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Ubud Matic Scooter Rental

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An automatic scooter rental in Ubud can be your option while on vacation to Bali. By renting an automatic scooter in Ubud, you can travel around Ubud and its surroundings comfortably and more effectively.

scooter rental ubud

Bali is a tourist spot that is chosen by many tourists. Not only visitors from Indonesia, but also from abroad.

One of the areas in Bali that has many interesting tours is Ubud. Some Ubud tours offer beautiful natural scenery.

In addition, there are also tourist attractions that carry the theme of culture and history.

Ubud scooter rental Matic

If you are on vacation to Ubud, you can rent an Ubud automatic scooter. You can reach several tourist attractions easily. If calculated, Ubud Motorcycle Rental With us it is also much more economical than renting a car or taking public transportation.

Tourist Attractions in Ubud

The following is a list of tourist attractions in Ubud. You can come here by renting a scooter Matic Ubud Bali.

1. Ubud Monkey Forest

Located in a protected forest area, this tourist spot is inhabited by monkeys. The monkeys here are tame, but you still have to be careful. The address is at Monkey Forest Street, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. Open from 09.00 to 17.00 WIB.

Monkey Forest in Ubud Bali
Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

See also:

2. Taman Saraswati Temple

This temple was built as a form of respect for Dewi Saraswati. The address for this temple is on Jalan Kajeng, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. Very precise to the location using the Matic Scooter Rental

3. Kanto Lampo Waterfall

The unique thing about this waterfall is that it is near the settlement. The location of this waterfall is on Jalan Kaliasem Lingkar Kelod Kangin, Gianyar, Bali. Open from 07.00 to 17.30 WIB.

4. Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal

This temple was built in 1.350 AD. This place is used as a place of worship for Hindus. The address is at Monkey Forest Street, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali.

5. Campuhan Hill

Have a very beautiful view. If you want to go up the hill, you have to go through the path. This hill is on Bangkiang Street, Sidem, Kelusa, Payangan, Gianyar, Bali.

There are many more interesting tourist attractions to visit. If you are in Ubud, it's a shame if you don't go around to some amazing tourist attractions.

Ubud Gotravela Matic Scooter Rental Services

There are many scooter rental services in Ubud Bali. But make sure you choose the best and most trusted.

Our advantages as a motorbike rental service provider are:

1. Motor Unit in Good Condition

We always maintain the performance of the motor unit in prime condition. We provide regular service for the convenience of our customers.

Rent Scooters in Bali

2. Rental Price Includes 2 SNI Helmets and Raincoat

You don't have to worry about helmets and raincoats anymore. All the equipment includes the rental costs incurred.

So if you rent a motorbike for a ride, there is already a helmet SNI which we provide.

3. Free Shuttle at Airport or Hotel

Our staff is ready to deliver the motorbike to your location. For example in a hotel or at the airport. So the Matic Scooter Rental is ready to use.

Jl. Kubu Anyar Pasar Senggol Anyar No. 22, Kuta, Kec. Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361

Please select the desired motor type. Inform what date you want to use and what time to be picked up.

That's the advantage of Gotravela, a Bali motorbike rental service. We inform you that the condition for renting is to complete the documents.

Prepare a photocopy of SIM C and E-KTP. In addition, another requirement is that motorbikes can only be used to travel around the island of Bali. Apart from the island of Bali, it is not allowed.

Hopefully the information about Ubud scooter rental services can be useful. Come on vacation to Bali and explore the natural beauty of Bali to your heart's content. Feel the holiday experience on the Island of the Gods which is rich in charming tourist attractions.


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