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Safe Ways to See Mola Mola in Nusa Penida

Safe Ways to See Mola Mola Fish

This time Gotravela Indonesia will provide various tips to Travela buddy about how to safely see sunfish in Nusa Penida. Yes, Travela buddy you must be familiar with Nusa Penida. The island, which is southeast of the main island of Bali, is a paradise for marine tourism.

Known for having a wealth of marine life, Nusa Penida is no doubt a favorite for those who like tourism as well as underwater sports. One interesting view of the underwater Nusa Penida is the Mola-mola fish.

The Strangeness of the Sunfish

However, before discussing how to safely see sunfish in Nusa Penida, let's get acquainted with this fish first. Refer to the site kkp.go.id, The sunfish has a rock-like shape with a gray color. The body is round and the texture is rough.

Safe Ways to See Mola Mola Fish
Safe Ways to See Mola Mola Fish

This fish also does not have a tail fin, while the fins on its body do not side to the right and left, but up (back) and down (from the belly).

Surrender Fish

Due to its round and chubby body shape, sunfish swim slowly and have difficulty going against the current. As a result, the sunfish is a fish that 'surrenders' to where the water currents will take it. The funny thing is, sunfish are also allergic to cold.

To keep his body from getting cold, sunfish will rise to the surface of the sea which is not too deep and sunbathe while lying down. Because of this habit, sunfish are also called sunfish or sunfish.

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Mola-mola fish in Nusa Penida

Luckily, Indonesia is one of the areas where sunfish sightings are common, namely in Nusa Penida. Sunfish sightings in Nusa Penida usually occur in July-September. Because of their rare and strange appearance, sunfish are often hunted underwater diver and photographer.

So that these ancient fish that still exist can swim freely and tourists in Nusa Penida can also enjoy their uniqueness, here is a safe way to see sunfish in Nusa Penida as explained by the Head of the UPTD KKP Bali, Nengah Bagus Sugiarta as quoted from travel.compass (11 / 8 / 2022).

How to safely see sunfish in Nusa Penida

First, the distance to see sunfish with Travela buddy when diving in shallow water of at least 5 meters. Second, Travela buddy not allowed to touch the sunfish. Third, Travela buddy should not block the swimming direction of the sunfish.

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Then, next it is not allowed to take pictures with light. The next prohibition is not to disturb the process of the sunfish when it is cleaning itself, not to swim under the sunfish and to swim slowly if you are near the fish.

So, here are some safe ways to see sunfish in Nusa Penida, right? Travel buddy. make Travela buddy Those who want to travel to Nusa Penida and see sunfish, of course, can directly contact Gotravela Indonesia. (y)


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