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Rinca Island, Komodo, Flores

Rinca Flores Island / Rinca Island

The existence of social media does have a good impact on the development of tourism in Indonesia. One of the famous tourist attractions thanks to social media and included in one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites is Rinca Island.

This island, which is located in the Komodo Island National Park Area, is one of the most popular and Instagrammable places at the moment.

Lots of people talked about saving Komodo some time ago and the construction of accommodation in the area Komodo Island National Park continues to do so.

Komodo National Park
Komodo-Island-National Park
Komodo Rinca National Park Area

Until the news was updated on the plan to close the Komodo National Park by the Governor of NTT Viktor Laiskodat for one year.

Rinca Flores Island and Komodo Island are ancient Komodo dragon habitats that are protected by the world. The difference between these two Komodo dragon habitat islands lies in the geographical contours of the islands.

Where Komodo Island has more forests, while on Rinca Island there is more savanna.

Island Location

Rinca Island is one of a series of islands in West Flores which is the natural habitat of the ancient Komodo animal.

You can visit Rinca Island in 2 hours from Labuan Bajo. The trip, of course, has to be done by boat or by boat daily boat rental in Labuan Bajo.

Rinca Island is one of the destination spots when you take the Komodo sailing tour package.

Rinca Island Gate

As the original habitat of the Komodo dragon and the core of the Komodo Island National Park, Rinca Island is closely guarded by the Government. This island has an area of ​​190 km. Even though this ancient dragon lives on Rinca Island, this does not scare the local residents.

There are at least 2 villages with a population of approximately 1000 people on this island.

Google Map Rinca Island

The two villages were named Rinca Village and Karora Village. The largest population is in Kampung Rinca. Residents in Rinca Village themselves have a livelihood as a fisherman.

If you want to visit Rinca Flores Komodo Island, you can also visit Rinca Village and Karora Village to socialize with the local community.

Apart from relying on what fishermen earn, the people on Rinca Island earn income from selling food, being tour guides, and renting out their houses as homestays for visiting tourists.

The friendly residents of Rinca also make tourists who come to Komodo Island National Park feel at home.

Rinca Flores Island
Rinca Island Port

The distance between Rinca Island and Komodo Island is not far apart. However, the size of the Komodo dragon on Komodo Island is larger than the size of the Komodo dragon on Rinca Island.

Komodo dragons on Rinca Island also have a more ferocious nature because the weather is hot and dominated by the savanna. That is why there are often cases of Rangers being attacked by Komodo dragons on this island.

The location of Rinca Island is very convenient as an unforgettable trekking spot.

You will be lulled and lost in the stunning natural panorama and see Komodo dragons up close. Rinca Island is really like a wild island with amazing beauty.

Infographic 6 Important Things When Visiting KNP
Komodo National Park Infographic

Rinca Island Entrance Ticket & Levies

Rinca Island Retribution Tickets will be cheaper if taken together on the same day as the entry ticket Padar Island.

So our best advice is if you want to visit Rinca Island, you should all visit Padar Island and Komodo Island on the same day (because if on a different day you will pay 2x – love, right?).

  • Entry tickets for TNK motorboats.
  • Entrance ticket for KNP visitors.
  • Entrance ticket for nature activities & wildlife observation of KNP.
  • Snorkeling activity ticket for KNP area – Rp. 15.000/person
  • Tickets for natural tourism activities, forest exploration, mountain climbing, KNP.

What's in Rinca Island

To get a safe, comfortable trip without draining your wallet, you have to consider tips and trips to Rinca Flores Island. This island in East Nusa Tenggara makes many people curious because of the ancient Komodo animal that lives on it.

Prepare the following things as the best plan for a vacation on Rinca Island.

1. Transportation

The journey to Rinca Island is quite long because you have to go to Komodo Airport which is located in Labuan Bajo.

You can use the services of Gotravela travel agent to Rinca Island or open trip. Usually, there are many open trips and other local tour operators in Labuan Bajo to tour the Rinca Island and Komodo Island areas.

2. Accommodation

Visitors usually come to Rinca Flores Island using a Live On Board boat which has a bed inside. Costs depend on the size of the ship and the duration of your stay. However, the cost of renting a boat for food and drinks is usually borne by the open trip party.

Rinca Flores Island - Mata Komodo Cruises
3. Activities that can be done

On Rinca Island, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach with its pink sand. You can see Komodo dragons more closely on this island.

