gotravela Indonesia also presents cheap car rental services without locks in many famous tourist attractions in Indonesia, ranging from Bali, including Nusa Penida, Lombok, Ende, Bajo to the Java area, present in Jogja.

Bali is a major tourist destination in Indonesia. This Island of the Gods has even become global thanks to its natural and cultural beauty. Likewise with the island to the east, namely Lombok which is famous for its beautiful dyke and Bajo which is famous for its exotic nature and ancient fauna, Komodo. Exploring these various places by driving your own car will be more flexible, thus getting a much more memorable vacation experience.

Various choices of cars

In providing cheap car rental services, Gotravela Indonesia always provides the best service. To support comfort and safety Travela buddy in driving while exploring various favorite tourist spots, Gotravela presents the latest cars. Some of the cars for rent include the following. From the Toyota cluster there are All New Avanza, Agya, Sienta, to Fortuner. Then there are Xenia and Ayla from Daihatsu, there is also the Ertiga from Suzuki, Ford Fiesta and Honda Brio. There is also a South Korean manufacturer Mazda2 output.

Best Price

Not only a complete selection of cars and new releases, the advantage of cheap car rentals from Gotravela Indonesia lies in the price. Yes, we dare to give the best price in its class. Travela buddy can compare with similar services that have similar facilities.

Easy Terms 

Another one that makes Travela buddy need to try cheap car rental services from Gotravela Indonesia is the ease of ordering and the conditions. Travela buddy simply contact Gotravela via the WhatsApp button at the bottom right of this site for more info and orders. Don't hesitate to ask, because Gotravela always wants to help provide the best accommodation for holidays Travel buddy. Meanwhile, to rent a car off the key, Travela buddy only need to have BPJS and NPWP. Easy isn't it?! (y)

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