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Cheap Motorcycle Rental in Bali | The Best Motorcycle Rental Service in Bali

Cheap motorbike rental in Bali

Cheap Motorbike Rental in Bali 2024 promo price IDR 35 thousand/24 hours. The best motorbike rental in Bali provides the nearest automatic motorbike rental service. Latest motorbike rental in Bali.

Cheap motorbike renters in Bali are very easy, just book online at Go Travela Indonesia.

Unit Gotravela scooter rental with the latest motorbike rentals in Bali and the cheapest motorbike rental prices in Bali. Serving motorbike rental at Bali Ngurah Rai airport, Bali motorbike rental in Canggu, Seminyak, motorbike rental in Denpasar, motorbike rental in Ubud to motorbike rental in Nusa Penida and Lembongan.

Motorbike rental is an alternative for your tourist mobility on the island of Bali and the 3 Nusa Islands.

gotravel scooter rental
Cheap motorbike rental in Bali costs only IDR 35.000/24 ​​hours. Jl. Kubu Anyar Pasar Senggol Anyar No.22, Kuta, Kec. Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361

Scooter Rental Bali

Bali motorbike rental has become an alternative transportation need for tourists, both local and foreign, while on holiday on the island of Bali

Gotravela Indonesia with flagship products Car Rental and Indonesia Tour Offer Best motorbike rental in Bali in 2024 – 2029.

Come on, watch this #1 ranked Bali motorbike rental video!!

Howdy, Vlog The opening of the motorbike rental video above, we present to fellow travelers so they can see firsthand the unit and our team's activities.

And the video also mentions rental prices according to the type of motorbike available.

This article provides important information for you. Starting from a complete description, general questions and tips for finding and using cheap motorbike rental services in Bali.

Cheap Motorcycle Rental Prices in Bali

Motor TypeRental price
Mio/Vega (2004)
Days: IDR 35.000
Weeks: IDR 250K
Months: IDR 740K
Vega/Jupiter (2008)
Days: IDR 35.000
Weeks: IDR 200K
Months: IDR 620K
Yamaha Mio GT
Yamaha Mio GT
3 Days: IDR 40.000
1 Day: IDR 50K
Months: IDR 800K
Yamaha Mio M3
3 Days: IDR 45.000
1 Day: IDR 50K
Months: IDR 800K
Honda Vario CW
Vario CW non-injection
Days: IDR 45.000
Weeks: IDR 300K
Months: IDR 800K
Yamaha FreeGo 2023
Beat the Honda 110
Days: IDR 70.000
Weeks: IDR 450K
Months: IDR 1200K
Honda Beat FI
Beat the Honda 110
Days: IDR 60.000
Weeks: IDR 350K
Months: Rp -
New Honda Beat 2022
New Honda Beat 2022
5 Days: IDR 60.000
1 Day: IDR 70K
Months: IDR 1275K
Yamaha Mio Gear 125
6 Days: IDR 55.000
4 Day: IDR 60K
2 Day: IDR 70K
Yamaha Mio J
Mio-J-Sporty motorbike rental in Bali
Days: IDR 50.000
Weeks: IDR 300K
Months: IDR 800K
Yamaha Soul GT
Days: IDR 50.000
Weeks: IDR 300K
Months: IDR 800K
Yamaha Mio S
Yamaha Mio S
Days: IDR 60.000
Weeks: IDR 375K
Months: IDR 850K
Yamaha Fazzio 2022
Yamaha Fazzio
5 Days: IDR 85.000
1 Day: IDR 90K
Months: -
Yamaha Fino125
Yamaha Fino
Days: IDR 60.000
Weeks: IDR 375K
Months: IDR 850K
Honda Scoopy FI
Days: IDR 60.000
Weeks: IDR 400K
Months: IDR 900K
Honda New Scoopy
New Scoopy 110cc
Days: IDR 70.000
Weeks: IDR 450K
Months: IDR 1275K
Yamaha X-Ride
Yamaha X-ride
Days: IDR 60.000
Weeks: IDR 350K
Months: IDR 850K
New Honda Vario 125
New Honda Vario
Days: IDR 70.000
Weeks: IDR 450K
Months: IDR 1200K
New Honda Genio
Days: IDR 70.000
Weeks: IDR 450K
Months: IDR 1000K
Yamaha Lexie
Days: IDR 90.000
Weeks: IDR 550K
Months: IDR 1500K
New Vario 150cc
Days: IDR 90.000
Weeks: IDR 550K
Months: IDR 1500K
Terms & Conditions
1. Prices are in rupiah & 24-hour daily motorbike rental method.
2. Motor in Good Condition and Latest Output.
3. Rental price includes 2 SNI Helmets & Raincoats.
4. Book Cs 81239952013 and D-day cancellations and have been at the location are subject to full rates.
5. Delivery & Pick up is arranged from the airport or at the hotel you are staying at.
6. Identity E-KTP yourself & your photocopy of SIM C as security guarantee.
7. Motorbikes can only be used around the island of Bali.

