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16 Recommendations for the Best Spa Places in Bali, Favorites of Tourists

Bali's best spa place

Recommendations for the best spa places in Bali could be an option to perfect your holiday.

Apart from the beauty of Bali's beaches and nature, many tourists are attracted to the spas on the Island of the Gods. The reason is the facilities, international class services and innovative spa methods provided.

There are so many choices, that tourists are sometimes confused. But you won't be confused because we will review places that are proven to be popular among tourists.

Recommendations for the Best Spa Places in Bali

The following are recommendations for the best spa places in Bali with a variety of the best services.

1. Frangipani Esthetics Nusa Dua Bali

Frangipani Esthetics is located in Nusa Dua, offering a spa concept with traditional Balinese herbal ingredients. You can forget about stress for a moment and stretch your muscles, including taking a flower bath with a long-lasting aromatherapy effect.

Apart from having complete facilities, Frangipani Aesthetics will provide attractive souvenirs in the form of Cleansing Milk to each guest.

2. Prana Spa Seminyak

Prana Spa charges lower prices for unique, high-quality services. The architecture of Bali's best spa combines Middle Eastern and Indian elements, giving it a unique appearance.

Even though the architecture is inspired from abroad, Prana Spa still offers a variety of traditional Balinese massage services. There are dozens of spa packages available here.

3. Spa at Alila Ubud Bali

Want a massage in the middle of the forest while enjoying the coolness of nature? Must visit Spa Alila Ubud. You can have a massage in the open air while enjoying the view. This best spa place in Bali really relaxes the body and mind!

The massage services available here are quite varied. Manicure & Pedicure, Shirodhara, Pregnancy Massage, Facial, Balinese Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Children Massage, Hair And Scalp, Traditional Creme Bath, and Reflexology.

4. Away Spa in Bali

This place offers a spa experience like no other. There are various facilities here with 5 star quality, such as hot stone baths, cold water baths, oxygen or detox rooms, vitality baths, hair salons, and the Chill Bar & Re-fuel area.

5. The Spa at The Legian Bali

The Spa at The Legian Bali is a premium spa that offers VIP treatments. Treatments here are specially designed by professionals for total body health, ranging from a few hours of spa to multi-day nutrition and exercise programs.

There are other options for couples, such as Ila Water Blessing Ritual, which includes a Lymphatic Scrub and massage. All of them combine traditional materials such as boreh stone and basalt from Mount Rinjani with international products such as Ila and Hommage.

6. Spa at Maya Ubud Resort

The spa located in this resort area is a popular destination not only for local residents but tourists from all over the world. Visitors will get an unforgettable experience with spa services in the middle of a beautiful forest atmosphere.

The sound of the river flowing and the cool breeze complements the spa package you choose. Of course you will receive professional care from staff and therapists.

7. Kuta Spa Water Park

Taman Air Spa is one of the most affordable spas in Bali. You can experience various kinds of traditional Balinese massage treatments from all trained therapists for only 160 thousand.

the best spa place in Bali

Visitors will enjoy a warm and relaxing atmosphere while receiving treatment in a beautiful setting. Apart from general body care, various services such as facial care, Revitalization hair, and head massage.

For those of you who are newly married, Bali's best spa offers a delightful 150-minute honeymoon treatment package for couples.

8. Sanctoo Spa

The 3 main services of Sanctoo spa are Heavenly Vinotherapy, Peaceful Escape, and Pure Harmony. This is intended for those of you who want to relax your body, soul and mind.

Of course, when you return from Bali, you will be ready to resume normal life. Apart from the quality of the massage, the natural environment around the spa area can have a positive impact.

For optimal comfort, the sound of waterfalls, green surroundings and fresh air will accompany the relaxation process.

9. Lluvia Spa

If you are in Kuta, you can pamper your body with a head-to-toe massage at Lluvia.

Various attractive packages are available, including traditional massage with various aromatherapy which provides a more calming effect.

Comprehensive and maximum treatments provide long-lasting effects for visitors who visit Bali's best spa. You will be greeted by polite staff ready to serve you when you enter the room.

10. Spring Spa

Because of its beautiful atmosphere, Spring Spa is one of the favorite spa places among young people. Spring Spa offers a variety of full-body treatments (the beautiful, long-lasting Shellac Mani-Pedi is recommended).

11. Kaveri Spa at The Udaya Resort and Spa

This spa offers the superior Kaveri Royale package which will soothe your body with gentle massage and a variety of essential oils. You can enjoy a jacuzzi with various relaxing aromatherapy flowers as part of the package series.

Don't forget to look out the window, because Kaveri Spa at The Udaya Resort and Spa is in the heart of a green area that might make you feel like you are in "paradise".

12. Here Spa

The comfortable atmosphere combined with the natural impression of the surrounding natural environment is the reason why you should consider visiting Here Spa. When you first arrive at Bali's best spa, you might get this impression.

One interesting massage option is the Balinese Jamu Detoxifying Herbal Bath. Through the detoxification process, the use of traditional Indonesian herbal ingredients will help the body be free from various diseases. Apart from that, there are other services that are mostly traditional.

13. Theta Spa by The Sea Bali

The sea view is what makes this best Bali spa stand out. While receiving a massage from a professional therapist, you will be treated to a very beautiful view of the Bali sea. This can certainly have a calming effect.

A variety of body massage services, foot treatments and selected facial beauty treatments are available when visiting Theta Spa. One of the cheapest spas in Bali, you will get Welcome Drink unique and fresh.

14. Bodyworks

Bodyworks is a spa in Bali that went viral because of its very unique building concept.

There is a semi-open space in the middle, dominated by pink and a pool dominated by interior design and Middle Eastern architecture. This Instagramable place is often used for taking photos.

Not only is the environment unique, the massage services available here are also varied and the prices are affordable.

15. Terra

Terra is dedicated to calming the body, mind and soul naturally by using local and environmentally friendly products.

Acupuncture, Reiki, and other intuitive programs are available at this best Bali spa, in addition to spa treatments (massage, exfoliation, and beauty treatments). The available spa packages can be tailored to your needs!

Let's read about other destinations:

16. The Care Day Spa

Bali's best spa is similar to a hotel. The Care Day Spa provides a traditional Balinese and Korean spa experience in a calm and clean environment, specially designed for each limited number of clients.

There are a variety of services available, including hot stone massages and facials with luxury products (Clarins and Lancôme). This place even provides a salon.

You can add these recommendations to Bali's best spa places on your bucket list and enjoy a moment of relaxation with a different sensation!


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