Minibus rental in Bali

Minibus rental in Bali

Travel buddy Are you planning a vacation to Bali with some of your extended family? Or even want to reunite with friends from various cities on the Island of the Gods? And maybe confused thinking about how to get around this tourist destination on the east side of Java Island? Don't worry, because Gotravela Indonesia has the solution! Yes, minibus rental in Bali is the answer Travel buddy who want to tour the island with a small group.

Minibus advantage

Picnic with a small group is 'difficult and easy'. This is especially the case with accommodation. Touring with one car is not enough, using two cars will be separated on the road and transportation costs will increase. However, if you use the bus it is also too big and of course the rental price is also not cheap. Therefore, renting a minibus in Bali with Gotravela Indonesia is the best solution. Apart from sitting still, the minibus rental service from Gotravela is also capable both in terms of vehicles and price.

There are types of Isuzu Elf to Toyota Hiace

Speaking of minibuses in Indonesia, there are two brands that often go 'war-wiri' in the world of tourist transportation, including those that you rent minibuses in Bali. First name is Isuzu Elf. This diesel car can be said to be the belle of medium passenger transportation. Powered by a 2.771cc engine, this minibus made by Isuzu is a formidable choice to bulldoze various road terrains, from lowlands to highlands. This is perfect for exploring Bali, whose territory has a variety of topography. Gotravela provides Isuzu Elf long body with a capacity of 16 passengers.

Then, the second type of minibus rental vehicle in Bali is the Toyota Hiace. Compared to Elf, Hiace is more luxurious. Yes, this series is a Toyota product that is specifically targeting tour and travel companies. As a 'vacation' vehicle, the Hiace is designed to have a comfortable and spacious cabin. The legs are also loose, so Travel buddy not easily tired when traveling around with this minibus. From the engine side, Hiace is fairly fierce thanks to the 2400 cc to 2.700 cc engines in the highest variant. Meanwhile, for passenger capacity, Hiace can accommodate 12 people for the premium type and 15 people for the commuter type.

Affordable Rental Prices

Given the large capacity of minibuses, renting a minibus in Bali with Gotravela Indonesia is a practical and economical accommodation solution. Travel buddy No need to bother renting two or three cars for small groups. On the other hand, only 1 minibus is enough for the group to be transported and all can enjoy the journey together. For information on the latest minibus rental prices, Travel buddy You can directly contact Gotravela Indonesia via the WhatsApp link on this site. Happy holidays and have fun together! (y)

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