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The Most Famous Tourist Attractions in Garut

tourist attractions in Garut

Tourist attractions in Garut are recommended places for healing and calming down from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Indonesia is a paradise for natural tourist destinations, and Garut is one of the places where you can feel its allure.

This city in West Java offers stunning natural beauty, cultural riches and wonderful adventures.

So, if you want to explore Garut tourism, let's look at some interesting places that you must include in your travel itinerary!

List of the most famous tourist attractions in Garut

Here are several tourist attractions in Garut that you should visit because of their charming beauty. Let's start!

1. Cikembulan Animal Park

Cikembulan Animal Park is a very suitable destination for spending time with family. Here you can see a variety of local Indonesian animals, guaranteed that children can learn while having fun!

2. Sanghyang Taraje Waterfall

Wildlife and waterfall lovers, you have to go to Curug Sanghyang Taraje. This waterfall provides a calm and beautiful environment.

Sanghyang Taraje Waterfall

The sound of gurgling water falling from a height will make you fall asleep. Please note that this waterfall is thought to be the place where Sangkuriang took the star for Dayang Sumbi.

3. Leuweung Sancang Nature Reserve

The name Sancang implies that it is located in Sancang Village, Cibalong District, Garut. The area is around 2.913 hectares.

It is one of Indonesia's international standard forest and nature reserve conservation tourist destinations, separated into three parts. There are coastal nature reserves, lowland forests and mangrove forests.

The Javan gibbon is one of the increasingly rare primates in this area. There are several plants that are protected and are starting to become rare, such as kaboa and red meranti.

Apart from that, there is a waterfall, but you have to cross the river first to reach it. Yes, because walking in the Leuweung Sancang Beach area, we will be treated to views of white sand and very pure sea water at Leuweung Sancang Beach.

4. Mount Guntur

This destination could be an option for those of you who like mountain climbing. This mountain rises approximately 2.249 meters above sea level and was a very active volcano on the island of Java in the 1800s.

The characteristic of Mount Guntur is its sandy soil, which inhibits plant growth and makes the area appear barren.

In some other areas only wild grass grows which resembles a savanna. There are almost no Cantilever plants growing at the top. Apart from the cantilever, pine trees grow on this mountain.

You can see the large and deep caldera formed by the eruption in the peak area. At the foot of the mountain there are various hotels with hot spring facilities which feel hot or more precisely warm due to Mount Guntur.

Let's meet:

5. Leuwi Korsi

Leuwi Korsi is a tourist attraction in Garut that is a shame to miss. The natural beauty there is truly stunning, even though it is still relatively unknown. The water surface is blue and surrounded by beautiful ancient rocks, making it suitable for healing.

6. Mount Papandayan Dead Forest

Mount Papandayan Dead Forest is one of the unique tourist attractions in Garut. There is a unique natural atmosphere there, with a panorama of dry tree trunks without leaves and white sand.

So don't be surprised that many climbers immortalize this place and share it on social media.

7. Darajat Pass

Visit Darajat Pass for an unforgettable relaxing experience. This place combines hot springs with beautiful mountain views. Experience extraordinary tranquility by bathing in a delightful hot spring pool.

8. Cicalobak Beach

Next is Cicalobak Beach, which is an attractive beach in Garut. This beach may not be very busy, but that adds to its appeal.

Enjoy the soft white sand under your feet, the calming waves and the warmth of the sun. You can play on the beach, sunbathe or even try to enjoy the sunset!

9. Talaga Bodas

Want to see the beauty of the crater lake? Visit Talaga Bodas! This turquoise emerald crater lake will amaze you.

At tourist attractions in Garut, you can pamper your eyes with the tranquility and beauty of the crater. You can relax in the warm water pool. Don't forget to bring a camera to capture this precious moment.

10. Rancabuaya Beach

The next recommendation is Rancabuaya Beach, which is a dream beach for tourists. This beach offers views of beautiful coral rocks, attractive waves and a calm atmosphere.

This is an ideal place to relax, play in the sand or try various water sports activities such as banana boating. Would you like to try it?

11. Orok Waterfall

Curug Orok is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Garut. This waterfall, which is located in the heart of a lush forest, is truly enchanting, with views that are stunning and fun to look at.

The beauty of Curug Orok will amaze you as soon as you arrive. The waterfall that falls from a height, as well as the beautiful surrounding environment, will take you to another world. There is a picnic area, so bring some supplies and spend some time relaxing here.

12. Mount Papandayan

Climbing Mount Papandayan is an impressive experience for true adventurers. Enjoy difficult Trekking and high peaks with beautiful views.

You can visit famous places like Dead Forest, Parks Edelweis, even the crater. To ensure Safety, undertake this trek with an experienced guide.

13. Sampireun Village

Let's go to Sampireun Village. With sweeping blue skies and expansive green foliage, this is a haven of tranquility.

This village offers unique residences in traditional Sundanese stilt houses. While enjoying the natural charm, you can feel how peaceful the atmosphere is here.

You can also relax in the spa facilities located beside the lake. You have to try a holiday at this tourist spot in Garut!

14. Sindangkasih Tourism Village

Do you have an interest in arts and culture? Sindangkasih Tourism Village is an ideal place.

Garut tourism allows you to discover various types of original handicrafts. You can even Participate in interesting Handicraft workshops.

It doesn't stop there, this tourist attraction in Garut offers exciting rides such as challenging river tubing, camping, walking, and even swimming in the pool. Quite interesting, right?

15. Karacak Valley

When visiting Karcak Valley, you will feel a tranquility like no other. This hidden gem among the hills of Garut offers an unusual combination of comfortable hot springs and beautiful mountain views.

The hot spring pools scattered around this valley are very suitable for relieving fatigue. In such a calm atmosphere, time seems to pass more slowly, and all stress disappears. Exciting!

Come on, read about other interesting destinations:

16. Situhapa Rose Garden

Situhapa Rose Garden is the last but no less impressive tourist attraction in Garut. When you enter this garden, you will be greeted by the beautiful fragrance of roses that spreads throughout the surroundings. This rose garden is a flower lover's paradise.

Blooming beautifully, there are several types of colorful roses. This is an ideal place for a relaxing walk while admiring the many flowers.

Don't forget to bring a camera, you will definitely want to record the beautiful moments among these Colorful Flowers.

So, those are some of the tourist attractions in Garut. Are you interested in visiting them?


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