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Sightseeing Near Borobudur Temple

Destinations near Borobudur Temple

Magelang is famous for its Borobudur Temple tour. If you are on holiday here, you should also visit several tourist attractions near Borobudur Temple. The following destinations near Borobudur Temple can be an option.

tour near Borobudur temple
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Tourist Attractions Near Borobudur Temple

1. Punthuk Setumbu

At Punthuk Setumbu, you can see a beautiful sunrise. This tourist location is close to Borobudur Temple.

This tour is located at an altitude of 1.300 meters above sea level. From here, you can see Borobudur Temple. The location of Punthuk Setumbu is in Kurahan Hamlet, Karangrejo Village, Borobudur District, Magelang Regency. The price of admission to Punthuk Setumbu is Rp. 20.000 per person.

Previously, Punthuk setumbu was just an ordinary plantation. Then a photographer came here. He saw the beauty of nature from the hill.

He uploaded the shots on social media. Then make a lot of people curious about this place. Even foreign tourists visit.

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2. Svargabumi

Next, a tourist spot near Borobudur is Svargabumi. This tourist spot is on Jalan Borobudur-Ngadiharjo, Sawah, Borobudur, Magelang.

The distance to Borobudur Temple is very close, only 1,5 km.

Here are some instagramable photo spots. The background of rice fields and hills makes the photo even more beautiful.

There are photo spots for net beds, ponds on the edge of the rice fields, swings, chairs in cages and much more.

You will be charged an entrance ticket of Rp. 30.000 per person for adults. Meanwhile, for children, the entrance ticket is Rp. 15.000.

3. Rhema Hill

Another natural tourism in the Borobudur area is Bukit Rhema. Bukit Rhema is also known as the Chicken Church. From the top of this hill, you can see Mount Merapi, Mount Sumbing, Mount Suroloyo, and Mount Merbabu.

The name of this tourist spot is Chicken Church, but it is not a church. In this building there is a dove building that has a crown. This building has 7 levels.

Rhema Hill is located in Karangrejo Gombong, Kurahan, Kembanglimus, Borobudur, Magelang. From Borobudur Temple, the distance of this tour is about 4,7 km.

The entrance ticket price is IDR 25.000 per person.

In this tourist spot, you can see a beautiful sunrise. But you can only see the sunrise in the morning on Saturday and Sunday.

In addition, Bukit Rhema is open from 6.00 WIB. There is also a collection of paintings here. There are several paintings with various themes. Such as nationalism, the journey of life and the dangers of use drugs.

Another attraction is taking pictures on the crown of the church. The view at the top of the crown is truly captivating.

4. Punthuk Mongrong

The Borobudur area is indeed rich in natural tourism. Here there are several hills that you can visit. See the beautiful natural panorama. And enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

So don't forget to come here early in the morning. You can see a beautiful sunrise with an entrance ticket of Rp. 10.000. This price includes parking fees. Pretty cheap isn't it.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery along with the beauty of the sunrise at an affordable price.

If you come on a sunny day, the view is more beautiful. You can see the sunrise from Mount Merapi and Merbabu. But if the weather is cloudy, you can't see the charm of the dashing mountain.

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The view at night is also beautiful. From the top of this hill, you can see the sparkling lights of the residents' houses. So beautiful.

You can bring a DSLR or Mirrorless photo to capture the beauty of the scene.

Those are 4 tourist destinations near Borobudur Temple that can be an option. The locations are close to each other so not much time is wasted.


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