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Shadow Puppet Performance in a Pandemic Period

Shadow Puppet Show

It is a fact that many of the world know that Indonesia has so many beautiful and unique cultures, one of which is the Wayang Kulit performance.

Wayang itself has been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible world cultural heritage. Precisely on November 7, 2003. That's why we commemorate the National Puppet Day on that date.

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This wayang kulit art has been around for a long time in Indonesian society and has quite a few fans in the community, especially those in Java. In order to know more, this time we will discuss various interesting things related to wayang kulit performances. Including the type and also how the show survives during this pandemic.

Types of Shadow Puppets

Later, we will also discuss related to wayang kulit performances. But this time we will first know about the types of shadow puppets.

In the midst of the community itself, there may also be many who are quite easy to recognize the types of shadow puppets. There are several types of shadow puppets, namely:

Puppets which is the first type of shadow puppet in Indonesia. Wayang Beber is the oldest type among other types of puppets. The name itself is quite unique. Taken from his own way to play, namely by being stretched or in Javanese known as exposed.

Puppets is a new type of shadow puppet brought and known in Indonesia around the 11th century. Precisely during the reign of Airlangga. The shape of the Puppet Purwa type is flat. The material is made of buffalo skin which is quite thick. This type has arms and legs so that mastermind can move it. This also makes it more interesting for you to look at.

Puppet show which is much easier to find in the West Java area and is also quite popular among Indonesians themselves. This puppet was only famous in the 17th century and is still quite young among other types of puppets. The game itself is also quite different because it uses Sundanese, not Javanese.

Puppet only known in the 18th century and is a type that is quite popular in the community. This type itself is actually inspired by a drama that originated from Europe and was adapted to be closer to Indonesian culture.

Puppet klitik which actually the material is not completely derived from leather but is made of wood. The sound of the puppet itself is due to the sound of wood touching each other.

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The Fate of Puppet Show in the Middle of a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic itself has had quite a lot of impact, including the wayang kulit performances, which inevitably stopped because of protocols to help reduce transmission of the existing virus. However, this does not mean that the public cannot see wayang kulit performances.

Thanks to the internet and technology, many broadcasts related to wayang kulit shows. Therefore, although quite a lot of them have stopped but there are still some who are doing shows online. So, for you Wayang Kulit lovers, you can still enjoy the shadow puppet show.

Preserving Wayang Kulit in the Modern Age

The preservation of this wayang kulit performance in the midst of modern times is enough to try to remain in the community because there are still many events that show performances. The museum itself is also quite helpful in this one.

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