Premium Scooter & Motorbike

PremiumRental price
Honda PCX 150cc
Days: IDR 125.000
Weeks: IDR 750K
Months: IDR 2.300K
Yamaha NMAX 150cc
Days: IDR 125.000
Weeks: IDR 750K
Months: IDR 2.300K
Honda Adv 150cc
Days: IDR 150.000
Weeks: IDR 850K
Months: IDR 2.500K
Yamaha NMAX 155cc
Days: IDR 150.000
Weeks: IDR 850K
Months: IDR 2.500K
VESPA LXV 125CC in bali
Days: IDR 125.000
Weeks: IDR 800K
Months: IDR 2.300K
Days: IDR 125.000
Weeks: IDR 800K
Months: IDR 2.300K
Days: IDR 125.000
Weeks: IDR 800K
Months: IDR 2.300K
Days: IDR 150.000
Weeks: IDR 950K
Months: IDR 3.000K
Days: IDR 150.000
Weeks: IDR 950K
Months: IDR 3.000K
Days: IDR 175.000
Weeks: IDR 1.100K
Months: IDR 3.500K
Days: IDR 175.000
Weeks: IDR 1.050K
Months: IDR 2.750K
Days: IDR 200.000
Weeks: IDR 1.200K
Months: IDR 3.000K
Days: IDR 250.000
Weeks: IDR 1.500K
Months: IDR 4.000K
Days: IDR 300.000
Weeks: IDR 1.700K
Months: IDR 5.000K
Days: IDR 300.000
Weeks: IDR 1.700K
Months: IDR 5.000K
Days: IDR 750.000
Weeks: IDR 4.500K
Months: Rp -
Terms & Conditions
1. Minimum Rent 2 x 24 Hours and Payment by IDR IDR
2. Best Unit Condition and Latest Output.
3. Includes 2 SNI Helmets & Raincoat.
4. Your E-KTP, BPJS, NPWP & SIM C identity as collateral
5. Book CS 8123 995 2013 and D-day cancellations and have been at the location are subject to full rates.

How to order a motorbike rental

How to Order Cheap Motorcycle Rentals in Bali:
1. Contact Gotravela cs by Whatsapp
2. Fill in the Booking form correctly and clearly given by CS
3. 5 Tips on how to book on Go Travela Indonesia Customer Services

Name : …………..
Phone number : ………….
Date/Hour Rental : …………..
Finish Date/Time : …………..
Delivery Address : …………..
Pick-up Address: …………..
Number of Helmets : …………..
Motor Type : …………..
FB & IG Name : ………….
FCopy E-Ktp + Sim : …………..
Reservations :

E-mail : gotravela.id@gmail.com

Book Cs by Whatsapp

Click the chat icon in the bottom right corner

+628123 995 2013

infographic How to Order Gotravel
Bali motorbike rental infographic
Bali Motorcycle Rental Infographic

Motorcycle Unit Sales in Bali

This two-wheeled machine is certainly familiar to Travela friends, isn't it? motorcycle This has become the main means of transportation at every level of Indonesian society.

National survey results: Sales of motorbike units per year for all brands are always increasing. In 2015 alone, 6,1 million units were sold in Indonesia.

Motorcycle Unit Sales in Bali

This data is reported based on released data PT Astra International Tbk.

Based on data obtained from Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI).

Sales of Honda Scoopy motorbikes in Bali have recorded growth of up to 8,2% or the same as 5.500 units per month.

This has experienced growth compared to sales in 2017 which were only 5,000 per month. According to this data, it is true that the increase in purchasing power at all levels of society has spurred the Indonesian economy to grow well.

Injection Machine
PGMFI Injection Machine

Indeed, apart from being simple and practical, motorbikes are also fuel efficient. Especially the latest motorbikes that use a fuel system supply PGM-FI injection.

The best PMG-FI technology carried by Honda and other brands. Due to consumer demands, today's vehicles are not only environmentally friendly but also fuel efficient.

