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Taka Makassar is a tourist attraction in the form of a white sand island located in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara.

Uniquely, although there is a name "Makassar", but this has nothing to do with Makassar City at all.

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Taka Makassar Island is uninhabited. The size of the island is also small, only the size of a football field.

This small island consists of white sand structures. There are also many weed plants that thrive. You can only find this island at low tide. When the tide is high, the island will be covered by sea water.

You can Labuan Bajo car rental to go to Labuan Bajo pier before crossing to this island or travel to wae rebo.


The main attraction of Taka Makassar Island is its underwater natural beauty. The tourists who vacation here do not waste the opportunity to do snorkeling or diving.

If you also want to snorkel and dive, don't forget to prepare your equipment before arriving at the location. Because no one rents out diving equipment there.

In order to maintain security and safety, you should be accompanied by a guide. Doing diving and snorkeling without a guide will be very risky. The sea water around the island is quite heavy.

If you are accompanied by a guide, they are more experienced with this. So safety during diving will be guaranteed.

Route to Taka Island Makassar

Taka Makassar is located in Manggarai Regency, precisely in the Mbeliling Labuan Bajo forest area.

If you want to go to Taka Makassar, you can take a plane to Komodo Airport in Flores. Next, you can continue your journey to Labuan Bajo Pier. After that, board the chartered boat. The length of the crossing from the pier to Taka Makassar is about 3-4 hours.

The Attraction of Taka Labuan Bajo

Despite its small size, this uninhabited Taka Makassar has an alluring natural charm. Its existence is truly like a hidden heaven. The atmosphere here is really calm.

The various attractions of Tak Makassar Island are owned, including:

1. Beautiful Coral Reef

The scenery around the island of Taka Makassar is so stunning. In addition to the natural beauty, this island is famous for having the underwater natural beauty around which is no less extraordinary.

You can dive and see the beauty of the coral reefs there.

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2. The location is close to Komodo National Park

The location of this small island is adjacent to Komodo Island, where the Komodo dragon lives. Komodo National Park is included in the 7 wonders of the world. Well, you can also vacation to Komodo Island.

3. Timbul Island

The unique thing about Taka Makassar is that this island has an embossed shape. The island will only be seen when the sea water recedes. On the other hand, if the tide is high, this island will sink so that it is not visible.

On the island there is a stretch of fine white sand. The tourists, especially women, usually really like this white sand.

4. Become a Favorite Diving and Snorkeling Spot

For lovers of the underwater world, snorkeling and diving around Taka Makassar is certainly a fun thing.

Because it is uninhabited, the area around the island is very natural. Including the underwater world. You can find a variety of marine life that lives there.

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5. Have Shallow Waters

Many tourists play in the water and swim around this small island. The water is shallow so it is very supportive when playing water here. If you usually swim in the pool, you can try swimming in the sea. One sign that the water is not deep is colored sea water rough bright.

Vacation to Taka Makassar and spending time there is certainly very pleasant. You can rest and calm yourself from the tiredness of daily activities.


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