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Labuan Bajo Boat Rental | Boat Rental Prices in Bajo

Labuan Bajo Boat Rentals

Explore Komodo, Rinca and Padar by renting a boat from Labuan Bajo. Starting from renting a phinisi boat, renting a yacht, Bajo boat charters to charter speed boats & open deck ships!

This is a solution for a cheap trip to Komodo National Park.

The three main islands are huge and they look pretty close to each other on the map, in fact they're not exactly close.

Sailing trips are the perfect choice for travelers who want to see what these beautiful islands have to offer.

Boat Rentals in Labuan Bajo charter boat bajo

Open trip duration 3 days 2 nights with the most complete destinations cheap komodo sailing.

Komodo Cruises Eyes
Destinations we offer: Komodo, Padar, Rinca, Taka Makassar, Kanawa Island, Manta Point, Gili Lawa, Pink Beach, Kalong Island, Kelor Island, Bidadari Island and many more land tour and snorkeling expeditions.

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Labuan Bajo Boat Rentals

The charm of tourist objects in eastern Indonesia is indeed very impressive, especially East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) with its boat rental.

Because of the popularity of this tourist destination, there are now many trip packages to explore its beauty. One of them is the Labuan Bajo tour and the Komodo Island tour.

Labuan Bajo Boat Rental is also a favorite choice with a Bajo charter boat, you will explore the Komodo Islands, West Flores with a private boat charter Labuan Bajo.

In addition to following the itinerary from a travel agent or taking a tour package from a travel agency.

Sometimes there are tourists who don't really like trips with less flexible schedules, so they make their own schedule and then only need to rent a boat.

This method is sometimes the right decision, because by exploring the sea of ​​Labuan Bajo Komodo dragons you will feel more adventurous by renting a boat.

Is renting a Labuan Bajo boat very expensive? Expensive or not a boat rental of course depends on the type of ship you choose.

However, the price for renting a Labuan Bajo boat with gotravela will certainly be cheaper when compared to trying to directly ask the ship owner for the price.

rent a boat from Labuan Bajo to charter a boat bajo

This option is the best and more economical, because you just sit back and our services will make your dreams come true in the paradise of the eastern tip of Indonesia.

Us gottravel provides a special type of ship for those of you who want to feel the sensation of just sailing by ship and exploring Labuan Bajo, the Komodo National Park is located.

Phinisi Boat Charter Prices in Bajo

Click the name of the ship for a list of prices for phinisi, catamaran & other medium boats
Name of Phinisi Start from


IDR. 8.300K


IDR. 50.870K


IDR. 50.000K


IDR. 27.000K


IDR. 43.000K


IDR. 23.000K
IDR. 10.000K
IDR. 10.000K
IDR. 15.000K
IDR. 8.000K
IDR. 10.000K
IDR. 10.000K
IDR. 16.000K

Boat Rental Prices In Komodo

Komodo Cruises Eyes

This price is the rental price per boat. Again, per boat!

Mata-Komodo boat rental charter from Labuan Bajo

For the price of our boat rental, the tag is different. It depends on the rental period.

The following is a list of Labuan Bajo boat rentals:

Remarks1 – 2 Pax
full day8.300.000
Remarks3 – 4 Pax
full day8.300.000
Remarks5 – 6 Pax
full day8.300.000

Group size for rent a boat from Labuan Bajo

Remarks7 – 8 Pax
full day8.300.000

Group size rent ship pumpkin low. Price rent ship Up 08 people (9 – 12 people) can use the following prices.

