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Mayura Mataram Lombok Park

lombok mayura park

Taman Mayura Mataram Lombok was once built by a king as a palace complex. Built in 1866 by Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Karangasem.

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Apart from being rich Lombok Nature Tourism NTB beautiful place, Lombok also has historical tourist attractions. One of them is Mayura Park. This place is not only famous in Indonesia, but also famous in foreign countries.

No wonder, if this tourist spot is always crowded with visitors. Many people think that it's incomplete when you've been to Lombok but don't come to Taman Mayura.

Heading to Mayura Park

Mayura Lombok Historical Park is located on Jalan Purbasari, Mayura, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara. If you depart from Mataram City, it will take about 15 minutes. The route is Mataram City - Cakranegara - Mayura Park.

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Before coming to Taman Mayura Lombok, you should first learn what interesting things can be found in this historical tourist attraction. That way, you won't be confused anymore when you arrive at the tourist location.

Interesting Things in Mayura Park Lombok

1. Beautiful Natural Scenery

Feel the mix of natural and religious atmosphere when you arrive at Taman Mayura Lombok. This historical tour is so beautiful with the trees that grow neatly. Yes, there is a garden with some mangosteen trees. Not only beautiful, but the air is also cool.

2. Many Temples

There are many temples in Mayura Park. The temple is a place for Hindu prayer. Some of the temples in this park are no longer functioned as places of worship.

However, there are still 4 temples that are still used for prayer. The names of the temples are Ngelurah Temple, Gunung Rinjani Temple, Padmasana Temple, and Gedong Temple.

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3. There is a Unique Statue

There are several statues that have Javanese, Chinese and Muslim characteristics. These statues show that in the past the King really appreciated differences.

Statues with Muslim characteristics can be found in the East, West and North of Bale Kambang.

4. Photo Spot

In addition to remembering and adding insight about tourist attractions since Taman Mayura Lombok, visitors can also take pictures.

There are several photo spots that are thick with history that can be used as a background. You can choose to take pictures at temples or other buildings.

5. Unique Tradition

Every visitor who comes is required to wear this scarf. There are rules about how to use it. For those who are married, it is worn with a tie on the left. If you have a dating relationship then the bond is on the right.

Then for the single, the bond is in the middle. Actually, the meaning of wearing this scarf is to be a sign that the visitors are in a sacred area. So it is mandatory to maintain and appreciate what is there.

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Activities to Do at Tourist Sites
1. Adding Insights About History

Mayura Park is a historical tour that has many pure, a historical place built by the King in 1866. You can see the temple up close while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.

2. Interesting Photo Hunt

The thing that should not be forgotten every time you travel anywhere is taking pictures. Not unless you come to this Mayura Park historical tour. There are several places to take pictures. But you should still be careful when hunting photos so as not to damage the environment there.

3. Feeding Fish

At the Mayura Park location there is a pond containing gold fish and koi. Visitors can feed the fish there. Surely children will love this activity.

Vacationing as well as adding insight into history can be done at Taman Mayura Lombok. How, are you interested in coming here? 

Taman Mayura Mataram Lombok | History Tour of Hindu Typical Buildings


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