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Uluwatu Kecak Dance

Uluwatu Kecak Dance

Tickets for the Uluwatu Kecak dance performance and history will be available on this page.
You can easily get schedules and online booking for Uluwatu Kecak tickets at Gotravela Indonesia.

Places to watch the Kecak dance in Bali when sunset arrives and the experience of watching the Kecak dance in Uluwatu.

2024 uluwatu kecak dance ticket price

Performance schedule:
Regular Everyday 
Online ticket price: IDR 65.000/Chld
Book by WA: 081999565666 

Uluwatu Kecak Dance

What makes the Uluwatu Kecak dance look special when you watch the performance?

The Uluwatu Kecak dance, Ubud Kecak dance or any Kecak dance is still basically the same form of performance.

Legend Story Ramayana – the life and love story of Rama-sita which was composed by Valmiki (Valmiki). The epic story is presented beautifully in every Kecak performance.

Fire Dance

The Uluwatu Kecak Dance or Fire Dance Has unique music or tunes. This dance is accompanied by human voices and the sound of drums which combine with the voices of fifty or more people constantly.

The Kecak dance or dance "Cak" or fire dance This actually originates from the Sang Hyang ritual, which is a traditional ceremonial tradition where the dancers will be in an unconscious state when communicating with the gods or spirits of the ancestors.

Balireally has thousands of arts and culture that are always unique and captivating, come see Vlog Go travela below-.

This dance is one of the sacred dances for the local community because in this dance there usually occurs a situation of rapture or trans-possession.

This trans-possession is an effort to communicate with the hyang or the one through the spirits of the ancestors and then convey their hopes to the local community or provide good news or warnings to the community.


Entrance ticket

  • Performance Schedule: Every Day Regular Monday – Sunday
  • Performance Hours : 18:00 to 19:00 WITA (When the sun goes down) Counter Open : 17:00 WITA
  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Venue : Open Air Stage Uluwatu Temple, Bali
  • Adult Online Purchase Price Rp. 135.000 per person.
  • Child Ticket Prices (under 2 yo) Rp. 65.000 per child.

Tickets are limited and the prices above are valid for online bookings at least 1 day before the D day.
Travela can also combine tours with Uluwatu and Pandawa Beach Tour Packages we.
Tickets are valid for all markets | The kecak ticket above is valid for overseas & domestic.

Melasti Beach Kecak Tickets

Performance Schedule: Every Day Regular
Performance Hours: 18:00 to 19:00 WITA – Counter Open: 17:00 WITA
Duration : 60 minutes
Place : Melasti Beach Amphitheater Open Air Stage
Adult Online Purchase Price Rp. 115.000 per person.
Ticket prices for children (under 2 yo): FREE / Free!

Uluwatu Kecak Stage

How to book 

Travela friends, tickets to watch the Kecak dance are of course different from entrance tickets uluwatu temple.

For Uluwatu Temple entrance tickets, you can also read the Uluwatu Temple entrance ticket information.

Just for your info Promo prices apply only to online bookings.

If you just want to buy kecak ticket This is alone without taking our other tours.

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Reservations :
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Watching Tips

  • Try to come early no later than 17.00
  • Don't forget to bring a DSLR, Mirrorless or cellphone camera.
  • Look for the top spot or the third row from the bottom because you can freely see the performance from a height.
  • Apart from that, it also makes it easier for you to see the sunset view.
  • If there is a third row on the stage koloseum you will be surprised by the hanoman who comes & is for fun hehehe .. Exciting !!
  • Have an umbrella ready for emergencies. It's best to prepare a folding umbrella! This is to anticipate if it suddenly rains in the middle of the event or can also ward off naughty Uluwatu monkeys.

Also explore:

Dance Ritual

In this case, the Kecak dance uses ritual so that we can see the dancer's condition in the subconscious.

You will see that the dancer will be immune from being burned by fire or being stabbed by a dagger in the Shang Yang and Kecak dance segments.

However, you will not get this in commercial Kecak dance performances such as Uluwatu Kecak or other commercial performances.

Walter Spies & Shang Hyang

The songs or tunes in the Kecak dance were also adopted from the Shanghyang ritual.

1930 Wayan Limbak and German painter Walter Spies (15 Sept 1895 – 19 Jan 1942) Created this Kecak dance based on the sacred ritual of the Shangyang dance.

The Shangyang Ritual is not just a random performance, because it is only specific to large ceremonies keReligion and Magical Times.

uluwatu kecak dance

A dance performed by more than 50 male dancers, sitting in a concentric circle, moving in a dynamic rhythm, standing, raising both arms and sometimes lying down.

