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20 Tourist Spots in Larantuka, East Flores

20 Tourist Spots in Larantuka, East Flores

In the article 20 Tourist Spots in Larantuka, East Flores, which are popular and hunted by tourists. We deliberately dedicate it to travel buddies who want to explore the natural and cultural beauty of the eastern tip of Indonesia.

Larantuka east flores with a row of the Lembata islands, Adonara, Lamakera and Alor Island welcome you with hospitality and local wisdom that you will not meet in any area of ​​the archipelago.

The distinctive smile and warm welcome of the children of East Flores make anyone who has ever come here will miss returning to Tanah Nagi (the affectionate name of East Flores).

Local wisdom Larantuka flores east

20 Tourist Spots in Larantuka

Larantuka East Flores has a series of tourist spots that are favorite destinations for foreign and local tourists.

County in East Nusa Tenggara It has natural wealth and customs that are still well preserved.

Pearl of the East End of Flores

This eastern natural pearl is still well-preserved in its incomparable local culture and wisdom. Unite in the characteristics of their people who are obedient in religious love and protect nature.

Making this area a haven of tranquility for tourists who crave beauty, a warm welcome and family ties that anyone will never forget your memorial trip to Larantuka, East Flores.

east flores archipelago

Clusters of islands, both large and small, have natural wealth, the sea, customs, tourist meters, and a paradise on earth that is still awake.


These include the following 20 popular tourist spots in Larantuka, East Flores.

1. Meko Island

The popularity of East Nusa Tenggara is inseparable from the many exotic islands in this area such as Alor Island, Komodo Island, Sumba Island to Maumere.

One of the unique islands that many tourists glance at is Meko Island.

Meko Island Tourist Spots in Larantuka
Meko Island Larantuka

Meko island is located in Meko Hamlet, Witihama District, Adonara Island, East Flores is a white sand dune raised in the middle of the sea that looks like an uninhabited island. 


This embossed sand has an area of ​​less than one square kilometer. The sand is slightly pink in color so it looks a contrast to the turquoise color of the sea water.

Walking around Meko Island is a sensation in itself because there are almost no waves and when the tide is high, the island will sink. 

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2. Oa Beach

One of the natural charms of East Flores that spoils the eye is Oa Beach which is located in Oa Beach Village, Wulanggitang, East Flores.

The beach, which is located about 50 km from Larantuka City, has a clean stretch of sand with clear blue sea water.

Beach-Oa-Flores tourist spot in Larantuka

The unspoiled beauty of Oa Beach makes it quite popular on social media. 

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the sand and waves, the view of the sunrise and sunset is a pity to miss on this beach.

You can see the beauty of the sun rising from between Adonara Island and Solor Island.

In the afternoon, you will be spoiled by the view of the sunset behind Mount Lewotobi.

3. Semana Santa (Holy Week)

The Semana Santa procession tradition in Indonesia can only be witnessed in Larantuka, East Flores.

This Easter tradition has been around for more than 500 years.

Semana Santa Procession

The religious tour of the Semana Santa procession is held from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday.

The statue of Tuan Ma (Mother Mary) will be paraded to the Renha Rosari Larantuka Cathedral while singing songs and lighting candles along the way.

You can read more detailed information at "The History of the Semana Santa's Procession of the Holy Week Larantuka"

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4. Wai Plati

Almost all tourist destinations in East Flores are still original and natural, including one of them Wai Plati Oka.

This tourist spot in Larantuka, East Flores, is a hot spring tour as well as a mangrove forest with beautiful beach views.

Wai Plati is located in Mokantarak Village, Larantuka, East Flores.

The distance of this attraction from Larantuka City is about 11 km or a 10-15 minute trip using two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. 

5. Waibalun Island

Island located in Waibalun, Larantuka is one of the spiritual tourism destinations in East Flores.

Apart from being a location for spiritual pilgrimages, Waibalun Island also offers exotic underwater views.

Tourists can watch traditional swimming and rowing competitions in a series of Fisherman's Festivals held every Second Easter. 

6. Lake Waibelen

In Riangpuho, Waibao Village, Tanjung Bunga District, East Flores, you can find beautiful lake that is Lake Waibelen.

The lake known as Love Lake it is only about 1 hour from Larantuka City.

