Scooter Rental Matic in Sanur . Harbor


With an automatic scooter rental at Sanur Harbor, you will save time and money more. No need to be confused anymore looking for transportation for your holiday in Bali. Motorbike rental in Bali is more efficient. We can deliver motorbikes so they can be used immediately.

Scooter Rental Matic in Sanur . Harbor
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Gotravel is a service Bali motorbike rental with complete units and affordable prices.

Sanur has the potential for beautiful beach tourism. Many people choose a vacation to Sanur because they can enjoy a charming sunrise or sunset.

The waves on Sanur beach are so calm. You can relax on the beach enjoying the natural atmosphere.

Sanur Harbor Becomes Aesthetic Tourism

Did you know, Travela, that in September 2022 there will be an iconic and monumental project at the Port of Sanur. Here, there will be ornaments of local wisdom in the form of Jukung Mecadik or Boat Outriggers.

In the main building, there are two statues of elephant heads named Gajah Mina. What is Elephant Mina? Elephant Mina is a Hindu mythological animal. His form is a fish that has an elephant's head.

Usually, you can see Gajah Mina in temples or sculptural decorations for buildings.

scooter rental at Sanur Harbor
Jukung Mecadik

Then, the Jukung Mecadik ornament in Sanur Harbor has a symbol of balance. The symbol is like an outrigger boat that is often used by fishermen.

Of course, this ornament makes the Port of Sanur more attractive. Tourists who come to Bali will feel happier.

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Matic Scooter Rental For Around Sanur

In Sanur, there are several tourist attractions that you can visit. As a recommendation, here are tourist attractions that you can visit for a vacation.

  1. Enjoying Sunrise at Segara Ayu Beach
  2. Canoeing on Sindhu Beach
  3. Come to the Le Mayeur Museum Museum
  4. Enjoying Culinary at Warung Mak Beng
  5. Adding Insights in Turtle Conservation
  6. Relax at Bamboo Eatery & Bar
  7. Shopping at Sanur Night Market

Wow, there are so many places that you can visit.

Advantages of Motorbike Rental at Sanur Pelabuhan Port

Compared to taking a car or public transportation, there are several advantages if you choose to ride a motorbike. Here are some of them.

1. Save Cost

If you want a vacation with a minimal budget, you can rent a motorbike. Of course you can vacation without having to spend a lot of budget. Even if you are on a low budget, you can still have fun.

If you are on vacation in Bali, you should rent a motorbike. The cost of renting a motorbike is much cheaper than renting a car. It's true, you will withstand the heat of the air. But that's okay. You can use a sun screen, right?

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2. Save Time

One of the advantages of riding a motorbike is that it can save time. On the Island of the Gods, there are sometimes traffic jams. Especially in the holiday season or the end of the year. Because many tourists want a vacation, like it or not, you have to be stuck in traffic.

But by riding a motorbike, you can slip or find a small road as an alternative to be free from traffic jam.

Besides being cost-effective, renting a motorbike can also save time because you can get to your destination quickly. You won't be stuck in traffic for hours.

3. More Flexible

If you want more flexibility, ride a motorbike. Of course, many agree that riding a motorbike is more flexible. You can go here and there easily. Finding parking is also easy.

Unlike taking a car, you have to find a large parking space. If you ride a motorbike, you can park easily.

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There are many benefits if you rent a motorbike while on vacation in Bali. Matic scooter rental in Sanur Harbor can be the right choice.

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