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The Beauty of Kenawa Island Tourism

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There is no doubt about the beauty of Kenawa Island Tourism. Kenawa Island in Sumbawa offers very beautiful natural views. This makes anyone feel at home for a long time here.

the beauty of the island of Kenawa tourism
Photo by Raditya Maulana

Kenawa Island is an island located in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. It turns out that not only Lombok has amazing beauty. But the NTB region is no less beautiful.

You can enjoy very beautiful natural views. Here there are a number of charming beaches. Apart from that, there are charming small islands. This is the reason why you shouldn't miss coming to Kenawa Island, Sumbawa.

For lovers of natural tourism, especially marine tourism, this tourist spot deserves to be called a hidden paradise.

Kenawa Island Tourism Attraction

What is special about Kenawa Island? This island has a small size. Only 15 hectares wide. This island has no inhabitants. The length of the coastline on this island is 1,73 km. Kenawa Island is located in Poto Tano, West Sumbawa, NTB.

Even though the island is small, this island is very beautiful. Here you can find vast savanna fields and iconic hills. The name of this hill is Kenawa Hill.

In addition to the beauty of the island's charm, there is an amazingly beautiful underwater life. The sea water is so clear. You can clearly see beautiful coral reefs and cute colorful fish.

1. The beauty of Kenawa Hill

You can go up the hill to enjoy the amazing view. You can see the wide expanse of the sea.

The view of the blue sea water with the combination of the vast meadows becomes very beautiful. In fact, the view of sunrise or sunset is very beautiful seen from here.

It took a struggle to get to the top of the hill. Because the hill road is quite slippery because it is tilted about 85 degrees.

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2. Spacious Savanna

Kenawa Island has a fairly wide savanna. If you come to this island in the rainy season, you will see green grass. The view is so soothing to the eye. Coupled with the line of trees on the beach.

But when you come to this island in the dry season, you will see yellowing grass.

Even though it's arid, it's still an interesting sight. There is even an exotic impression.

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3. Beautiful Marine Park

In addition to the attractiveness of the savanna and hills, you can see the beauty of the marine park. Kenawa Island has an interesting underwater world. The sea water is so clear. So you can see the underwater world clearly with the naked eye. The ecosystem is still very natural.

You can do snorkeling to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. There are colorful coral reefs. Plus cute fish swimming to and fro.

If you pay attention, snorkeling on this island is like being in a giant aquarium. Very amazing.

Interesting Activities

Kenawa Island provides a camping area for tourists. By setting up a tent here, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the island with more satisfaction. Then, you can swim and snorkel here.

This beautiful island has a coastline that extends around the island. You can walk around the beach enjoying the beauty of the beach. Find a variety of interesting spots to take pictures.

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What are the facilities on Kenawa Island, Sumbawa? Although not so popular, the facilities on this island are quite complete. You will see several gazebos. Then there are food stalls that provide a variety of food and drinks.

Then there are several toilets and a place to rinse. Here the toilet can be used for free. But there is no clean water. Visitors need to buy clean water which is sold per gallon.

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How are you Travela? The beauty of Kenawa Island tourism is able to hypnotize anyone who visits. This place is perfect as a vacation spot to relax the mind.


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