Wow sooooooo! Animals Participate in the 77th Indonesian Independence Day Ceremony in Bali

Animals Join RI's Anniversary Ceremony

There are various unique ways that the Indonesian people do to celebrate independence day. Some held a funny-themed competition, while others held a ceremony to commemorate the independence of the Republic of Indonesia in an unusual way. Yes, like animals participating in the 77th Indonesian Independence Day ceremony in Bali. The ceremonial eccentric This activity was carried out by the wildlife sanctuary and animal conservation center of Bali Safari and Marine Park, Ginyar, Bali.

The reason animals are included in the ceremony

Quoted from travel.seconds (18/8/2022), a number of animals participated in the 77th Indonesian Independence Day ceremony in Bali, ranging from Sumatran elephants to pangolins. The involvement of protected animals in the ceremony has a deep message. Not only as a ceremonial commemoration of Indonesia's independence, but also as an effort by Bali Safari & Marine Park to voice the message of conservation and protection of animals. "We always prioritize (conservation campaigns, ed.) animals in commemorating the independence ceremony of the Republic of Indonesia," said Inneke Ficianirum, Head of Marketing for Bali Safari & Marine Park as reported by Between (17 / 8 / 2022).

Furthermore, he said that apart from being an educational event for protected animal conservation, the animals participating in the 77th Indonesian Independence Day ceremony could attract tourists to visit the Bali Safari & Marine Park. Inneke highlighted that the number of tourist visits to Bali Safari & Marine Park per day reached 1.000 people as of June 2022. This number experienced a significant increase compared to the previous Covid-19 pandemic, which had declined.

Yes, like Travel buddy Know and also experience, the Covid-19 pandemic has indeed been enough to shake the world economy, and Indonesia is no exception. Almost all business sectors are affected, including the tourism business. Bali, which is a world-class tourist destination, was also forced to swallow the bitter pill of sluggish tourism due to the global pandemic.

Elephants and pythons join the ceremony

The animals that took part in the RI Anniversary ceremony included four Sumatran elephants, one cockatoo and one parrot, a python, and one pangolin. The four elephants who take part in the ceremony are each escorted by a handler who wears a yellow and red traditional cloth decoration. Meanwhile, an elephant is seen wearing a poleng cloth, which is a typical cloth of the Island of the Gods with a black and white checkered pattern. By the Balinese people, poleng cloth is believed to be a form of appreciation of 'Rwa Bhineda', namely the concept of balance in living life.

As an 'additional participant', the elephant managed to take part in a series of ceremonies to commemorate the 77th Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day in a timely manner and not be “angry”. Then, after the ceremony was held, the protected animals were led to 'turn right' to their respective drums, guided by officers from Bali Safari. How Travel buddy, so much fun! If in place Travel buddy what's the fun? nih in commemoration of the 77th independence of the Republic of Indonesia? (Y)

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