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surabaya religious tourism

Are you looking for recommendations for religious tourism places in Surabaya? The following is a list of religious tourist attractions in East Java that you can visit. Let's discuss.

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5 Religious Attractions in Surabaya

Hijri New Year has arrived. If you want to come to a religious tourist spot in Surabaya, the following tours can be an option.

1. Al-Akbar Mosque Surabaya

Al-Akbar Mosque or MAS is quite popular. In fact, the mosque which is often referred to as the Great Mosque is an icon of the city of Surabaya, East Java.

This mosque is the second largest mosque after the Istiqlal mosque in Jakarta. The location is in Kebonsari, precisely in the south of Surabaya.

This mosque can accommodate as many as 36 thousand worshipers. The area of ​​this mosque is 11,2 hectares.

Once you enter this mosque, you will see the beauty and majesty of the carvings and calligraphy. There is a tower with a height of 99 meters.

One of the attractions of this mosque is the blue dome. This dome is surrounded by 4 other smaller domes.

Previously, this Great Mosque was built on August 4, 1995. Then, it was inaugurated in 2.000 to be exact on November 10.

2. Tomb of Sunan Ampel

One of the religious tourism places in Surabaya that is often visited is the tomb of Sunan Ampel. It is located at Jalan Ampel Masjid Number 43, Ampel, Semampir, Surabaya, East Java.

The location of this mosque is 500 meters from Jembatan Merah, Surabaya.

Sunan Ampel is one of the 9 guardians who have spread Islam in Java. His first name is Raden Rahmat.

Sunan Ampel died in Demak in 1481. Later, he was buried west of the Ampel Mosque, Surabaya.

Every day this place is always crowded with pilgrims. They come from various regions in the country. The pilgrims pray in the west of the Great Mosque of Sunan Ampel.

3. Tomb of the First Regent of Surabaya

Next, you can come to the location of religious tourism in Surabaya, East Java, the Tomb of the First Regent. Located on Jalan Bibis Pesarean, Pabean Cantikan, Bongkaran, Surabaya.

His name is Pasarean Kromodjajan Kanoman. The first regent of Surabaya, Raden Gloendoeng died during the Dutch colonial period.

This burial area is close to the Nurul Ihsan mosque. The location of the mosque is at Jalan Station Kota 46 A, Surabaya.

This place is open every day. Pilgrims can come after dhuhur until the end of Isha.

4. Tian Ti Pagoda

If you look at the Tian Ti Pagoda, the shape of the pagoda is like the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China. The height of the building is 58 meters, and the diameter is 60 meters. Located at Jalan Sukolilo Number 100, Sukolilo Baru, Bulak, Surabaya.

This building consists of 3 floors. The architecture is really typical of China. However, this pagoda is not used for worship. However, this place is only for selfies. So it is used as a tourist spot.

There is no entrance fee if you come here. You will only be asked for a parking fee. The condition for entrusting the vehicle is to show the STNK.

5. Cheng Ho Mosque

If you hear the name of this mosque, it's certainly not like a mosque in general, isn't it. Yes, you could say that this mosque is a unique building.

At first glance, this mosque is more like a temple. The color of the building is dominated by red, yellow and green.

The design of the mosque is thick with Chinese nuances. This mosque illustrates how diverse Islam is.

There is a miniature ship behind the mosque. This miniature ship tells about the struggle of Admiral Zheng He and his fleet during the colonial period.

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Those are 5 religious tourist attractions in the city of Surabaya. You can come to these tourist destinations, yes, guys.


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