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Cheap Glamping Places in Bali | 12 Staycations With The View

Cheap glamping place in Bali

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This cheap glamping site in Bali has complete facilities, experience staying with natural and beautiful views!

Bali is a popular tourist destination for domestic and foreign visitors. Don't be surprised if everyone's favorite destination is still Bali. Accommodation options in Bali include hotels, villas, bed and breakfast, homestays and glamping.

Glamping is an abbreviation of Glamorous Camping is one type of modern camping accommodation. Glamping accommodation is a popular lodging option among tourists.

Apart from being closer to nature, glamping maintains a pleasant camping experience while providing different facilities.

Recommendations for Cheap Glamping Places in Bali

If you want to experience staying at a cheap glamping site in Bali, here are the options.

1. Ecommunity Glamping

One of the cheap glamping options in Bali which includes a park, outdoor activities, tour services and WiFi network, it is located 700 meters from Munduk Waterfall and 12 kilometers from Lovina Beach.

This 16m2 tent has a double bed, balcony, safe, and is located in the heart of a plantation area with beautiful mountain views.

2. Damarwidi Glamping by Madhava

This cheap glamping site in Bali is 1,3 kilometers from Melanting Waterfall and 11,3 kilometers from Lovina Beach. Damar Widi Glamping by Madhava offers two types of accommodation, couple and family tents.

3. Bali Sunrise Camp & Homestay

If you want to see the sunrise while staying at a cheap glamping site in Bali. Glamping Bali Sunrise Camp & Homestay is our recommendation.

Cheap glamping places in Bali 2024

Visitors can immediately get out of the glamping tent to watch the sunrise because it is located at one of the sunrise spots in the Batur Caldera, so there is no need for energy and time to climb to the mountain or hilly area.

This accommodation provides breakfast and a common area outside the tent with a photo spot at sunrise, with a tent size of 4 m2 and a shared toilet.

4. Bali Glamping Dome

Kubah Bali Glamping is one of the most affordable glamping options in Bali, located in Bangli and 4,4 km from Lake Batur.

You can stay in a dome or bubble tent with massage services, barbecue, picnic area, outdoor activities, safari, fishing, water sports, cycling or mountain biking.

Rooms measuring 25 m2 offer mountain and lake views. What's more interesting, you are allowed to bring dogs while on holiday at Kubah Bali Glamping.

Let's meet:

5. Bali Dynasty Resort

If you want to try cheap glamping facilities in Bali with a calm atmosphere, go to Bali Dynasty Resort. Bali Dynasty Resort is located in a hidden area, so you can feel a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.

Apart from hotel rooms and public facilities, like most other resorts, Bali Dynasty Resort offers tents with equally complete facilities. Glamping is available on the rooftop garden facing west, with direct views of the sea and sunset.

What's more, this tent is equipped with an outdoor Jacuzzi, so you can relax while admiring the night sky and seeing the reflection of the moonlight on the vast sea surface.

6. Bamboo Mount Batur

Bamboo Mount Batur is the next cheap glamping spot in Bali that is a shame to miss. This glamping is located in the beautiful Mount Batur area, as the name suggests, so it's no surprise that the atmosphere is cool, shady and calm.

Bamboo Mount Batur is about 2,5 kilometers from the beautiful Lake Batur. Bamboo Mount Batur not only has a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful views, but has quite complete facilities.

As well as beautiful bamboo hut-style accommodation, there is a restaurant, bar, garden and free bikes. Of course, you can cycle to enjoy the natural beauty around Mount Bambu Batur.

7. Baliwoso Camp

Baliwoso Camp is the next glamping destination that must be visited in Bali. Camp provides a unique glamping experience that will make you feel at home and want to stay longer.

The camp, which is located north of Denpasar, precisely in the Pengotan area, provides a calm and peaceful agricultural atmosphere. Not only that, this place provides interesting activities that are rarely found in other glamping places.

You can learn about the culture of the surrounding community which is still followed today. You can spend the night relaxing and enjoying entertainment shows from the community.

What's more, you can play with livestock while farming and harvesting plantation products in this place. Isn't that interesting?

8. Triyana Resort Carangsari

Not all glamping spots in Bali are expensive. The reason is, there are various glamping places at affordable costs. The facilities are comparable to other glamping sites.

Triyana Resort Carangsari is a cheap glamping option in Bali. This glamping resort offers a variety of tents at different prices.

Of course, the more expensive the hotel, the better the facilities. Apart from that, Triyana Resort Carangsari is a glamping site with relatively cheap prices and is located in an elite location.

9. Escape Nomade Sanctuary

Escape Nomade Sanctuary is the last glamping location in Bali. Nomade Sanctuary combines a camping experience with comfortable and luxurious facilities that will make visitors feel at home.

Nomade Sanctuary is located in the middle of rice fields with a beautiful flowing river. You can rent 6 tents with the best facilities at this place.

While sleeping in this luxury tent, you will have access to a variety of facilities. Such as a good and comfortable mattress, minibar, clean bathroom, and various additional facilities found in a 5 star hotel.

Apart from the relaxing facilities, the views are no less amazing. You can feel the breeze, the gurgling of the river water, and the chirping of birds, which might help you connect more with nature.

This glamping is indeed luxurious and has complete facilities, but don't worry, the prices are friendly and affordable.

10. Bali Jungle Camping

This cheap glamping site in Bali, located 5 kilometers from Blemantung Waterfall, offers two types of tents for overnight stays, regular camping tents and glamping tents.

Dome tent is one type of low-cost glamping accommodation in Bali. Bali Jungle Camping is equipped with mattresses, wifi, fans, lighting, sofas and toilets in this 16m2 tent.

11. Igloo Glamping Bali

Igloo Glamping Bali, which is located 3,5 kilometers from Lake and Mount Batur, offers cheap glamping in Bali with a tent style that resembles an igloo.

This 12 square meter tent contains a queen bed, lighting and seating. The igloo has a clear colored cover to highlight the natural surroundings.

This allows you to enjoy the sunrise and sunset, as well as the beautiful sky, right from bed.

Let's read about other destinations:

12. Sang Giri Mountain Tent Resort

Sang Giri Mountain Tent Resort is the next glamping site that must be visited in Bali. The resort provides glamping in very comfortable African style tents with beautiful and natural views.

Staying here, as the name suggests, allows you to enjoy mountain views with fresh air and green surroundings that are pleasing to the eye.

Apart from the view which makes you feel at home, the tent facilities are quite comfortable, comparable to a 5 star hotel. Each room is in a tent design Africa includes a comfortable queen bed with comforters.

Not only that, each tent is equipped with a luxurious bathroom with warm water and Jacuzzi facilities with direct views of the outdoors.

How would you like to try one of the cheap glamping spots in Bali? Book now, and spend the weekend with a different experience with your loved ones.


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