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Karangasem Bali Tourism Entrance Ticket | List of Karangasem Objects

Karangasem Tourism Entrance Ticket

Karangasem Tourism Entrance Ticket

Hi Indonesian Traveler, it's nice to meet you again today, we will write and share information about the 2024 Bali Karangasem Tourism Entrance Ticket List.

Hopefully, the information on the list of Karangasem Bali Entrance Tickets will be useful information for all travelers and tourists.

For info List of all entrance tickets object Bali tourism you can read more.

Karangasem is a district located in the province of Bali, Indonesia. With a capital named Amlapura.

As many people know, the Island of the Gods Bali is one of the world's tourism destinations that has a wealth of natural and popular culture.

This of course makes all areas of the island of Bali and its districts have global tourism ratings, not to be missed too Karangasem Regency.

Taman Ayun water castle Karangasem Tourism Entrance Ticket

Karangasem is also an area that has traces of holy places. Even some holy places that are important for Balinese Hindus are also located in Bali wawengkon Karangasem.

Lempuyang Temple Entrance Update


Lempuyang Temple Entrance Ticket for Karangasem Tourism


ticket for lempuyang temple entrance ticket for Karangasem tourism

Besakih Temple which is the mother temple of Bali, the largest temple in Bali is also in this area.

In addition, there are also areas of Bali Mula (Bali Aga) in the Karangasem area such as Tenganan Pagringsingan, Bungaya, Asak, Timbrah, Bugbug and others.

The Karangasem tourist attraction itself has many tourist spots that you must visit and should not miss.

This tourist attraction is quite popular and quite a lot of tourists visit both local and international in every quarter.

You can click and select per destination spot in the column “Karangasem Tourism Entrance Ticket” for clearer details.

here Karangasem Bali Tourism Entrance Ticket 2024, get complete information not to be missed.

Karangasem Tourist Attraction Spot

Tourist attraction2024 Entrance Ticket
Virgin BeachRp. 10.000/Person
Tugel Bias BeachRp. 5.000/Person
Besakih TempleRp. 15.000/Person
Jambul HillRp. 5,000/Car Parking
Edge ParkRp. 10.000/Person
CandidasaRp. 5,000/Car Parking
Tirta GanggaRp. 10.000/Person
TulambenRp. 5,000/Car Parking
AmedRp. 5,000/Car Parking
TengananRp. 10.000/Person
Labuan amokRp. 10.000/Person
Padang Bai beachRp. 5,000/Car Parking
Lempuyang TempleRp. 50.000/Person
Rp. 5,000/Car Parking
Yeh Labuh WaterfallRp. 5.000/Person
Tibu Kresek WaterfallRp. 5.000/Person
Gili Ocean Bali GiliAdults: Rp. 199.000/Person
TelagaWaja Rafting (Sobek)Adults: Rp. 290.000/Person
Submarine Odyssey BaliAdults: Rp. 595.000/Person

Noted: The price of the Karangasem tour ticket to enter the 2024 tour does not include the parking price, but if it is written only the Parking Price! It means that the ticket for the person/tourist is Free or Free.

We will continue to try to update the price list for the 2022-2024 Bali tour entrance tickets, if there are price changes.

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The Best Way To Bali's Karengasem Tourist Attractions

This Karangasem Tourism Entrance Ticket and Place is quite time-saving to go to the location. Since the Ida Bagus Mantra bypass, the journey from Denpasar/Kuta takes 2 hours with a distance of 80 km.

Karangasem position is in the east of the island of Bali. The majority of 30% of diving tourists will stay in the amed & candidasa area.

Because the distance is relatively far (2 hours) so if you want to travel to Karangasem full day or full day.

Then you have to start early in the morning around 8 o'clock from your hotel in the Kuta, Denpasar or Sanur area.

Using Taxi

If you arrive at Ngurah Rai or Kuta airport and want to go to Karangasem, the price range for a taxi is around IDR 500.000 – 650.000 per one way delivery.

From the airport to Karangasem, which is no more than 83 km, of course it is relatively expensive and costs quite a lot of money, right? Many taxi services are available and very easy for you to find.

Using a Motorcycle (Gotravela Motorcycle Rental Service)

There are many Bali motorbike rental services, the price range for automatic motorbike rental is around IDR 50.000 / motorbike for 24 hours. You can ask the service provider Scooter Rental Bali Gotravela Indonesia to send a motorbike to your place of stay.

So you just have to follow a row of tours to explore Karangasem Tourism by map, gps or google map.

For Bali motorbike rental services, you can check further.

Capture google motorbike rental in Bali
Using Bali Car Rental Services + Driver

The best way to go on vacation to tourist attractions and use the Karangasem Tourism Entrance Ticket reference.

Surrounding is using Bali Car Rental & Driver Services. There is a reason why we say, using a car + driver rental service is the best way to vacation in Bali and surrounding tourist attractions.

Illustration: The Avanza/Brio car rental fee + Bali driver is IDR 200.000 / 08 hours, of course, not including gasoline and tourist entrance tickets.

Of course the Toyota Avanza is very fuel efficient, so if you go around this Karangasem tourist spot for 08-10 hours, at most you will spend 17 liters of gasoline (No more than Rp. 100.000) right?

Now try to compare it with using a one-way taxi to karengasem, of course the costs you will incur are much greater, right?

Bali Tour Packages

For those of you who don't want to be complicated and dizzy and have a sufficient budget on vacation, of course you will choose a Tour Package in Bali with travel agent services, because with a tour service bureau almost everything in your vacation is already planned and arranged.

We also provide Tour Packages in Bali at cheap and reasonable prices without hidden prices or without hidden prices for you with a variant of two types of tour packages;

If you have any questions or suggestions. Don't hesitate to write in the comments column below or contact us.

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Karangasem Bali Entrance Ticket


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