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The beauty of Lorentz Papua National Park

Lorentz Papua National Park

Have you ever been on holiday to the Lorentz National Park in Papua? This national park comes with extraordinarily beautiful natural views. Not only will you meet various types of rare animals, in this place you will also find mountains and lush forests.

Lorentz National Park
Photo by Viva

The Natural Beauty of Lorentz National Park

Located in the area Papua The West makes this national park look unique and interesting. Moreover, its large land area makes it a relatively unexplored park. It is not surprising that its existence is still well protected.

In 1999, UNESCO designated this national park as a world heritage site. In addition, Lorentz Papua National Park is the largest national park in Southeast Asia. With an area of ​​2,3 million hectares, there is no official landscape mapping of this national park.

The biodiversity of this national park is extraordinary. Moreover, it is spread over 10 different regencies. That's why the ecosystem in Lorentz National Park includes all the main ecosystems in Papua.

Starting from marine ecosystems, coastal ecosystems, coastal forest ecosystems, brackish water swamp forest ecosystems, freshwater swamp forest ecosystems, lowland forest ecosystems, low mountain ecosystems, high mountain ecosystems, ecosystem ecosystems sub alpine (Treeline), and the eternal snow mountain ecosystem.

Talking about a holiday in this national park. There are several spots to do interesting activities from this park. Want to know what interesting spots are in Lorentz Papua National Park? Here's the explanation:

Baliem Valley with its exotic charm 

Bailem Valley
Photo by GenPi

The Baliem Valley, which is still located in the Wamena city area, is one of the favorite locations of this national park. Besides being present with a background view of the peaks of the Jayawijaya mountains. This location also comes with several other natural charms, such as:

  • Lake Habema, is a lake covered in clouds
  • Aikima White Sand
  • Kontilola Cave is known for its natural stone pillars
  • Maima Blue Lake which comes in turquoise blue. However, you should note that this lake cannot be used for swimming because local residents consider this lake to be a sacred lake.

Habitat for rare animals 

Lorentz National Park is a habitat for various types of rare animals. This is evidenced by the number of habitats as many as 630 species of bird species and also about 123 species of mammals. One of the unique habitats of these animals emerged from the ornamental tree kangaroo which is endemic to Papua.

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Eternal snow from the top of Mount Jaya 

Not only abroad, Indonesia also has eternal snow that appears through Puncak Jaya. The peak is included in the seven highest peaks in the world. In addition, this location is also home to the Carstenz glacier which is the only tropical glacier in Indonesia.

Papuan indigenous people 

Apart from the things above. Vacationing to this national park can also help you get to know the indigenous Papuan tribes. So far, it has been identified that there are around 9 indigenous Papuan tribes in the area. Like the Dani, Amungme, Nduga, Sempan, Komoro, Somahe tribes, to the Asmat tribes.

Papuan Dani Suku
Photo by Tamasya

To recognize the various tribes. It's good if you take part in the Baliem Valley Festival. This activity usually takes place in August. In the festival, there is generally a simulation of the tradition of war between tribes.

But, you dont have to worry. This war is just a simulation for show. So it remains safe for you and anyone who wants to see it.

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That's a brief explanation of some of the interesting spots in Lorentz Papua National Park. That's why when visiting it, make sure not to miss some of these interesting spots.


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