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Snacks in Makassar 10 Recommendations and Must Take Home

10 Snacks in Makassar

Here are a variety of snacks in Makassar that are recommended as souvenirs.

So don't skip this snack when you visit Daeng Makassar City.


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Snacks in Makassar

Makassar is not only famous for its Soto Makassar and Losari beach. In South Sulawesi, you can enjoy a variety of dishes ranging from tourist destinations, shopping tours, cultural tours to... culinary tour.

Maybe this city is not as famous as other tourist cities, but make no mistake. There are quite a lot of visitors or tourists who stop by here.

If you have the opportunity to vacation in this city, here are some snacks in Makassar that you shouldn't miss and must take home for souvenirs.

Various Makassar Culinary

For those of you who have never been to this city, maybe finding souvenirs will be a bit difficult.

For that, here we present some snacks in Makassar which are generally used as souvenirs by tourists who come to visit.

This snack is quite easy to find in souvenir shops around the city of Makassar. Among others are :

1. Mackerel brains

Makassar brain brain

The first food you should buy is Mackerel Otak-otak. This food is made from mackerel fish meat which is given traditional spices then wrapped in banana leaves and grilled.

At first glance, it looks like fish paste on the island of Java. It's just that the otak-otak don't use tomatoes so the color remains white.

This food is usually used as a side dish or breakfast because it is savory and appetizing.

But if you intend to bring it back to your place of origin, be sure to order fresh otak-otak so it doesn't go stale while on the trip.

2. Bannang-bannang

Bannang bannang snacks in Makassar

Bannang-bannang cake is one of the snacks in Makassar which is very famous as a souvenir. This food is made from rice flour and brown sugar which is shaped like a tangled thread.

The term bannang-bannang means tangled thread. Despite its shape, this food is very tasty, sweet and melts in the mouth. This cake is often found in various traditional ceremonies and is a symbol of close bonds.

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3. Makassar Dates Cake

Don't get me wrong, buddy, this food doesn't use dates at all. Eggs, flour, butter and cornstarch are stirred until evenly distributed and formed ovals.

This oval dough is then covered with caramel until it is shaped like a date. This cake is then sprinkled with pieces of peanuts so that it feels even more savory. This date cake is the target of tourists who vacation in Makassar.

4. New

Baruasa is a snack in Makassar that can be said to be quite cheap. The ingredients are rice flour, coconut, sugar, grated coconut, eggs and cooking oil.

This food is very easy to get because there are so many food vendors who make it. Make sure to bring this food back to your city!

5. Hide Nuts

Maybe this food is often found in jars that are served on holidays. Yes, hidden peanuts are originally from the city of Makassar. This food is a food souvenir in Makassar which is quite popular and much in demand.

Not only as holiday gifts, the surrounding community is always ready to hide peanuts on their tables. So, do not be surprised if this one food is quite popular throughout the country.

6. DHT Syrup

DHT syrup has been produced since antiquity. This drink is included as one of the snacks in Makassar which is quite legendary.

This syrup with a very thick form and the aroma of Ambon banana has a packaging that never changes. This syrup is very suitable to be used as a sweetener in serving warm drinks or cold drinks.

7. Passion Fruit Syrup

Passion fruit syrup is also one of the mandatory souvenirs that you must take home. Passion fruit syrup from Makassar tastes very different from syrup from other places.

There is a unique taste of passion fruit produced in this city. So, make sure to take one or two of these syrups home with you!

8. Shredded Raos

It's not wrong if the snacks in Makassar are quite expensive. Abon Raos really can't be compared to other beef baon. The beef taste really feels with the perfect blend of spices.

Abon raos will taste more delicious if eaten with a plate of warm rice. You won't even feel like you've finished a packet of shredded raos because of its delicious taste.

9. Caraway Crackers

Caraway crackers are one of the typical Makassar foods that are quite distinctive and cannot be found anywhere else. These crackers at first glance look similar to dry eclairs.

But when you try it, you will feel the savory and delicious taste of this one cracker.

The cracker dough is mixed with black cumin which adds to its distinctive taste and uniqueness. This food is very suitable to be eaten in the afternoon accompanied by a cup of sweet tea.

10. Disco Beans

Similar to hidden peanuts, disco peanuts are also a snack in Makassar that must be served at the guest table.

If the hidden peanuts you are only treated to a sweet taste, it will be different from disco beans.

Disco beans have many flavors such as original, spicy, salty, Spice and so forth. These nuts are perfect as gifts for friends and family at home.


Those are 10 snacks in Makassar that you shouldn't miss to take home. In addition to snacks, there are many more souvenirs that you can buy for your family and friends at home.

One of them is woven cloth and handicrafts typical of Makassar. So, you are not confused anymore right when you visit this city?

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