Boat Rental Prices in Bajo 

  • Fullday Trip min. 8 pax for Rp. 1.050.000/Pax
  • Package 2D1N min.8 pax for Rp. 1.626.000/Pax
  • Package 3D2N min.8 pax for Rp. 2.093.750/Pax
  • Package 3D2N min.8 pax for Rp. 2.812.500/Pax
Noted: More than 08 pax sleep configurations we submit back to the group. We only provide 4 cabins with and one of the cabins you can make triple share


  1. Built year : 2017
  2. Type : Traditional Wooden Boat
  3. Ship Dimensions: 17m Length , 6m width
  4. Pacu Engine: Mitsubishi 4 cylinder PS 125 & Jiandong 300 HP
  5. Capacity : 8 guest for overnight – 12 guest for full day trip
  6. Crew : 3 people
  7. Cabin : 4 Double Bed
  8. Facilities: outdoor dining area, cabin with AC, sundeck, 2 bathrooms, snorkeling equipment, soft drink
  9. Water sliding, 6 beanbags, cinema at night, Free Wine or Bear
  10. Safety Equipment : 17 life jackets, 2 lifebuoys, 3 fire extinguishers, radio, lifeboat, first aid


Sailing Tour Labuan bajo starts at 8 or 9 AM in the morning on the first day and ends at approx. 06.00 pm on the last day. (depending on guest's request)


Labuan Bajo – Padar – Komodo Island – Pink Beach – Labuan Bajo (no overnight)
Meal Plan : 1 x Lunch

2D1N (2 Days 1 Night)

Day 1: Labuan Bajo – Rinca – Padar – Komodo dragons (overnight)
Meal Plan: lunch, snack, dinner
Day 2: Komodo dragons – Pink Beach – Manta Point – Kanawa – Labuan Bajo
Meal Plan : 1 x breakfast, 2 x lunch and 1 x dinner.

3D2N (3 Days 2 Night)

Day 1: Labuan Bajo – Bidadari – Moringa – Manajrite – Kalong Rinca
Day 2: Padar – Long Beach (New Pink beach) – Komodo (Trekking clay komodo) – Pink Beach
Day 3: Taka Makkasar – Manta Point – Siaba (Snorkeling with turtle) – Kanawa Island – Labuan bajo
Meal Plan : 2 x breakfast, 3 x lunch & 2 x dinner.

4D3N (4 Days 3 Night)

Day 1: Labuan Bajo – Moringa – Rinca – Kalong Rinca (overnight)
Meal Plan : lunch, snack, dinner
Day 2: Kalong Rinca – Rinca – Padar – Pink Beach – Kalong Komodo (overnight)
Meal plan : breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner
Day 3: Dragon bats – Komodo – Tanjung Kuning – Manta Point – Gusung – Gili Lawa (overnight)
Meal plan : breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner
Day 4: Gili Lawa – Sebayur – Kanawa – Labuan Bajo
Meal Plan : 3 x breakfast, 4 x lunch and 3 x dinner.

  • Private boat rental in Labuan Bajo
  • Boat with air-conditioned rooms – 4 master rooms with double beds
  • Meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and snacks per designated package – full day will only serve lunch
  • Drinking water, tea and coffee
  • Snorkeling equipment(s)
  • Entrace fee for National Komodo Park – IDR 150,000/person for local or domestic tourist or IDR 350,000/person for international tourist
  • DSLR camera charge, IDR 50,000 per camera
  • Ranger fees/tips
  • Guide fees/tips

The cost of renting the Labuan Bajo boat does not include tickets to Komodo Island, guide tips, ranger tips, rental of DSLR cameras and snorkeling equipment.

Then to order, please directly contact the contact on our official site +6285333399175.

How to Book Labuan Bajo Boat Rentals

Please check your availability period by sending a message to our whatsapp, then wait for our next confirmation.

Book Formats:

Phone number :
E-mail :
Bajo Ship Name:
Departure date/time:
Number of people :
Number of children :
Trip Program:
Return date/time:
flight schedule :
No. Foot for Snorkeling:
Confirmed Price:
FB & IG Name:

By filling in these details
We have read the terms & conditions and Inclusive & exclude correctly

It is expected that prospective customers will pay a DP of 20% and book a boat rental for the Labuan Bajo 1 or 2 months before the trip.

infographic How to Order Gotravela for rent a boat from Labuan Bajo

Can you rent a boat to Komodo for a day?

Maybe you think that our services are only for long trip boat rentals or on board for a few days. Then, what if you only want to charter a Bajo boat for a day or a full day? Of course it doesn't matter.

charter boat bajo for rent a boat from Labuan Bajo
Boat Rental Pier in Labuan Bajo

We will still serve boat rental in Labuan Bajo with a full day trip system. So, you don't need to stay on the boat.

