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Tourist Attractions in Kintamani

Tourist attractions in Kintamani

The natural and cultural charm of Bali never ceases to amaze the eyes of travelers, both from their own country and abroad. Various names of tourist destinations with beach nuances are very famous even on the world stage.

Call it like Kuta beach, Pink Beach, Pandawa Beach, Legian Beach and many more. However, the Island of the Gods is actually not only attractive through its maritime charm, but also with its beautiful mountain panorama.

Is Kintamani which is one of the tourist destinations in Bali that offers a highland landscape. What are they? Here Gotravela Indonesia provides a special review of tourist attractions in Kintamani.

Kintamani Tourist Attractions Mount Batur

Mountain with a height of 1.717 above sea level This is a tourist spot in Kintamani that is not allowed Travela buddy miss it when traveling to the Island of the Gods.

Standing tall, the mountain which last erupted in 2000 has a variety of green vegetation which makes it look beautiful. No need to climb it, Travela buddy can enjoy its beauty from a distance.

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Lake Batur

The violent eruptions of Mount Batur in the past have formed a vast caldera. Its size reaches 10×13 km. Inside the giant caldera there is a lake which later became known as Lake Batur.

Now this lake has become a tourist attraction in Kintamani which is busy with visitors. From a distance, Mount and Lake Batur appear parallel, so that both appear at once in one glance.

Culinary at Grand Puncak Resto

No trip is complete without eating. Well, tourist attractions in Kintamani are mandatory really, Friend Travela The next visit is Grand Puncak Resto.

In this restaurant that serves a variety of menus, Travela buddy You can enjoy the beauty of Mount Batur from a distance while dining. Apart from enjoying the panoramic view of Mount Batur, eating at Grand Puncak Resto can also see the beauty of Lake Batur.

Try choosing to find a place to sit outside so you can enjoy the view of the majestic mountain more perfectly. hmm.. this is the definition of eating 'kick', the eyes are satisfied looking, the heart is happy!

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Toya Devasya

Apart from offering panoramic views of mountains and lakes, one of the districts in Bangli Regency also offers the charm of bathing tours. Is Toya Devasya who is water boom The first in the world to use warm water.

Not only the main bathing area, there is also natural warm water from Gunung Baru as well. Wow 'terrible' can't you just soak in warm water in the open while watching the panoramic views of the mountains?!

Actually Kintamani has lots of interesting places, but some of the tourist attractions in Kintamani above are mandatory Travela buddy visit while on vacation in Bali. Don't forget to always be connected with Gotravela Indonesia and get the latest tourist information complete with a variety of tourist accommodation services in it. We are waiting for your presence Travel friends on the Island of the Gods. (y)

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