4. Take pictures with Komodo
Komodo Eyes

After you buy an entrance ticket to Rinca Island, you will get a briefing to see a display of skulls that were victims of Komodo hunting.

The Komodo ranger or handler will give you directions not to stay away from it because Komodo is a dangerous animal. You will be taken through the forest and you can see Komodo animals roaming around.

After you are satisfied touring the Rinca Flores Island World Heritage Site UNESCOYou can also take a break in the canteen that has been provided there.

Rinca Island, which is part of the core part of the Komodo Island National Park, has a very extraordinary attraction.

Even though the location is quite difficult to reach, everything will be worth it when you see the extraordinary beauty inside. See Komodo up close, enjoy the hills, and enjoy the beauty of the sea from Rinca Island.


Frequently Asked Questions About Rinca Island

How much does it cost to go to Rinca Island?

If you calculate the cost of visiting Rinca Island, it is not too expensive. Backpacker friends only need to provide funds of around 3 million to enjoy the beauty of the Komodo Islands and Rinca Island. Try hunting for promo tickets for Jakarta – Labuan Bajo.

How much is the Komodo National Park entrance ticket?

Travela must know the entrance ticket rinca island and Padar Island that's 1 entrance ticket price. Usually the visit starts on Padar Island in the morning and then goes to Rinca Island by showing the Padar entrance ticket to the Komodo National Park officer.

So the additional cost is usually only for the rental of a Guide Ranger with 1 Ranger accompanying the max. 5 people. The total cost of admission for domestic on the 2 islands is approximately IDR. 120.000 per person including rangers.

Is Rinca Island the Komodo's original habitat?

Yes, Rinca Island is the original habitat of the ancient Komodo dragon besides the Komodo island itself.
For more details, let's read Komodo History and Legend.

This island is even the core of the Komodo Island National Park with an area of ​​​​about 190 square kilometers.

What flights can I use to Rinca Island?

To go to Rinca island, you can take a plane from Jakarta to Denpasar. Then, you can continue your journey to Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai Regency.

Labuan Bajo Airport is the main gateway to Komodo Island National Park.
The range of ticket prices that you have to spend is approximately 2 million rupiah for the return fare if from Denpasar Bali.

Local residents

Rinca Flores Island, which is the original habitat of the ancient Komodo dragon, has an area of ​​198 square kilometers.

This island can be reached by renting a boat or small boat from Labuhan Bajo Flores. This place is known as a very good place because there are no people disturbing the Komodo dragon's habitat.

With an area of ​​198 square kilometers, this island consists of several hamlets, namely Komodo hamlet, Bajo hamlet, Beringin Baru hamlet, Kukusan hamlet, Beringin Jaya hamlet, and Kerora hamlet. Of course, you can enjoy all the beauty of Rinca Island in just one day.

However, if you want to enjoy more time on Rinca Island, residents rent out houses or homestays for tourists who come. The rental price is quite affordable.


Saving Tips for Backpackers?

If you want to visit Rinca Island, a frugal tip is to go as a group to save more costs. Here are the tips.

  • Go three or more
    You can go three with friends and colleagues so that you can share the cost of the trip. You can share the cost of the boat, the cost of staying, and even share the cost of eating during your visit to Rinca Island.

    You can rent only one hotel room for three in Labuan Bajo.
  • Choose a week off after Christmas and New Year
    Early January is the time when the long holiday ends. Many people don't think about taking a vacation.

    This is the time to take a vacation on Rinca Island. Many airlines are slashing prices at this time.
  • Choose Jakarta – Bali or Lombok flights
    Flights from Jakarta to Lombok are cheaper than routes from Jakarta, Denpasar, Manggarai Regency. Jakarta Lombok tickets are only around IDR. 500.000.

    But also now Bali Labuan Bajo is even cheaper with Air Asia if you are lucky you can get IDR ticket prices. 400.000
  • Rent a boat with Gotravela online agent
    A visit to Rinca Island will not be complete if you don't go around the Komodo Islands.
    You can use a boat rental service directly to get a cheaper price only at gotravela super promo!!

Prepare for your and your family's vacation to Rinca Flores Island which is the only place where Komodo dragons live in Indonesia. Visiting Rinca Island will be cheaper if you use the services of a travel agent or open trip.

Look for a professional open trip to this place and get an amazing experience to get closer to the Komodo dragons with us.

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“Rinca Flores Island” – Rinca Island UNESCO World Heritage Site


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