With an injection engine, this aims to ensure that the fuel system experiences perfect combustion.

So, do you understand Travela a little? So renting a motorbike in Bali is cheap alternative The best means of transportation that is simple and can be considered.

Motorbikes also make your trip easier and smoother for your tourist visits, especially on the island of Bali which is rich in tourist destinations.

Why are motorbikes an alternative transportation in Bali?

1. Road conditions

Road conditions are good in Bali, especially in the central tourist area, experiencing development and widening. This is supported by the development of tourism on this island which always increases every year.

We can find road widening and city park renovations around Kuta and Denpasar. Especially on several roads such as in Denpasar, Tenku Umar, Jalan Imam Bonjol, Jalan Raya Kuta Legian, Jalan Sunset Road.

Road infrastructure development has also begun to be built in provincial districts. Until this development spread to several potential tourist areas such as Singaraja, Klungkung, Gianyar and Nusa Penida.

2. Congestion

Due to the increase in tourist visits on the island of Bali per month. Of course, this will be directly proportional to high tourist mobility, causing new problems, namely traffic jams.

Congestion points also occur on the roads we mentioned above and in several crucial locations such as Legian and Seminyak. Certainly quite a lot, right?

Traffic jam in Bali

Congestion in Bali will occur during rush hour or hours busy namely in the morning and evening.

Of course, this traffic jam cannot be avoided because this time is a busy time for road users going back and forth from offices, local communities, Pe-businesses and tourists who have their own interests and activities.

So, this is where the function of motorbikes plays an important role. Especially when pursuing your important time and moments (So Cheap Motorcycle Rental in Bali is the right choice for you).

3. Free
Rent a motorbike in Bali

Travel friends who have often vacationed on the island of Bali are certainly bored Exploring the island of Bali by four-wheeled vehicle or car?

And really understand the conditions and situations of congested roads as explained above.

Or maybe travelers are one of the types of people who don't want to be regulated by rigid tour programs?

Well, the answer is that by renting a motorbike in Bali with us, Travela will be free to arrange the current tour plan mengexplore your dream tourist spot (so there's no need to rush in chasing time to continue your next visit program).

Besides that, renting a motorbike in Bali will be much more economical in managing your traveling budget. this is very suitable for para Backpacker.

Interlude: Do you know why more foreign tourists use motorbikes than cars?! Apart from the reasons for traffic jams above, only by renting a motorbike in Bali can they try their "first experience" of riding a motorbike freely, compared to in their own country.

Isn't it hard to find motorbike rental services in Bali?

Looking for services motorbike rental in bali with affordable prices, it's really easy, especially if you only rent for one day.

Many motorbike rental services in Bali provide conditions for renting a motorbike for a minimum of two days, if any, they will usually ask for two days' payment for one day's use.

But that doesn't apply to us, cheap motorbike rentals in Bali

Difficult?! No, for us Although the rental is only one for the day. The only difference is that renting a cheap motorbike in Bali with us will be a little more expensive. We will not charge one day's use for the price of 2 days.

Constraints The limitations of our units make it difficult for travelers to book a motorbike rental suddenly.

Because almost about 8-11 units per day our motorbikes are rented around Kuta, Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar, Legian, Jimbaran, Sanur and Seminyak.

cheap motorbike rental in bali

When booking Cheap motorbike rental in Bali It's a good idea to book early or well before you arrive on the island of Bali.

Because this will make it easier for us to arrange the motorbike rotation schedule and make you comfortable that it is safe to book your ordered motorbike (security of reserve).

Another advantage for travela is of course being able to easily find out the availability of our motorbikes and if our unit is empty, you can also look for other alternative rental services.

Why should you rent a motorbike in Gotravela??

Actually, in Bali, there are many motorbike rental services in Kuta, Denpasar or Seminyak motorbike rental and even motorbike rental in Jimbaran!!

All motorbike rental services use the same rental system, only regarding prices, of course each company has its own kitchen policy.

We have a solid team and a high work ethic. Starting from customer service to mechanics who regularly maintain the condition of the motor units, the condition of the motor units remains excellent.

Maybe after the results of a survey of our customers we can conclude why you should rent an automatic motorbike in Bali with Gotravela. The points are more or less as below;

1. Save time and money

This is travela… What is meant saving time Well, if you haven't booked a motorbike and when you arrive in Bali, I don't know if it's from ngurah rai airport or plug terminal Of course you have to look for transportation again, right?

Of course, this will waste your time fiddling with cellphones & comparing prices. That is the meaning of why booking a motorbike in advance is something that must be done and is effective.

