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Australian Senator Hina Bali, Here's the Reaction of Some Parties

Australian Senator Pauline Hanson is special

Travel buddy, latest news coming from Bali. It's not about Bali tourism or event new one to be held. However, this is about the despicable Australian Senator Bali.

It was Pauline Hanson, a female senator from the Kangaroo Country who made a scene with her statement about mouth and nail disease and mentioning that cow dung was scattered on the Island of the Gods. “Bali is different from other countries, because cows are free to walk everywhere, cow dung is scattered, and people are walking on it. And, got carried away in his clothes, and the guy came back to this country (Australia)," he said. In response to this, this is the reaction of various parties.

Menparekraf's Response

Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno said the Australian senator's statement was not based on facts. Moreover, even mention Bali as a country. “I expressly and straightforwardly say never to insult Bali, the icon and heart of Indonesia's tourism.

Oiya, fyi.. Bali is not a country.. it must not have been an IPS child. Next time, check it on Google first. Thank you... #itstimeforbali," he said.

The Deputy Governor's Reaction to Australian Senator Hina Bali

Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor of Bali, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati responded to the Australian Senator's statements that were exaggerated and unfounded. “That seems too exaggerated or too tendentious. This means that what is conveyed does not exist at all and is not like that.

Our people, let alone in cities, villages and even in the mountains when they raise cows are placed in cages and tied up. No cows have been released at all," said the man who is often called Cok Ace as quoted from detik. travel (8 / 8 / 2022).

He also added that his party guarantees that PMK cases in Bali are still safe and will continue to prevent the occurrence of red zones. "It is safe because we are already in a cluster and if there are areas that are affected, we will immediately close the area," he added.

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This is what the bule said

Uniquely, the reaction of Australian Senator Hina Bali was not only conveyed by officials who incidentally were stakeholders, but also Caucasians. Damian Hoo, who is also an Australian citizen, even gave a rebuttal to the senator's statement from his country. Damian is known as a witty content creator who often uploads life in Bali.

Sandiaga also thanked the man who is known for his eccentric appearance in batik shirts and cowboy hats for his efforts to immediately contradict the senator's statement. “I want to thank Mr. Damian Hoo (@gotravela) an Australian citizen who immediately contradicted the Senator's statement," said Sandiaga on his personal Instagram account.

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Bang Joe content creator From USA

Another foreigner who also reacted to the Australian Senator's statement was Bang Joe, a content creator from the United States. On his Instagram, @gotravela, he also made sarcasm as a reaction. "You know he's right, Bali is different from other countries, for example their neighboring country, Indonesia," he said. "When walking around Indonesia there are no livestock, then you cross the border through immigration to Bali, cows are everywhere," he sarcastically questioned Pauline, who even called Bali a country. (y)

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