Unique Tourist Attractions in Makassar | What netizens must visit this year

unique tourist attractions in Makassar

5 Unique Tourist Attractions in Makassar

Hi Traveler, on this occasion we try to review 5 unique tourist attractions in Makassar which you must visit in South Sulawesi Province which was formerly called Ujung Pandang.

Makassar is one of the destinations and major cities in the sixth order according to (Kompasiana, Jun 2015), is also a coastal city, a metropolitan city, a center of business, education and the gateway to Eastern Indonesia that netizens must visit this year.

Hopefully this information on unique tourist attractions in Makassar can add information for travel enthusiasts mengexplore Eastern Indonesia.

Makassar City is actually similar to Surabaya City, the streets are big and busy and there are many shopping centers such as malls, super markets and shopping centers. 

Makassar besides being famous for its Losari Beach, also has mountain tourist spots.

"Malino highland celebes"

Malino is located in Gowa Regency or about 4 hours drive if using a four-wheeled vehicle from Makassar City.

It has many recreational tourist spots ranging from pine forests, flower gardens, strawberry gardens, tea gardens, waterfalls and others.

Another uniqueness of Makassar City is the number of coffee shops to hang out with young people in this city, especially in the Panakkukang area. 

The city of Makassar also has many beautiful islands that have not been touched by human hands or are still very natural.

Not only that in Makassar, there are also various landscapes of historical buildings that are witnesses to the history of this nation.

Let's take a closer look at the unique tourist attractions in Makassar...

5 Unique Tourist Destinations in Makassar

1. FORT ROTTERDAM (Fort Rotterdam)

Located not far from Losari Beach and this fort is one of the historical icons of Makassar City.
In the corner of this fort there is a prison room that was once occupied by Prince Diponegoro (Diponegoro; one of Indonesia's national heroes).

Unique Tourist Attractions in Makassar
Fort Rotterdam

The history Makassar Rotterdam Fort which was previously founded by the Sultanate of King Gowa-Tallo and later fell into the hands of the Dutch.

Because of the Bungayya Agreement which was a ceasefire agreement between the King of Gowa and the Dutch VOC, but after falling into the hands of the Dutch, the architecture was later changed to Colonial Gothic architecture.

It feels very colonial when entering this fort, we will feel like we are in Europe.

The garden is neatly arranged and very comfortable for learning activities together or just hanging out with friends (became a hangout place for young people in Makassar). 

This fort also stores mystery stories, for more fun, travelers can read The mystery of the castle of rotterdam.

In the Fort complex there is also a museum of the history of the Gowa-Tallo kingdom called the La Galigo Museum.

The La Galigo Museum is often used as a place for various exhibitions, tourism events, art and cultural performances held in the museum and the courtyard of the fort.


Makassar City does not only have a unique tourist spot, Losari Beach? Makassar has many beautiful beaches and unspoiled beach tourism. It's a big mistake if Makassar only has Losari Beach.

One of the unique tourist attractions in Makassar is Akkarena Beach.

This beach is arguably a unique beach. This is because the black sand beach is stunning (Black pearl from east of Indonesia).

Various activities are often done here such as recreation, exercise or just relaxing enjoying the scenery for local tourists.

Unique Tourist Attractions in Makassar
Akkarena Beach Makassar

You can also find a variety of water sports/Watersport activities here. For example, playing banana boats, jet skies, up to adrenaline-pumping games, namely the ATV three-wheeled vehicle, wow, that's really fun.

Besides enjoying the breeze and the beauty of the beach, this place also provides various playgrounds for children (suitable for family tourism) and various Makassar culinary specialties.


It is a group of rock cliffs or also by another name, namely Stone Forest. Stone Forest is formed by erosion of underground rocks such as Limestone and Marble which then dissolve in water. This place is one of the unique tourist attractions in Makassar.

Indonesia's Lionmag

The Karst Mountains area in Makassar is also known as the second largest and most beautiful Stone Forest in the World after Karst in South China LIONMAG.

The beauty of the Stone Forest apparently does not only belong to South China. However, you can also find it in South Sulawesi in the Maros-Pangkep area. The karst cliffs are towering in the form of a tower (tower karst maros).

The Maros Karst was formed by limestone since thousands of years ago stretching in the Maros Regency and Pangkep Regency. The area reaches 40 thousand hectares forming a cluster of limestone mountains that rise high and group together.

Of course, this is an amazing natural phenomenon Karst Maros. To reach this location you have to travel a distance of 40 km from the center of Makassar City. 

The natural beauty of Karst Maros by exploring the caves around the karst and along the river swamp accompanied by a local guide.

4. MALINO HIGHLAND (New Zealand from Indonesia)

Malino Highlands is located at an altitude of 1.200 above sea level with an area of ​​200 hectares of green and lush tea plantations.

This place is a place that of course you don't need to doubt its beauty. This place is quite familiar to local tourists who spend their weekends here.


One of the famous is the tea garden tour. The coolness of the tea gardens here is no less beautiful than the tea gardens at the top of Bogor.

Here a traveler can take a walk in the tea garden area. At the top of the garden, a traveler will find a cafe with Japanese architectural nuances that provides the best warm tea from nature.

Green Cafe Pekoe

Cafe ornaments and exclusive Japanese-style facilities, waiters also use Sakura country-style costumes.

Green Cafe Pekoe that's the name. This cafe provides a special menu in the form of nutritious healthy teas that you will not find anywhere other than at Malino Highland.

The traveler does not stop there, at the unique tourist attractions in Makassar, Malino Highland also offers several outbound activities, including:

  • Paragliding
  • Bungee jumping
  • Cross-country running
  • Horseback riding
  • Cycling, kite festival activities, trampolines, tracking trails, animal parks
  • See celestial bodies using binoculars.

Not far from the location a traveler can enjoy two beautiful waterfalls and to reach the waterfall, a traveler only needs to walk about 600-800 meters.

Along the way to the waterfall spot, you can enjoy beautiful and charming green natural scenery.


Small Lae-lae Island or commonly called “gussung tallang” is a unique tourist spot in Makassar, an island 1,6 km from the mainland and we can see it clearly directly from Losari Beach.

To reach this island you have to use a speed boad / fisherman's motorbike in just 5 minutes from the Makassar Popsa Pier.

By only buying a crossing ticket for 15 thousand per person, a traveler can already enjoy the beauty of this white sandy island.

Lae Lae Beach, South Sulawesi
Lae Lae Beach, South Sulawesi
The origin of the name of the island of Lae-Lae

The folklore that developed there is that it is said that the origin of the name "lae-lae" itself is that once there was a ship from the country of China's bamboo curtain that sank around the rocky island.

Chinese people call to the other side of the island asking for help with their language "Lae Lae" which means "here and there".

Since then the cape was called Tanjung Lae Lae and became Lae Lae Island.

But over time, along with the rise of new tourist destinations, Lae Lae Pulau Island This has become one of the local favorite tours.

There are also many facilities and facilities available for gazebos to relax for every tourist who comes to the island.

You can do various activities on this island. Starting from just swimming, snorkeling or even diving.

Unique Tourism in Makassar That Netizens Must Visit

There are many more that we will discuss about tourism and culinary in South Sulawesi, of course later.

Hopefully this information on 5 Unique Tours in Makassar is useful for traveler friends. For information on other Makassar travel packages, you can contact us.

We guarantee that we will always provide the best advice and the best prices for travelers.

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