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The Charm of the Beauty of Gili Bola

the charm of the beauty of gili bola

The charm of the beauty of Gili Bola is second to none. This small island in Sumbawa has an extraordinary natural charm. What is the beauty of Gili Bola Sumbawa tourism like?

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A trip to Sumbawa is not complete if you don't go to Gili Bola. Gili Bola is one of the most popular tourist destinations for tourists. Beautiful nature with soothing nuances makes this place so special.

For those of you who like adventure, Gili Bola Sumbawa tourist attraction is suitable to visit. You can relax and unwind from tiring activities. The natural charm offered can make you relax. Even in this tourist spot, various facilities are available.

Gili Bola is also known as Bedil Island. This island has a beautiful beach with very beautiful white sand. The view of white sand combined with blue sea water makes it even more beautiful.

Facilities on Gili Bola Sumbawa

Gili Bola or Bedil Island also has a variety of interesting facilities. Here are some of them.

  1. Pier crossing
  2. Place to stay
  3. Instagenic Photo Spots
  4. Camping Area
  5. Tour Package Services Tour Guide
  6. Area Snorkeling
  7. Toilet
  8. gazebo
  9. And so forth.

The Beauty of Bedil Island

Bedil Island or Gili Bola is a very beautiful island in Sumbawa. Despite its small size, this island has a beautiful charm.

On this island you will see many coconut trees growing. So the atmosphere of this island is so cool. Not hot arid. No wonder if many feel at home relaxing on this island.

Bedil Island is located in Labu Pade Village, Utan District, Sumbawa Regency.

From Sumbawa Besar City, you need to travel about 1,5 hours.

On this island you will see various beautiful attractions. this place is so quiet. Far from the crowds so it is suitable for a place to calm down.

You can sit back, while enjoying the vast expanse of white sand. In addition, you can also see the beautiful rolling waves.

Exciting Snorkeling

You can do fun snorkeling activities on this island. Gili Boba is famous for its beautiful underwater world. That's why many people snorkel here.

You can see beautiful coral reefs. There are also many cute and adorable fish swimming under the sea water.

Gili Bola, which has a mini size, always looks clean. You won't see any scattered trash. This is the main attraction of this island.

On this island there is a wooden house. This is the only home on the island.

How to Get to Gili Bola Pulau Bedil

If you depart from Sumbawa Besar City, you can go to Harbor Tano's photo. When you arrive at the end of Utan District, you will meet a T-junction that leads to Labu Pade.

Labu Pade is a tourist area where you can rent a boat to cross to Gili Bola. In Labu Pade you will rent boat specially for tourists. So the price is higher than crossing from Nusa Penida.

You can go to Gili Bola from Nusa Penida at a lower cost. Because, you can rent a boat owned by fishermen to go to Bedil Island.

Once you arrive at Bedil Island, Gili Bola, there are many things you can do. Not only visiting Bedil Island, but you can hoping island to Keramat Island and Tumudung.

Let's read too

Then you can have fun by snorkeling. Not satisfied with that. Here visitors can set up a tent for camping.

Incredibly beautiful charm of the beauty of Gili Bola, a small island in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara.


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