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The Enchantment of Lake Lebo Taliwang

Lake Lebo Taliwang Sumbawa

The charm of Lake Lebo Taliwang is really beautiful. You can enjoy the beautiful nature at Lake Lebo Taliwang, Sumbawa.

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When you hear the word Sumbawa, surely what comes to your mind is a beautiful white sandy beach. But it turns out there is a tourist attraction that is no less beautiful in the form of a lake. Its name is Lake Lebo Taliwang.

Taliwang Lake has an area of ​​1.406 hectares with very interesting views. No wonder this tourist attraction is a leading tourist spot in West Sumbawa.

Apart from being a tourist spot, this lake actually functions as a flood controller. This lake is able to accommodate the overflow of water from Brang Rea and Brang Ene.

Usually in the rainy season the water will overflow. Conversely, during the dry season the water will shrink due to evaporation.

Many people come to Lake Lebo Taliwang because it has an interesting attraction. Like what is the charm of this tourist spot? Let's see.

Attractions of Lake Lebo Taliwang

1. Panorama of the Surrounding Scenery

This lake has beautiful natural scenery. While on this lake, you can see beautiful mountain views. The mountains around this lake add to the charming impression.

In this lake you can see many plants such as lotus, water hyacinth and other plants. This makes the scenery around the lake so beautiful. The atmosphere here is really cool.

2. Lots of Flora and Fauna

There is a lot of flora and fauna in Lake Lebo Taliwang. This is a special attraction for visitors.

Here you can find thymus, Bungus, Kayu Batu, Rupe, Tempoyak, Berora, Asam Bage, Lotus and Water hyacinth.

Then there are also various fauna such as storks, buffalo egrets, bluwok, bondol eagles, ibis, turtles, monitor lizards and 25 types of water birds.

3. Beautiful Sunrise and Sunset

In this lake you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset. So it's not just on the beach. Even on this lake you can enjoy interesting moments when the sun rises or sets.

So beautiful scenery around when the sun rises or sets. You will see an orange sky. It looks so perfect when combined with lake water.

If you want to see the sunrise, come here in the morning before dawn. Then if you want to enjoy the sunset, come in the afternoon. At that moment here there are many visitors who come here.

4. Fishing

There are exciting and exciting activities on this lake. You who like fishing can you know fishing around the lake. The manager allows visitors to fish here. You can fish with family or friends.

In addition to being a tourist attraction, Lake Lebo Taliwang is also used to keep fish. In the middle of the lake there are many fish cages for local residents.

5. Boat Ride

This is the most exciting activity. You can take a boat around the lake. While enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, you can take pictures. With a stunning backdrop, your photos will be very instagrammable.

Boats provided by the management can be rented for families or couples. When you get on the boat, you will see lotus blooming in the middle of the lake. This view makes a romantic impression.


Lake Lebo Taliwang is located in Tampir Village, Taliwang District, West Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara.

This lake has been protected by the state as a Nature Tourism Park. If you come here you can ride a motorbike or car.

Even tourism buses can also pass through the road that leads to this lake. Usually there are tourism groups who use buses.

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That's information about the charm of Lake Lebo Taliwang. Hopefully it's useful.


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