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Bali Attractions Entrance Ticket

Entrance Ticket to Attractions in Bali

Hi Traveler, happy weekend, it's nice to see you again on the object entrance ticket Bali tourism.

On this occasion, allow us to provide information about the updated entrance ticket prices for Bali tourist attractions in 2024.

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Hope your vacation on this charm-rich island will be a memorable one.

Bali island sighting map

Bali Tourism HTM

Bali Island Of course, it has many interesting tourist spots ranging from East Bali tourist attractions, new tourist attractions in Bali, cheap tourist attractions in Bali to romantic tourist attractions in Bali.

Bali Tourism Beach Entrance Ticket to Attractions in Bali

Most tourist attractions in Bali are charged an entrance fee to tourist attractions in Bali. But the traveler is not lacking either, popular tourist spots in bali where the entry ticket price is cheap and free or where you only need to pay the vehicle parking fee.

Examples include the playground and Badjra Sandhi field which is a city park tourism center for children and local people in Denpasar.

There is also the Puja Mandala where houses of worship for the five religions are located in the Nusa Dua area, the developer of the Indonesian tourism area ITDC Nusadua, Geger Beach, Nusa Penida and many more.

Entrance Ticket to Attractions in Bali 2024

Here is a list of tourist entrance tickets by district:

1. HTM Denpasar & Badung

Denpasar and Badung Regency Tourism Entrance Tickets for Attractions in Bali

List of Denpasar & Kab. Tourism Entrance Tickets. Badung.
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2. HTM Karengasem

Karangasem tour entrance ticket

List of Regency Tour Tickets. Karangasem Bali.
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3. HTM Klungkung

Tourism in Klungkung Bali

List of Attractions Tickets in Bali Kab. Klungkung.
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4. District Buleleng (Singaraja)

Tourist Place NamePrice of admission
Lovina BeachCar Parking IDR 5000
Banjar Hot SpringsAdult IDR 5.000
Child Rp 3.000
Parking IDR 5000
Gitgit WaterfallAdult IDR 5.000
Child Rp 3.000
Parking IDR 5000
Dolphin Tours
(Jukung rental per boat)
IDR 250.000

5. District Bangli

Tourist Place NamePrice of admission
KintamaniIDR 10.000/Person
Car Parking IDR 5000
Lake BaturCar Parking IDR 5.000
Tamblingan LakeIDR 10.000/person.
Kintamani Hot SpringAdult, IDR 60.000/person
Children, IDR 30.000/Child
Penglipuran Village
IDR 15.000/Person
IDR 10.000/Child
Tukad Melangit Pavilion, Jehem Village Bangli.IDR 5.000/Person
Mount Batur Trekking
Include: Guide, Transport and Breakfast
Rp. 550.000/Person

6. District Tabanan

Tourist Place Name Price of admission
Lake Beratan Bedugul
Ulun Danu Temple
Adult: IDR 20.000
Children: IDR 15.000
Motorcycle Parking IDR 2.000
Car Parking IDR 5.000
Bus Parking IDR 10.000
Margarana ParkFree / Free
JatiluwihRp. 10.000
Tabanan Butterfly ParkAdult IDR 75.000
Child Rp 37.000
Kedaton wingsAdult: IDR 10.000
Children: IDR 7500
Motorcycle Parking IDR 2.000
Car Parking IDR 5.000
Bus Parking IDR 10.000
Yellow TempleIDR 10.000/Person
Tabanan Angseri Hot SpringPublic Pool: IDR 4.000/Person
Private Pool: IDR 10.000/Person
Retaining Hot WaterPublic Pool: IDR 10.000/Person
Private Pool: IDR 25.000/Person
Bedugul Botanical GardenEntrance Ticket IDR 9.000/Person
Motorcycle Parking IDR 3.000
Car Parking IDR 6
Bus Parking IDR 12.000
Entrance Car Ticket IDR 12.000
Tanah LotAdult: IDR 20.000
Children: IDR 15.000
Motorcycle Parking IDR 2.000
Car Parking IDR 5.000
Bus Parking IDR 10.000

7. Gianyar Regency

Tourist Place NamePrice of admission
Sukawati MarketCar Parking IDR 5.000
Mas . VillageFree / Free
Celuk VillageFree / Free
Batubulan VillageFree / Free
Rock VillageFree / Free
Tegenungan WaterfallIDR 10.000/Person
Bali Pulina AgrotourismIDR 80.000/Person
Bali Zoo Park Zoo Admission Adult
IDR 100.000/Person
IDR 80.000/Child

Bali Fun World Adult
IDR 38.000/Person
IDR 38.000/Child
UbudFree / Free
Look SiringIDR 15.000/Person
Car Parking IDR 5.000
Bali Bird Park Entrance Fee
IDR 85.000/Person
IDR 50.000/Child
Bali Safari Marine Park
IDR 140.000/Person
IDR 125.000/Child
Bali Nusa Park
IDR 85.000/Person
IDR 70.000/Child
Tegal Alang UbudIDR 10.000/Person
Gunung Kawi TempleIDR 15.000/Person
Ubud Monkey ForestIDR 40.000/Person
elephant CaveIDR 15.000/person.
Antonio Blanco MuseumIDR 30.000/Person
Guwang Hidden CanyonIDR 10.000/person.

The list of entrance ticket prices for each tourist attraction in Gianyar above is valid for: Domestic Tourists/KTP/KITAs. does not apply to foreign tourists.
Also does not include the price of parking, if the parking price is not listed.
We will continue to try to update the list of tourist entrance ticket prices in Bali 2121 – 2022, if there are price changes. Please also inform the traveler by commenting in the column below if there is updated info on other entry tickets in Bali.

Update List of Activity Promos and Tour Packages

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Thereby Entrance Ticket for Bali Tourism Objects and Prices updated 2024 which we inform. Hopefully this is useful for all Indonesian Traveler Friends.

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Bali Attractions Entrance Ticket | Updated information in 2024


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