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Sri Bintan Pura Seaport | Bintan Island Tourism Destination

Bintan Pura Seaport

Tanjungpinang Sri Bintan Pura SeaPort is a sea crossing terminal located in the city of Tanjung Pinang and Bintan Island.

The port, which is located on Jalan Samudera No. 1 Tanjungpinang, has Domestic / Local (National) and International routes.

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Sri Bintan Pura Seaport


Sri Bintan Pura sea port & Bintan Island is the national and international ports. The location is in Tanjung Pinang City, on the west coast of Bintan Island, Riau islands. It connects to Tanjung Pinang to the ports in the north such as Lobam and Bulang Linggi seaports.

Islands in the west cover Tanjung Balai Port (Karimun Island) and Telaga Punggur Port (Batam Island). Shipping to the island in the south leads to Lingga Island and Singkep Island.

Sri Bintan Pura seaport & Bintan Island has transportation lines to Singapore and Malaysia. The seaport links to HarbourFront and Tanah Merah ports in Singapore. It is associated with the Stulang Laut port in Malaysia.

Several kinds of ships stop by here such as Sentosa ferry and Merbau ship. Besides that, there is a pompong motorboat to connect to Bintan Island and Penyengat Island (10-15 minutes).


Sri Bintan Pura seaport & Bintan Island formerly is Tanjung Pinang port. It means as the gate of the Riau Islands that is essential and it is in the majestic Bintan Island”. The Tanjung Pinang seaport had built in 1925 during the Dutch occupation. It took wood construction as the tool and facility.

The change of name from Tanjung Pinang to Sri Bintan Pura occurred on January 21, 1984. Mr. Pongky Soepardjo as Director General of Sea Transportation inaugurated the name and passenger terminal at the same time.

Sri Bintan Pura seaport - Transportation
Source: taken from the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation

Sri Bintan Pura Seaport & Bintan Island gets three stages of development by PT Pelindo II. The first stage had begun from February 2017 until the end of 2017. The construction focuses on the terminal building and spent around IDR 43 Billion.

Then, the second and the third stages will finish in 2018 with total funds around IDR 80 billion. PT Pelindo II uses the fund to expand the parking area and hall. Overall, the seaport consists of two edifices where the first building has a book shape. Meanwhile, the second is in the form of a ship.

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Sri Bintan Pura seaport & Bintan Island has been ruled e-money (electronic money) payment for the entry ticket start from July 15, 2018. The system is for the domestic and international terminal's arrival. It becomes the first port in Indonesia that use e-pass system.

Geography and Climate

Sri Bintan Pura seaport & Bintan Island has a dominant rule for domestic and foreign passengers. The condition of the port is difficult to develop towards land. Even though, some of the alternative ways can be done by extending to the sea.

On the other hand, several Investors have reclaimed around the area the port must be able to adjust the conditions. This seaport is in Bintan Island so that it has the same geography and climate.

Bintan Island closes to the equator which has a tropical climate throughout the year. The temperature of the island ranges from 21˚ C – 32˚ C. The average temperature of the island reaches 26˚ C. Meanwhile, the humidity of the area is between 61 to 96 percent.

Between October and March, Bintan gets the north monsoon season. Much rainfall and strong wind become the signs of the season. Nonetheless, the weather is commonly sunny all year around. From November to March, people also call it the Bintan Monsoon.


As one of the vital objects in Tanjung Pinang City, Sri Bintan Pura seaport & Bintan Island gets very crowded passenger visits.

The average amount for the domestic passenger is around 2000 people per day to leave and go.

For international terminals, there are at least 5 calls per day from Singapore and Malaysia only 2 times.

The entry cost of the port rises by IDR 5.000 along with the additional facility. At this time, the port has added some facilities. It is such as waiting room chairs, TV, AC, CCTV, and freight transportation. The most important thing it will be the best port in the world.

How to get there

Sri Bintan Pura seaport & Bintan Island brings everyone from throughout the world. It enters many people from Singapore, Malaysia, and Batam. Most of the foreign travelers come from Johor Baru Malaysia and Singapore. Meanwhile, domestic tourists can come from Batam.

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FAQ About how to go to Bintan from Singapore

How do I get to Bintan from Singapore?

From Bintan to Singapore, you can take the ferry boat. Some companies have provided ferry fleet to access the island; they are Bintan Resort Ferries, Mozaic Ferry Lines, and more. The cost is approximately IDR 270,000. The price can be cheaper if you buy round-trip tickets. The trip starts from Tanjung Pinang Harbor to Tanah Merah Singapore.

How much does it cost to buy a boat ticket to Sri Bintan from Singapore?

It is around IDR 270,000 for Sri Bintan Pura Seaport to Singapore only. To get cheaper prices, get round-trip tickets.

What is the most famous thing in Tanjung Pinang?

