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Palembang Historical Tourist Attractions 7 Most Popular Recommendations

Palembang historical tourist attractions

Palembang Historical Tourist Attractions – Historical tourist attractions in Palembang are interesting and varied. Existing historical remains show that Bumi Sriwijaya has various cultures and tribes. It's certainly an interesting cultural asset.

When walking around Palembang City, you will feel the Cosmopolitan atmosphere. You will see how Malay culture blends perfectly with Chinese and Arabic culture.

The location of Palembang City is historically important as a commercial route. This city, known as "pempek city", is located close to the ocean and is crossed by the Musi River. This is why many traders from China and Arabia stop by.

This city has a rich history besides being famous for its culinary delights. You will learn about the history of the archipelago here. Not to mention, this tourist spot provides interesting photo spots and typical Palembang culinary delights.

Check out the complete list of Palembang's historical tourist attractions below, Travela!

Palembang Historical Tourist Attractions

1. Siguntang Hill

If you want to visit historical tourist attractions in Palembang while enjoying nature, Siguntang Hill is the place. Siguntang Hill is the burial place of Malay Rulers. So this small hill is 29 – 30 meters high and covers an area of ​​around 6 hectares.

This hill in Bukit Lama Village, Ilir Barat I is considered sacred by local residents. Many historical relics of the Sriwijaya Kingdom, Majapahit Representatives, and the Palembang Darussalam Sultanate are stored here.

The rudder of the Srivijaya ship found at the foot of the hill is on display here, as are the Amarawati Buddha statue and the Kedukan inscription. This inscription is very important because it proves the existence of the Srivijaya Dynasty in Palembang.

Palembang is recognized as the oldest city in Indonesia because of this inscription dated June 16, 628 AD. Many people come to this historical tourist spot in Palembang to make a pilgrimage and enjoy the natural beauty.

Shady trees provide a cool atmosphere in this place. There are trees named Ashoka, Cempedak, Pinus, Kayuagung, Jaraj, Ylang Ylang, Cinnamon, and Rukam. From the top of the hill, you can see the beautiful view of the city of Palembang.

Siguntang Hill can be visited between 07.00 and 16.00. Tickets to this tourist attraction are quite cheap. You only need to spend IDR 3.000 for adults and IDR 2.000 for children.

Address: Jalan Srijaya Negara, Bukit Lama Village, Ilir Barat I District, Palembang

Opening hours: 08.00-16.00 WIB every day.

Entrance ticket: IDR 3.000/adult, IDR 2000/child

2. Kuto Besak Fortress

Colonization not only left behind many scars, but buildings. Ak Kuto Bes Fort (BKB) is one of the Dutch-era heritage buildings in Palembang City.

This building could possibly become a monument or reminder of how heroically our grandparents fought to conquer the Netherlands. BKB is located not far from the Musi River.

This fort offers views of the ships sailing on the Musi River. This fort was developed by the Palembang government which was founded in 1780.

The local authorities have transformed the area around the fort into a pleasant place to unwind. Park benches neatly flank the square in front of the fort.

The facilities at the Palembang Historical tourist attraction are fairly complete. Visitors only pay IDR 5.000 as an entrance fee.

Address: Jl. Sultan Mahmud Badarudin, 19 Ilir, Kec. Bukit Kecil, Palembang City, South Sumatra 30113

Opening hours: daily 08.00–21.00

Entrance ticket: IDR 5 thousand per person.

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3. Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Museum

Not only is this mosque named after Sultan Mahmud Badarudin, but a museum also bears his name.

Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Museum
Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Museum (Source: Byronic21)

The UKM Museum is located close to BKB. Because they are located close to each other, you can see both historical sites in one trip.

The SMB Museum stores antiques from the Sriwijaya Kingdom and the Palembang Darussalam Sultanate. You may see hundreds of historical artifacts.

Undoubtedly, this museum is the best place to learn history. You can see the collection Ethnography, Archeology, Fine Arts, Pottery, Biology, and numismatics.

Address: Jl. Sultan Mahmud Badarudin, 19 Ilir, Kec. Bukit Kecil, Palembang City, South Sumatra 30113

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 08.00–16.00. Saturday – Sunday 09.00–15.00. Monday closed

Entrance ticket: IDR 1.000/child, IDR 2.000/student, IDR 5.000/general, and IDR 20.000/foreign tourist.

