First, after the Bali pandemic, cruise ships arrive again

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First, after the Bali pandemic, the arrival of the MV cruise ship. Le Laperouse Again

The COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world, including Indonesia about 2 years ago, has shaken the business of various sectors, including the tourism sector. Bali Island which was originally busy, was suddenly quiet because of the corona outbreak.

Namun, berlalu dari masa super darurat itu, kini  Bali kembali bergeliat. Terbaru, dikutip dari second travel (20/9/2022), for the first time after the pandemic, Bali has another cruise ship.

Bali Arrival of the MV Cruise Ship. Le Laperouse

Yes, the pandemic around 2,5 years ago really made Bali 'change'. This island, which was never empty of domestic and foreign tourists, suddenly seemed to be in suspended animation.

However, following Bali the arrival of the MV cruise ship. Le Laperouse at the beginning of this week indicated that tourism was returning to life. The French-flagged ship, before docking at Benoa Harbor, finally docked in Australia.

"The final port from Australia has around 130 passengers, which is not a large number," said Ardhy Wahyu Basuki, Regional Head 3 Pelindo on the sidelines of welcoming the MV Cruise Ship. Le Laperouse at the East Pier of Benoa Harbor, Monday (19/9/2022) morning.

Turn around cruise ship passengers

In Bali, this ship does turnaround, namely passengers get off and continue to the plane or there are also passengers who stay one day at a hotel for a trip to Bali. However, there were also passengers who chose to stay on the cruise ship.

Furthermore, Ardhy said that this cruise ship carried 131 crew and passengers. It was stated that 68 people had disembarked in Bali and 40 people would be transported the next day.  

Safari cruise ship MV.Le Laperouse: from Bali to East Java

Meanwhile, Bali's arrival of another cruise ship is over pandemic this is not sudden. The cruise ship MV.Le Laperouse has made reservations to dock at Benoa Harbor since a year ago. Departing from the land of kangaroos, this ship docks for a day in Bali, then continues its voyage west to Probolinggo, East Java.

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Looking forward to a trip to the Island of the Gods

Bali's momentum for the arrival of cruise ships again after the pandemic is quite encouraging news in the world of tourism.

This time the cruise ship only stopped for a day on the Island of the Gods, but Ardhy hopes that in the future there will be more cruise ships coming and staying longer on the Island of the Gods.

"The hope is that this cruise will come to Bali and have an effect in Bali, indeed the hope is that spending will last a long time in Bali, so that Bali's economy can improve," he concluded.

The stretch of Bali tourism, especially those by sea, can be seen from the numbers booking calls which enters Benoa Harbor. Referring to data from the port, until the end of 2022 there are 20 booking calls  with the number of passengers estimated to exceed 10 thousand people.(y)

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