Not using any kind of musical instrument but just a chorus of constant voices or screams "cak cak to cak cak to” Throughout the show.

The dancers wear typical checkered cloth (local name for poleng cloth).

Follow the theme background kisah epos Ramayana fights Ravana (a giant) who kidnaps Dewi Shinta, who is finally saved.

The Uluwatu Kecak dance is an art that we can watch at any time and become commercial entertainment.

The Kecak dance is a legend from a fragment of the Ramayana story with an epic wrapped in local culture and a guideline for the expression of the social life of the Balinese Hindu community in particular.

The Meaning of Kecak Dance

The Kecak dance using Semantic Understanding theory shows five meanings of the message of the dance, namely:

  • Avoiding karma
  • Trust
  • Sacred
  • Art and culture
  • Economic income
A legend that is still relevant

For Balinese arts community In general, the expression of the Ramayana story is not only expressed in dance and wayang art but is also expressed in painting and sculpture/carving.

Ramayana is a story of Sri Rama's journey, which is one of the epics from mainland India.

And embedded in Hindu teachings with the teachings of virtue contained in the story.

The philosophy contained in the story to this day is still relevant to the context of today's life.

There are still many old Balinese people who tell the story of the Ramayana to their grandchildren and the younger generation.

Ramayana Fragment

Rama is the heir to the throne of the Ayodya Kingdom and is married to Sita/Sinta. The story begins with his exile by the decree of Ayanda Paduka Raja Dasarata as a result of deception by Rama's stepmother.

the story of the ramayana fragments

The exile of Rama and Sita and their brother Laksmana in the Dandaka forest began the life of these three people in the Dandaka forest to run peacefully.

But unbeknownst to them, the Forces of Evil are watching closely. The evil Ravana The king of Alengka, full of lust and ambition, wanted the enchanting beauty of Sita.

Ravana seduces Sita

Ravana also sends his prime minister named Marica to try and bring Sita to him.

With her magic power, Marica's turned into a golden deer and she entered the forest to attract Sita's attention to the beauty of the golden deer.

Ravana Kecak dance

When Sita saw the golden Deer Kencana, Sita was fascinated and asked Rama to catch it for her. Rama also chased the golden deer and left Sita and his brother Laksmana with the message "Laksmana, protect my wife Sita and don't even leave this house when I chase the Golden Deer".

Sita Hears Rama's Voice

While waiting, Sita heard the illusory voice of Rama's cry for help. He forced Laksamana to follow Rama, but remembering his promise, Lakshmana refused and there was a heated argument between Sita and Lakshmana, accusing him of being a coward.

In the end, Laksmana helped Rama on the condition that Sita should not come out even under any circumstances from the circle he formed on the ground.

Sita Hears Rama's Voice

Uluwatu Kecak Dance

Sita was left alone in the forest. Of course it would be an easy opportunity to fall into Ravana's trickery.

Ravana also disguised himself as an old ascetic who was in pain and hunger asking for alms. Sita falls in pity.

Sita stepped outside the circle in good faith to provide the old ascetic with food and drink.

It was the opportunity that Ravana grabbed and kidnapped Sita and took her to his palace in Alengka.

Ravana tried his best to seduce Sita but it was in vain.

Battle of Megananda and Lakshmana

When in the palace of Alengka, Sita poured her heart about her fate in deep sorrow. At that time Hanoman appeared and said that his arrival was on the messenger of Rama by proving a ring of Sang Rama.

Then Sita gave her hairpin to Hanuman as a sign to show that Sita was still alive and wanted to return to Rama's arms.

Meanwhile Rama and Laksamana are on an odyssey looking for Sita along with Tualen.

They met Meganada, Ravana's son and a great battle broke out between them.

Hanuman in Uluwatu Kecak Dance

Meganada uses the power of his knowledge and shoots arrows that can turn into a dragon. Meganda's supernatural powers almost beat Rama.

However, through this exciting battle, Meganda finally died in the hands of the Admiral.

Garuda the King of all birds

The eagle, the king of all birds, who is a good friend of the king of Dasarata, came to join the rescue mission to free Sita and Rama.

They along with Hanuman and the monkey army continued their journey in the mass to save Sita.

The fragment ended with a battle between Sugriwa and Hanuman and the monkey army against Meganada.

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Uluwatu Kecak Entrance Ticket Staging Schedule & History


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