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Togean Islands National Park

Togean Islands National Park

Do you yearn for marine tourism in an unusual place? A holiday to Togean Islands National Park will take you on a different adventure.

This is because the tourist destination, which is located in Tojo Una-una Regency, Central Sulawesi, is part of an important coral reef ecosystem.

The area is named coral triangle which includes Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia and Japan.

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Togean Islands: Four Coral Reef Environments

In Indonesia, the Togean Islands National Park is the only location that has four coral reef environments. Among others atoll (quagmire), fringing reefs (fringing reefs), barrier (barrier), and coral reefs (patch reef). Even survey Marine Rapid Assessment Program revealed that there are endemic coral species Acropora togeanensis there.

The underwater environment in the Togean Islands is also filled with various animals that will amaze you. Stingles jellyfish or jellyfish that don't sting is one of the fauna that tourists can encounter while enjoying a vacation to the Togean Islands.

You can find them on Karina Island, but not all the time. Stingles jellyfish are marine animals that are sensitive to light or sunlight. The manager advises tourists to come before sunrise or at night.

Apart from meeting jellyfish stingles and various coral reefs, tourists who dive in the waters of the Togean Islands National Park and have the opportunity to see the wrecks of planes from the Second World War. So, imagine how exciting it will be when you take the time to dive during your vacation in the Togean Islands.

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From Relaxing on the Beach of the Togean Islands to Climbing the Mountain

The tourism wealth of the Togean Islands is not only located under the sea. With more than 400 islands, the area has various tourist attractions ready for you to explore. That way, those of you who don't like activities in the water can spend time on land.

On Kadadiri Island, for example, tourists can do various activities such as: snorkeling and rent speedboat. On this island you can also start a journey to find the wreck of the plane that has merged with the coral reefs.

Don't worry about lodging, because there are various resorts and resorts bungalow ready for you booking for a vacation to the Togean Islands.

Want a more challenging adventure? You can claim Mount Colo on Una-una Island. The volcano as high as 2.509 meters above sea level is still active and is the target of tourists who like to explore the wild.

While tracing the path trekking, you will find shady trees to hot river flows because they contain lava. Therefore, you must be careful when approaching the top of Mount Colo.

Once you reach the top of Mount Colo, you can end your adventure with snorkeling. Some tourists say that Una-una Island is one of the best places to dive into the sea there. Also make sure to hire the services of a guide or   local to ensure a safe vacation to the Togean Islands.

Haven't Get Maximum Support

Unfortunately, the abundant potential in the Togean Islands has not received maximum support from the central government. The local government can only rely on the budget, which is a small amount.

This deficiency will clearly make it difficult for tourists to access a number of tourist attractions, especially those whose terrain is quite dangerous.

On the other hand, you can contribute by introducing the Togean Islands on social media. If the public is familiar with these tourist attractions, it is possible for the local or central government to maximize the facilities and infrastructure that support holidays to the Togean Islands in the future.

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So that's the information about the Togean Islands National Park. Interesting right? So, don't forget to visit this one tourist attraction, guys. Happy holidays.


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