There are many famous tourist destinations in Tanjung Pinang. For beach lovers, you can go to Impian or Tanjung Siambang Beach. The town also has some icons to visit like the Sei Carang Bridge and the Gonggong Building.

What is famous in Tanjung Pinang for shopping?

For shopping, you can go to some places in Tanjung Pinang. They are Tanjungpinang City Center, Pasar Souvenir, Plaza Lagoi, the Street Food of Akau Cut Lembu, and more.

Is it safe to go to Indonesia right now?

Unfortunately, it's not really safe to go to Indonesia right now due to the Covid 19 pandemic. However, the country is not completely closed for visitors as long as they follow the health protocols applied. Make sure to wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, and practice social distancing to avoid spreading the virus. Next time when the problem is over, Indonesia including Tanjung Pinang is worth visiting for the various attractions it provides.

Tourism and Destinations in Bintan Island

Bintan is an island with about 200.000 people from various cultures. They come from Bugis, Malay, Chinese, and also the Orang Laut (sea people). Bintan offers many interesting activities to do such as:

  1. Water sports
  2. Paintballs
  3. ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)
  4. Bintan Elephant Park
  5. Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Temple
  6. Hot Tub
  7. Mountain biking
  8. Go-Kart
  9. Eco Tour Village Sri Bintan
  10. Corporate and Adventure Training
  11. Traditional Fishing Tour
  12. Mangrove Discover Tour
  13. Pink Mosque Bintan
  14. Adventure Track of Mount Bintan
Pink Mosque Bintan Sri Bintan Pura Seaport
Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Temple Bintan
Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Temple Sri Bintan Temple Seaport
Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Temple
Meanwhile, the attractive places to visit are:
  • Tanjung Pinang City
    Tanjung Pinang has Sri Bintan Pura seaport & Bintan Island as the busy harbor and the location very closes to Malacca Strait. Malacca is one of the busiest lines in the world. Most of the building in Tanjung Pinang is houses on stills and over the water. It is the traditional building from this city. The visitors will also find dried seafood, crackers, and snacks.
  • Cape gray
    Tanjung Uban is the second largest city after Tanjung Pinang. The location is the northwestern coast of Bintan Island. It has an oil storage facility and as the Bintan's district center. Along the seaside, there is an amazing boardwalk with the name of “Pelantar”. The tourists will find houses, accommodations, and restaurants above the sea. They can find a variety of shops which sell local artworks and handicrafts.
Tanjung Pinang Bintan City
Other favorite attractive places
  • Crystal Blue Lake
    Awesome crystal blue lake was once only a large crater in an abandoned mining project, as time goes by this place began to gradually fill with rain-water dropping to produce a “post-apocalyptic oasis” in the middle of the desert. The location is still quite remote, not many food vendors in the area. This barren land is a great place to explore during your trip to Bintan.  
Blue Lake Bintan Island
Blue Lake Bintan Island

Senggarang Island
Senggarang is the small village name that was the first home for Chinese immigrants a long time ago. There are over 200 years old ancient temples known as Banyan Tree temple in Senggarang. Another magnificent temple is Xuan Tian Shang-di with its complex Chinese architecture. Stinger Island
Penyengat Island is 6 kilometers away from Tanjung Pinang. It needs 15 minutes by sampan boat. Penyengat offers the ancient tour with Ruins, abandoned for almost 70 years, the oldest ruler's palace, and royal tombs. It has a cultural center for stage performances of Malay music and dances.

One of the best and famous attractive places to visit is Trikora Beach
  • Trikora Beach
    The most popular beach on the east coast is Trikora Beach is the most popular coast in Bintan. People come here for relaxation. It has white sand and the clean water. Nearby of the beach, there is a small fishing village and small shipbuilding.  
Trikora Beach
Trikora Beach Bintan Island

Santa Maria cave
A Dutch Pastor built Santa Maria Cave in the 18th century. This place is still good and well preserved. Souvenir Market
Pasar Souvenir offers everything Indonesian. The visitor will find Keropok (prawn or fish crackers), kue lapis, and emping (belinjo crackers). Meanwhile, the dried seafood is Ikan Bilis (anchovies), scallops, and shrimps. Sebung Village
Sebung Village comes for the seafood lover. Kelong style restaurant provides the freshness of Bintan seafood at a very reasonable price.

Trikora Beach

Travel Agents

Coming to Bintan by ship or plane is no problem because everyone can buy the ticket online. There are many online travel agents in Indonesia.

One of them is indonesian gotravel which has a lot of information. You can book tickets, accommodation, and all about Bintan Island.

The website also gives information about the other cities in Indonesia. Buy a boat ticket from this website to Sri Bintan Pura Seaport & Bintan Island as well as you can.

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Sri Bintan Pura Seaport & Bintan Island Tourism Destination


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