Scooter Ride in Bali

bali scooter ride

Is it safe to ride a scooter in Bali? Note this guide about motorbike riding in Bali below.

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Scooter Ride in Bali

Driving a scooter rental during the holidays is one of the economical and practical ways used by tourists. Likewise with tourists in Bali. Almost all tourists use scooters for their accommodation. But, maybe you are wondering, is it safe to ride a scooter in Bali? Here's the explanation.

Guides for a Safe Trip in Bali

There will always be rules wherever you are, especially on the road, so that in Bali. For those of you who ask whether it is safe to drive in Bali, here are some tips that you can use as a guide to always be safe.

1. Obey the Traffic Rules

When you ride a scooter, make sure to always obey the rules of the road. Like stop when the traffic light is red, don't overtake vehicles from the left lane, don't cross between large vehicles, and so on.

If you obey the rules on the road, it will be safe to drive using a scooter in Bali. Bali is one of the safest and most comfortable tourist locations in the world. That is why this place is a reference for tourists in Indonesia and other countries.

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2. It is mandatory to wear a helmet

Helmet is a safety tool that you must wear while riding a motorcycle. Never forget to wear a helmet wherever you go. The police will always be on standby and remind you to wear a helmet while on the road.

3. Make sure to always carry a driver license

Some rental companies will ask you to show proof of ownership of a driver's license. In any country, a driver's license is the main requirement to be able to drive a vehicle. Bali is no exception for motorbike rides.

4. Better No Driving at night

If you want to go to a tourist destination, it's best to do it during the day. Even though Bali is always busy until after midnight, there is nothing wrong if you prioritize safety by avoiding driving at night.

5. Reduce Carrying Lots of Goods

There is a certain limit for luggage if you want to ride safely. Avoid carrying too much stuff so that it doesn't bother you while riding. Too much luggage can lose your balance and disturb concentration.

6. Get Some Rest when Tired

If you're planning a long trip, be sure to take several hours off between rides. Don't force yourself to continue riding a motorbike if your body feels tired. You can rest at several rest points and continue your journey later.

Those are some guides that you should pay attention to in order to make your trip in Bali more comfortable and safe. However, there are also more important things to notes. That is the condition of your scooter. The scooter must also be in the best condition to accompany your journey smoothly.

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