The routes that we offer are starting from the port of Labuan Bajo, Padar, Komodo Island, Pink Beach and ending back to the port of Labuan Bajo.


Labuan Bajo phinisi boats and other types.

We have a flagship type of ship called Phinisi Ship Labuan Bajo. This marine vehicle is a traditional Indonesian-made ship with a main interior made of wood.

You will feel a mix of traditional and modern nuances. While the facilities in it are no less interesting and guaranteed you will feel at home.

Phinisi-Samara-2 charter boat from Labuan Bajo
Phinisi Samara 2 Labuan Bajo

Phinisi, Catamaran & Yacht

For the price of the type of boat rental phinisi, Catamaran, Yacht and Medium Boat In Labuan Bajo you can click the column link above and you can also contact us on WhatsApp above!

Other options that you might be looking for apart from renting a phinisi boat from Labuan Bajo are Yachts and Catamarans.

This ship is often referred to as a floating hotel. One of which is Comfortable Bajo Catamaran and all elements of the ship, starting from the interior and facilities of a five-star hotel.

Name of BoatStart from

Comfortable Catamaran

usd. -

But in terms of the price of a yacht or catamaran, it is indeed much more expensive than the Phinisi Ship. The capacity is limited to only 8 people.

Yacht charter boat Bajo

While the third option is to use AC 1 Medium Vessel. In terms of level, this type of boat rental from Labuan Bajo is under the Phinisi Ship.

But that doesn't mean the quality is bad. Instead, you can get facilities that are almost equivalent to the Phinisi Ship at a more affordable price.

No wonder this ship is more often the choice of our consumers' Komodo island tour packages, because with this type of ship the price will be more flexible and cheaper.

Flexible rental rates

By choosing this medium type boat rental, according to the needs and budget of the traveler.

Free to set your own tour itinerary

In addition, you are free to arrange and enjoy the best spots in the Komodo islands, Labuan Bajo. You can request if you want to skip certain tourist attractions or you can also want to visit other new tourist attractions. 

For renting this type of Labuan Bajo boat, the ship team also wants to follow the itinerary suggestions from guests but still in our direction too. Don't worry, because we have very experience in accompanying tourists who are sailing trips to Komodo dragons. 

If you are looking for cheap and high quality boat rentals in Labuan Bajo, you can entrust the Komodo eye boats with the best prices that we offer below.

Route Around Labuan Bajo and Surrounding Areas

Choosing a boat rental service provider in Labuan Bajo that offers interesting routes is of course also a separate consideration. We will give you the option to visit several spots around Komodo Island Labuan Bajo.

  1. Komodo Island / Rinca Island
  2. Moringa Island
  3. Padar Island
  4. Gili Laba / Gili Lawa Darat
  5. Manta Point
  6. Kanawa Island
  7. Sebayur
  8. Makassar Taka
  9. Kalong Island
  10. Pink Beach
  11. Angel Island
  12. Gusung Island 
  13. Yellow Cape 

As much as possible we will adjust the itinerary you made. On the other hand, we have years of experience traveling through Labuan Bajo and Bajo boat charter services.

So, we also know very well the locations that are still rarely visited by tourists. If you wish, we can take you to these places as our best service.

Facilities available on the Mata Komodo charter boat

Some of the facilities that you will get by renting a komodo eye boat are:

Room/CabinBathroomDining AreaSpecific BoatFacilities

The bedroom is an important priority of our attention, it is important to create a comfortable sleep for you. Complementary devices also become a support that is no less important.

  • There are 4 cabins or 4 bedrooms with jumbo size beds and decorations themed in pure white, beautiful and elegant.
  • Queen bed size 160 x 200 for sharing.
  • The cabin room is curtained and you can see the ocean view on the right or left corner of your cabin.
  • Each room is equipped with Standing Air Conditioner 1/2 PK Brand Changhong
  • There are speakers, power plugs and room lights



The bathroom is also an important thing that we keep clean. Considering that you will be sailing on a minimum day trip or even days, we will pay attention to your comfort.