Until the moment you arrive on the island of Bali, your motorbike unit is ready to be used. But don't forget the things above, still consider your belongings or your suitcase.

Read also; Best Tips and Guides Before You Travel.

Especially if your hotel is in Denpasar, Nusa Dua or remote areas like Ubud? Of course it would be even more difficult, wouldn't it? Carry a heavy suitcase.

Talking about staying at this hotel 4 star cheap hotel recommendations in Kuta.

For your information; Motorcycle rentals around Kuta and Legian certainly set a much more expensive price if you come suddenly, aka on the spot. 
2. Free Pick & Drop

By using Cheap Motorbike Rental Services in Bali last year 2024 | Rent an automatic motorbike in Bali.

Go travela provides services Free delivery and pickup of motorbikes in the area around Denpasar, Kuta, Legian Seminyak and Bali airport.

  • Our motorbikes and team stand by at the airport motorbike parking lot every day and of course the motorbike units are ready. Just ready to use to go to the hotel or go straight for a walk alone with your lover.
  • Apart from that, we also provide cheap motorbike rental in Bali on a monthly or weekly basis for workers who have just settled in Bali, long leisure or long duty (assignments) on the island of Bali. Of course, the price can be regulated (negotiable) for weekly and monthly or even yearly basis 
3. The condition of the Go Travela motorbike

The condition of the motorbikes we rent is always clean and excellent!

Periodic service is always carried out for all types of our units for your convenience in driving a motorbike in Bali.

SNI Helmet

Facilities already include getting Raincoat and 2 SNI Helmets

4 Results of our Customer Reviews

Safe & Comfortable

For cheap motorbike rental in Bali 2024, you will feel the security and comfort of the service we provide to travelers.

Your safety and comfort is a form of our responsibility,

Easy & Fast

Go Travela Indonesia rent a bike is easy and fast.

Just call/chat us, your order will be confirmed immediately without any hassle and no need to beat around the bush.


We have served more than thousands of customers, both local and foreign guests.

We are one of the most trusted MOTORCYCLE RENTAL service providers in BALI.


We were founded in 2013 and have experience serving customers.

A team with a high and dedicated work ethic.

FAQ Motorcycle rental general questions

What are the conditions for renting a motorbike?

Photocopy of E-KTP & SIM C only. We will borrow your KTP during the rental period and return it when you return the vehicle you rented.

Can you rent it for a day?

You can rent it for a day, it's just that the price is a little more expensive than the minimum rental of 2 days.

Is there a free delivery service to the hotel?

Free delivery to accommodation in Denpasar, Legian, Kuta and Seminyak, outside the above areas there will be an additional fee

Can you pick up or drop off at Bali Airport?

That's really possible, coincidentally our units are ready in the Bali Domestic Airport Terminal Parking area from morning to evening at 07 pm.

If you rent a motorbike in Bali, what equipment do you get?

2 SNI Helmets and Raincoat / Rain Coat

Can you rent a cheap motorbike in Bali and then bring the unit to Lombok/Java?

Sorry, It is strictly forbidden to bring the motor unit outside the island of Bali!!! & don't try to leave without our knowledge.

How about the condition of the motor unit?

Our motorcycle units are guaranteed to be roadworthy, bro. We always provide official & periodic service. We also don't want you to be on the road.

Can you book Last Minute/Suddenly?

Of course you can, bro, if the supplies and type of motorbike you are interested in are still available.

Can you deliver an anter motorbike at 2 am or 3 am aka dawn to the airport?

Sorry, we're still sleeping at that hour bro.
For delivery & return of motorbikes served from 8 am to 8 pm (duration 12 hours), bro.

How to Payment Payment?

One day of rental is mandatory, bro, to prevent random bookings and repayment when the motorbike is delivered.

Tips for Choosing Cheap Motorcycle Rental Services this Year?

Tips or how to choose Bali motorbike rental services in 2024 This is very easy! Here are tips on how to do it:

  1. Take advantage of the Google search engine
    Looking for information on Google (the search engine) to get accurate information such as prices & other info. You should also include the year (this year when you search).
    Take advantage of the Google Search Engine

    So all the google references are certain updated. There is still a lot of old, unupdated website information that is still on the first page.
  2. Rental location
    We recommend that you look for a motorbike rental location that is closest to where you are staying in Bali. Because if you have problems with your rental motorbike, you can directly contact and get a quick response from the rental service team.
  3. Price comparison / Comparing
    For the price issue, you should look for comparisons first through information on the internet, community forums, kaskus(dot)co.id and others.
    This is to get a competitive price according to your budget.
  4. Pay attention to the condition of the motor
    Checking the condition of the motor is very important! It's a good idea to check in advance the condition and year of the motorbike you are going to rent.

