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Yogyakarta Smart Park

Jogjakarta Indonesia Smart Park

Smart Park Yogyakarta is a vacation facility that also offers educational media that is in the city center Yogyakarta City.

If you visit this gudeg city, be sure not to forget to stop by this interesting Jogja Smart Park.

So, apart from visiting Borobudur temple, children can also visit this place.

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This smart park is deliberately built to provide benefits at once, especially for children.

They can vacation by playing and having fun, but don't forget to also fulfill the need for knowledge and knowledge.

Curious? Come on, take a peek at the excitement of this Smart Park!

Smart Park

Yogyakarta Smart Park was built in 2006 and inaugurated in 2007.

This game vehicle was inaugurated by the Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Sultan Hamengku Buwono X.

In addition, the Minister of Research and Technology, Kusmayanto Kadiman, PhD and the Minister of National Education, Prof. Dr. Bambang Sudibyo, MBA.

Yogyakarta Smart Park

The initial idea of ​​building a playground and learning area was inspired by Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta and Jatim Park East Java.

Central Java and the Special Region of Yogyakarta do not yet have a game vehicle which is also an educational vehicle.

That is why it was born to build this Smart Park.

Yogyakarta Mayor Herry Zudianto SE, Akt, MM was the initiator of this educational park.

He is a person who is interested in educating the public about technological advances and innovations.

The park, which was built on an area of ​​12.000 square meters, will be a learning medium, where people can try and witness technological advances firsthand.

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Vision-Mission and Goals

This park provides attractive offers through learning models by collaborating education and game media.

It aims to attract a child's interest and curiosity towards a learning media.

Because the initial concept is indeed a balance between playing and learning, so children will get two things at once, namely fun and knowledge.

Smart Park Yogyakarta is not only for children of early age or elementary school only.

Yogyakarta Smart Park Tour

However, high school students will also have the opportunity to study in this park.

They can deepen learning materials through direct practice on available learning media.

The hope is that children will be able to better understand and apply the knowledge learned at school.

The vision of developing this smart park is to become a vehicle that expresses, appreciates and creates science in an exciting and fun atmosphere.

Meanwhile, its mission is to provide teaching aids and learning media for children, especially in the fields of science and technology.

Thus, children are created a quality generation as human resources who are experts in the fields of science and technology.

Variety of Rides in Jogja Smart Park Tourism

There are 9 rides in the Jogjakarta Smart Park tourist area, each of which carries a different theme and purpose.

Yogyakarta Smart Park

The following are the kinds of rides that you can find, namely:

1. Maritime Rides

Wahana Bahari is a kind of short adventure on a mini boat.

This adventure will invite children to circle around Taman Pintar from the river.

Children will feel the sensation of riding a ship and this will be an interesting experience especially for those who have never done it before.

2.Science Theatre

The theater building is located in the western part of the Smart Park area. In this building, children will be invited to watch various kinds of science shows or demonstrations.

Sometimes this theater also shows interesting science films. This theater has a capacity of 50 to 60 people.

3. Playgrounds

As the name implies, this place is the area most favored by small children, namely the children's play area. There are so many types of toys that contain elements of science at Taman Pintar Yogyakarta.

It's not just an ordinary toy, but every toy in this vacation spot will have knowledge and knowledge that can be learned. Among others are :

1) Story telling pipe

This game will teach you how sound can propagate. Children can tell stories through the provided end of the pipe and be heard by the other child on the other end of the pipe.

2) Round game

This game will teach about the system of rotation and rotational motion. Children will learn how to make and stop the rotation of a circular object.

3) The walls are humming

This ride at Taman Pintar Yogyakarta will teach children how a tone can be created. How is the relationship formed between the high and low notes with the surface area of ​​the drum.

4) Seesaw

This game is indeed common in various rides. The seesaw is a game that will teach you about balance. Children will learn and find out how balance works itself.

5) Pulley

Here, there will be 4 basic pulleys that are usually used to lift weights. These pulleys will help children learn about Newton's laws.

6) Tree Tunnel

A tree climbing game by combining a tree house and a tunnel with the aim of training children's agility.

7) Dancing Water

Dancing water is water that gushes from the ground and is a favorite place for children to play.

8) Water Corridor

A water corridor is a creation of the appearance of water on a clear object.

9) Solar Power Plant

This plant utilizes solar energy to generate electricity.

10) Color Spectrum Bike

This color spectrum bike will show that you will encounter white from a quick spin of a rainbow of colors.

4. Library Zone

This zone is like a library in general, which is a book paradise. The library is designed to be spacious, comfortable and unique. However, at the Taman Pintar Yogyakarta library there will be a puppet stage performance that is quite interesting.

5. Craft Village

In the craft village, you will explore various kinds of Indonesian handicrafts. There are four kinds of craft rides available, namely batik creations, batik creations earthenware, painting pottery and painting t-shirts.

6. PAUD building

In this PAUD vehicle, children will learn about various kinds of science and science in the form of fun games. Children can play lego, learn computers, play musical instruments and so on.

7. Planetarium

Children will get a show of celestial bodies using a digital projector. They will see how the movement, layout and other structures of all objects in the sky.

8. Box Building

The box building is divided into various zones and each zone describes its own concept. The following are the zones in the Yogyakarta Smart Park:

  • Popular technology zone
  • Water zone for the good of life
  • Illusion Hall
  • TV Edge Zone
  • Nutrition Trail rides
  • Dino adventure zone and 4D theater
  • KPK's brave friend zone
  • Memorabilia
  • my indonesia
  • Nuclear
  • Sports Zone
  • Gallery Library Zone
  • SNI Zone
  • Hands on Science
  • Eiffel Tower Zone
  • KPU Zone
  • Geothermal Geothermal Zone

9. The Oval Building

Children will learn various things such as:

  1. Van der Graaf Generator
  2. Pedal Generator
  3. Weather, climate and earthquakes
  4. Dome Area area
  5. Ancient Life
  6. Solar system

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Conclusion of Jogja Smart Park

Pretty interesting isn't it? Lots of science and science knowledge that children can get.

They will not be bored because each ride displays events in an attractive and fun form.

Make sure the Yogyakarta Smart Park is your destination travel with kids already!

Yogyakarta Smart Park Recreational Tourism Plus Attractive Education


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