  • 2 clean bathrooms are available on this ship.
  • Showers available.
  • There is a sink attached to the bathroom wall.
  • The toilet seat is comfortable and with an interesting theme.
  • Bathroom design with neutral color mosaic walls that will make you comfortable doing activities in the bathroom.

komodo cruises eye toilet

Dining Area

We created a dining area on the front deck, with the intention that you can eat comfortably while enjoying the view of the ocean and the breeze.

The ship's clean kitchen and complete cooking utensils function as a place to cook. The food we cook is specially prepared for consumers.

Labuan Bajo private boat charter

Specific Boat
  • Build Year: 2017
  • Type: Traditional Wooden Boat
  • Dimensions: 17m Length , 6m width
  • Engine : Mitsubishi 4 cylinder PS 125 & Jiandong 300 HP
  • Guest Capacity : 8 guests for overnight – 12 guests for full day trip
  • Crew : 3 including Captain 
  • Safety Equipment : 17 life jackets, 2 lifebouys, 3 fire extinguishers, radio, lifeboat, first aid
  • Cabin : 4 Double Beds
  • Facilities: outdoor dining area, cabin with AC, sundeck, 2 bathrooms, snorkeling equipment, soft drinks, water sliding, 6 beanbags, cinema at night, Free Wine or Bear

FAQ Boat charter questions in bajo

We can summarize general questions about boat rental in Labuan Bajo below:

Is boat rental in Labuan Bajo expensive?

Regarding the boat rental price, it depends on the type and your needs.
For our best prices you can check in the column above.
Google mobile search Bajo boat rental

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Labuan Bajo?

As stated above, the price for renting a boat in Labuan Bajo starts from Rp. 4.750.000 per day.

Any tips or tips on chartering a boat in Labuan Bajo?

We have summarized tips and tricks for choosing a ship charter in Labuan Bajo below. Let's see in the link Tips for choosing a boat rental in Labuan Bajo.

When is the best time for a sailing tour in Komodo?

For sailing tour the best time is from March to October

When is the worst weather for the Komodo dragon sailing tour?

Extreme weather or commonly called "West Wind" is in the month of late January to late February. We recommend avoiding your sailing plans in that month because of sea conditions, the waves are very unfriendly.

How to determine the type and needs of the ship for sailing komodo?

1. If you are FIT or individual traveling with the right budget. Our advice is you can use a regular speed boat day tour.
2. If you are a medium group or familiy group. Our advice is to use a medium ship with 4 decks / max capacity. 10 People

How about group size sailing komodo tour?

Our advice for large groups, you should consult again with the service provider. Because of course it will use 3 to 4 medium ships or 2 phinisi ships. And of course the Bajo boat charter will adjust the number of decks and the comfort of your group, right?

Tips on how to choose a boat rental in Bajo 2023

You should be able to choose the right boat rental in Labuan Bajo, in order to get satisfactory service.

Don't just be tempted by cheap prices, but it turns out that the facilities are minimal. So that you don't make the wrong choice, pay attention to how to rent a boat in Labuan Bajo below:

  1. Looking for Clear and Valid Information
    The first tip is to look for clear and valid information. You can easily access the internet to analyze Bajo boat charter service providers that offer the best service. All information about the service provider must be valid, ranging from prices, facilities, travel routes and others.
  2. Easy to Contact
    The second tip on how to choose a boat rental in Bajo is to find a service provider who is easy to contact. There are service providers who are difficult to contact when there are consumers who want to make a booking or experience problems in the field.
  3. Offering Various Types of Ships
    The last tip is to choose a boat rental service provider in Labuan Bajo who has various types of chartered boats. This diversity of ship types shows that the service provider is really running his business. Likewise, we have various types of ships that are offered according to your budget & needs.
Optional Labuan Bajo Tour

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We also provide car rental in bali travela can check it out!

It is very easy to rent a Labuan Bajo boat or a private charter boat Bajo at our place. Your trip will be fun and memorable.

We always prioritize customer satisfaction, so you don't need to hesitate to use our services.

Regards – Alfonso giostanov | Labuan Bajo Boat Rental Prices.

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