    Starting from the important things that look like: Tire condition, brake grip and other important parts.
  5. Paperwork
    Completeness of motorcycle documents such as motor vehicle registration must also be checked. This is important for your driving comfort. Moreover, raids Motor vehicle operations are often carried out in other important & vulnerable areas by the Bali Police.
  6. Understand traffic rules
    From your side, you have to understand the signs, traffic rules and drive wisely
  7. Other accessories
    Equipment for cheap motorbike rental in Bali you also need to get when we rent such as: SNI helmet & rain coat.
Motorcycle Rental at Bali Airport

Rent a motorbike in Bali for only Rp. 35k per day with Gotravela Indonesia.

gotravel scooter rental

Rent motorbikes at Bali Airport, Kuta, Canggu and Denpasar with competitive options and prices.

The best and fast service for motorbike rental in Bali.

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Motorcycle Rental in Bali
Motorcycle Rental in Kuta Bali

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We are also ready to:

Explore penida with rent a motorbike in nusa penida and lembongan 3 nusa too Rent a car in Bali to go around the island of Bali to make it more exciting!!

Before exploring, it's a good idea to read important info:

Other Promo Tour Packages

Planning to rent a cheap motorbike in Bali with us and want to explore the Island of the Gods in Bali with your lover but don't have a plan yet on which tourist destinations to visit or do you feel that tourist activities in Bali are expensive?!

Don't be confused, because we have a variety promotional products and will become your travel reference during Bali.

So with the reference to our promo package above, the advantage is that apart from being able to arrange your visit route, you can also correctly arrange your tour budget while on the island of Bali.

Conclusion of Scooter Rental in Bali

On the cheap motorbike rental in Bali page above, it can be concluded that renting a motorbike in Bali is the best and most appropriate alternative for you. Becoming a smart and wise traveler is your first step in exploring this beloved archipelago and even the world.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step and no one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old familiar pillow.anonymous

That's the presentation of the page Cheap Motorcycle Rental in Bali We hope that this offer and information will be useful for all travelers.

Your satisfaction is our happiness.gottravel
Regards – Gotravela admin, +62 812-3995-2013 Cheap motorbike rental in Bali.


50 thoughts on "Cheap Motorcycle Rental in Bali | The Best Motorcycle Rental Service in Bali"

  1. Gan, want to ask. do you still have stock for manual motor?
    I want to rent from the 1st to the 7th of April.

    1. Bro Jhon.. thxs for ordering by comment, the manual motorbike has been used up for monthly rent bro.. bro, you can try the automatic one WA y 082144448095
      Thanks – Grace

  2. Bro, do you have one for September 14-17? For example, can you rent it from the airport or not? The problem is that it's my first time to Bali, I don't know what kind of ride to take, I intend to stay in Ubud, near the I Wayan Stadium, what's the solution?

  3. I want to stay in the Kuta area, above it said can the motorbike be delivered?… for the 21st of May, the Honda Beat 125cc/Vario (2014) is still ready or not?…

    1. Dear Ms. Gwiza, Sorry, starting from July, Aug & Sept, we are really tight - many motorbikes are blocked for long usage by Aussie and Brazilian guests.
      We apologize for the unavailability of our motorbike units - please understand. Thanks

      Rgrd – Grace

  4. Hello, I want to ask, I want to travel solo to Bali but I can't ride a motorbike, for example, rent a motorbike and is there a driver? Because riding a motorbike is more fun than a car... Thank you

    1. Dear Ms. Aye, I think you can try contacting our motorbike team on the number in this post, thanks
      Greetings from Gotravela Bali

  5. Good afternoon, if you rent from 17 September afternoon - 20 September morning, pick up and return from the airport for a Vario or Xeon motorbike, is it still available?

  6. Hello, to rent a motorbike to Bali, you can go via Ngurah Rai Airport directly to Kuta... We want a comfortable trip like Malang Tourgaruda Motorbike Rental

  7. I want to ask if the motorbike is delivered to Sanur port * how much is the minimum postage charge for each motorbike?

    1. Hi sis, a driver's license is an absolute requirement for renters to confirm driving on the road. For more details, you can contact directly by WhatsApp to Admin, sis +6281239952013

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