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Karang Tawulan Beach

Tasikmalaya tawulan coral beach

Karang Tawulan Beach has a very beautiful view. Exotic cliffs jutting into the sea add to the beauty of Karang Tawulan Beach in Tasikmalaya.

tawulan coral beach
Photo by @ai.ayy

There is a stunningly beautiful beach in Tasikmalaya, West Java. This beach is Karang Tawulan Beach.

The thing that makes this beach unique is the exotic cliffs jutting into the sea. In addition, there is also a small island called Nusa Manuk which is near the beach.

On this island many seagulls gather in the afternoon. Of course it is a very beautiful sight.

This tourist attraction is perfect for those of you who are looking for a calm atmosphere.

Many visitors sit on this cliff while enjoying the view of the beach. The beach looks beautiful with trees growing around it.

Karang Tawulan Beach is located in Cimanuk, Kalapagenep, Cikalang, Tasikmalaya, West Java.

Route to Karang Tawulan Beach

You can come here departing from the city of Bandung. Next, direct the vehicle towards Pangalengan. You will pass Ranca Crocodile Garut Beach.

Next, take the direction of Sentolo, then Cipa Tujuh. Keep going straight until you get to Karang Tawulan Beach.

Road access to the location of the tourist attraction is quite good. It's just that the road is quite bumpy so you need to be careful.

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Fun Activities

Various interesting activities you tourists do at Karang Tawulan Beach. For example, taking a walk to enjoy the beach scenery, fishing, and just sitting on the beach.

Unlike the beaches in Bali that allow tourists to swim. This beach has big waves. So every visitor is strictly forbidden to bathe on the beach.

If you feel hungry after touring the beach, don't worry. In this tourist attraction there are many food stalls selling various types of food.

In addition, various facilities are available for the convenience of visitors. For example, there is a gazebo, several toilets and a viewing post.

Photo Hunting Around the Beach

In addition to doing some fun activities on the beach such as fishing or sightseeing, you can also hunt for photos.

The moment in the evening when the sun goes down is very beautiful. It would be a shame if this beautiful moment was not captured.

In addition to the beautiful sunset moment, there are also the most hits spots here. Near the beach there is a hill overgrown by green grass. This location is also an instagrammable photo spot.

Travel Tips

There are several tips that you can obey when going on vacation to Karang Tawulan Beach. First, you should come in the dry season. Because in the rainy season, sea waves can reach 3 meters.

Because the sun is so hot, don't forget to wear it sunblock to protect the skin. Next, obey all the rules imposed by the beach manager.

Things to Do Near the Beach

In addition to visiting Karang Tawulan Beach, you can also visit several other tourist objects. The following tourist attractions are close to the beach.

1. Dengdeng Waterfall

Located in Cikawung Gading, Caringin Village, Cipa Tujuh, Tasikmalaya. There is a terraced waterfall. Starting from a height of 9 meters, 11 meters and 13 meters.

2. Sindangkerta Beach

On this beach, visitors can see turtle breeding. The location is not far from Karang Tawulan Beach, which is only about 4 km.

3. Cimanintin waterfall

There is also Curug Cimanintin which has a beautiful charm. You need to walk after riding the motorbike. Because the terrain is impassable by motorbikes.

Even though it takes a struggle, you will be amazed by the beauty of this waterfall.

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4. Taraju Tea Garden

Tasikmalaya also has the charm of a tea garden. Visitors can use private vehicles or public transportation to get here. The distance from downtown Tasikmalaya is about 48 km.

That's a review of the exotic Karang Tawulan Beach. Even its beauty is often considered similar to Tanah Lot Beach in Bali.


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