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Seganing Waterfall

seganing waterfall nusa penida

Seganing Waterfall is a natural tourist spot that is suitable to be your next destination. This tourist spot is so special with its extraordinary natural charm.

Located in dry hills and no forest, the location is still hidden. Therefore, the natural feel is still so pronounced.

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People call Seganing Waterfall by another name Sebuluh Waterfall. Not only the view of the waterfall that flows directly into the sea. However, there is a unique view where the terraced stone is flowing with water.

If you want to visit, you should come in the dry season. Avoid coming in the rainy season because the water can be cloudy. You can't get the clarity of the waterfall if it's raining heavily.

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How to get to the location of Seganing Waterfall

Seganing waterfall tourism is in Sebuluh Hamlet, Buga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida, Bali. The location is behind a steep cliff. This waterfall is also bordered by the sea. From the center of the island of Bali, this waterfall is quite far away so you need to make a long journey.

For the route, you can take a speed boat from Sanur Beach. Later you will get off at the Toya Pakeh pier. Usually it will take 40 minutes.

Next, you can continue the journey to get to the location of the waterfall by riding a motorized vehicle. Travel time is about 1 hour.

Prepare physically and mentally because the road route is quite steep, which is rocky and dry. If you have arrived at the parking lot, you will pass the path. It took about 15 minutes to reach the edge of the cliff.

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There are hundreds of stairs that must be passed to get to the point of Seganing Waterfall. That's because the waterfall is located under a steep cliff. The path taken is truly extreme. The steps are only made of wood and rope.

If you go through this steep staircase, you need to be extra careful. When it rains, the stairs will be very slippery. Making this ladder is the result of the efforts of local residents so that tourists can go through the road to tourist sites more easily.

Although the journey is quite tiring, the tiredness will pay off when you arrive at Seganing Waterfall. Her charm is so beautiful.

Fun Activities

Seganing Waterfall has clear springs. Tourists can bathe here or just play in the water. There are also those who come to fish around this waterfall.

There is no prohibition on bathing around the waterfall. However, you should avoid bathing when the sea waves are big because it can reach the land around the waterfall.

The main focus of the Seganing Waterfall tourist spot is the super beautiful natural scenery. Even though you can't do water sports, the stunning scenery around is more than enough.

Every tourist can capture the moment of traveling in a waterfall with a beautiful landscape. These photos can be posted on social media or just as a keepsake photo.

Seganing Waterfall tourist attractions are perfect for tourists who like challenges. But for those who are afraid of heights, please think again. Because, the location of the waterfall is in difficult terrain. It takes courage to cross the terrain to the waterfall.

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But for those who have a soul adventure, the trip to the waterfall will be a very pleasant thing. Your adrenaline hormone will be challenged. Are you one of those who have an adventurous spirit? If so, Seganing Waterfall is very suitable to be visited.


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