4. Kemaro Island

Each region has its own unique mythical story. Tan Bun An and Siti Fatimah have a sad love story full of fairy tales that takes place in Palembang. This love story between different cultures ended tragically when it was swallowed by the overflowing Musi River.

This myth is suspected not to be the cause of Kemarau Island's mistakes. However, scientifically, this island was built through natural processes. This island was formed due to the accumulation of soil and dirt at the mouth of the river.

This dry island is located in the middle of the Musi River. This place is one of Palembang's most popular historical tourist attractions. Historical Buddhist buildings on this island include the 9-story Pagoda, Hok Tjing Rio Temple, Love Tree, and saint's tomb.

Tourists usually come here to worship or make a pilgrimage. This island, which is inhabited by hundreds of people, was the most crowded during the Cap Go Meh Award. You can watch lion dance performances, wayang potehi, drama and musical performances.

This island is floating near the Ampera Bridge. You can get here by renting a boat. Ship rental costs range from 200 thousand to 2 million, depending on the type of ship and passenger capacity.

To arrive at this island, you will sail along the Musi River for approximately 15 minutes.

Address: Industrial area, namely between the Sriwijaya Fertilizer Factory and Pertamina Plaju and Sungai Gerong

Opening hours: 09.00 to 19.00 WIB

Entrance ticket: Free

5. Kapitan Village

Palembang has quite a large Chinese influence. Apart from religious places, in Palembang there is a Chinatown community called Kampung Kapitan. This settlement is located in District 7 Ulu, namely Ulu 1 Palembang.

Kapitan Village is where the Chinese community has lived since ancient times. Being in this village allows you to experience the atmosphere of China, including its ornaments, people and activities.

Address: Jl. Gen. A. Yani Lorong Mutual Cooperation Jl. KH. Azhari, 7 ulu, Seberang Ulu I District, Palembang City, South Sumatra 30111

Opening hours: 08:00-17:30 WIB

Entrance ticket: IDR 5.000 per person

6. Cheng Ho Mosque

Admiral Cheng Ho's name is very well known in various cities in Indonesia. Cheng Ho, a Chinese Muslim, sailed and visited various cities in Indonesia, including Palembang.

Cheng Hoo Mosque
Cheng Ho Mosque (Source: Thisiseastjava)

The Cheng Hoo Mosque is located in the TOP Atlit Housing Complex, Exodus 15 Ulu, Seberang Ulu I District. The Indonesian Chinese Islamic Association (PITI) Palembang initiated the construction of this mosque.

This unique green-red mosque is a symbol of the multiculturalism of Palembang society. The mosque, which is officially known as the Al Islam Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque, has a distinctive architectural style that combines Arabic, Malay and Chinese influences.

You can visit historical tourism in Palembang City. Visiting these places is like traveling from the archipelago to China, then to Arabia. You can experience the passage of time through three eras: the Sriwijaya Era, the Darussalam Sultanate, and Dutch Colonization.

Address: Jl. Raya Kasri No.18, Petung Sari, Petungasri, Kec. Pandaan, Pasuruan, East Java 67156

Opening hours: 04.00 – 22.00 WIB

Entrance ticket: Free

Come on, read about other tourist destinations:

7. Ampera Bridge

Next, the Ampera Bridge stretches firmly and attractively across the Musi River. The red bridge is a famous landmark in Palembang. The Seberang Ulu to Seberang Ilir route was built in 1962.

When crossing the Ampera bridge, you can admire the beauty of Palembang. You will also be spoiled by the view of the fishermen on the Musi River.

Many fishermen sail the 750 kilometer long river, transporting fish back and forth. Floating and moving boats will beautify the waters of the Musi River.

Address: Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim No.1053, 5 Ulu, Seberang Ulu I District, Palembang City, South Sumatra 30153

Opening hours: 24 hours

Entrance ticket: IDR 5.000

How interesting is the historical tourist attraction of Palembang above, so where are you going, Travela? Don't forget to enter your Bucket List, OK!


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