Larantuka Love Lake

Not only beautiful lake views, along the way to the lake you will be treated to views of the cashew plantation (Cashew / Cashew).Western Anacardium), cool and beautiful mountains and white sand beaches. 

7. Prayer Garden of the Mount of Fatima & the Jubilee Cross

Religious tourism destinations are a mainstay for the Larantuka area, East Flores.


Your spiritual tour will feel incomplete if you haven't visited the Fatima Hill Prayer Garden and the Jubilee Cross on San Dominggo Hill.


The location of this prayer garden is not far from the Larantuka Diocese Palace, only about 300 meters.

In addition to the Fatima Hill Prayer Garden and the Jubilee Cross, there is also the Mount Moting Maria Cave Prayer Park which is located about 10 kilometers from Larantuka City, precisely in Belogili, Balukhering Village, Lewolema. 

8. Kawaliwu Beach

If you are hunting for the charm of the sunset at the eastern tip of Flores, Kawaliwu Beach is the right spot.

On this beach you can see views of tall coconut trees, calm waves, black sand and large rocks, and the best sunset at the Larantuka spot.

Along the shoreline there are natural hot springs or natural hot water so that the beach sea water feels warm when you soak here.

Kawaliwu Beach Tourist Spots in Larantuka

Interestingly, you can witness the activities of residents who use well water near the beach for various daily activities.

This local community view can be seen every afternoon. 

9. Weri White Sand Beach

Weri White sand beach is one of the beaches in Larantuka which is still rarely visited by tourists.

Presenting views of white sand and clear sea water. In addition, the view of the mountains and Adonara Island is a beautiful backdrop that can be seen on the beach.

Likewise, the view of the sunrise at the eastern end also looks spectacular from this beach. 

So don't miss one of the tourist spots in Larantuka, buddy.

10. Watotena Beach

Another popular tourist destination in East Flores is Watotena Beach, which is located on East Adonara Island.

The beach, which is located in Nelerereng Village, Ileboleng District, presents views of white sand with magma lumps of various unique shapes on the shoreline.

Watotena Beach

From this beach, you can see the islands of Lembata and Solor in the distance and Mount Ile Boleng in the background Watotena Beach.

11. Lohayong Fort

Lohayong Fort which was originally named Port Henricus XVII is part of the Semana Santa tradition.

Lohayong Fort is a Tourist Spot in Larantuka

Every year Lohayong Fort is always crowded by foreign tourists and Semana Santa pilgrims.

This Portuguese heritage fort is a historical as well as religious tourist attraction because it has witnessed the history of the murder of 8 Dominican priests by the natives.

12. Tori Village

Every traditional village in Larantuka must have a tori/chapela or small house that was built as a place of worship and the enthronement of holy items.

Generally these sacred items are relics of the Portuguese. Each tori stores sacred items that are different from one another.

This makes Tori Village a religious tourism destination that you must visit when on vacation to Larantuka.

13. Lamawalang Village

Lamawalang Village is one of the cultural villages in Larantuka which still maintains traditional houses as original.

In this village you can also witness the traditional alcohol distillation process, the making of ikat weaving and the performance of the traditional Larantuka dance.

If you are lucky, tourists can also witness the traditional sacrificial procession.

14. Labawain Beach

Labawain Beach is one of the best beaches in East Flores. With a stretch of white sand that stretches along 200 meters, it offers a view that spoils the eyes. T

located in Lamawai Village, West Solor, East Flores, Labawain Beach can be an ideal place to relax, hunting photos, diving, swimming to sunbathing.

15. Paihaka Beach

Like other beaches in East Flores, Paihaka Beach also offers clean beach views with clear sea water.

This beach is very interesting because it is the site of excavation and research of ancient stoneware from soil and human bones dating back 2000 years by archaeologists from France.

One of the tourist spots in Larantuka is only about 2,5 hours drive from Larantuka, precisely in Waibao Village, Tanjung Bunga District.

16. Watohari Beach

In Watohari Village, East Solor, you can visit the legendary 500-meter white sandy beach, called Watohari Beach.

On the shores of this beach there are two black stones which are said to be the embodiment of two brothers who emerged from the sea at night.

The brothers turned into two black stones because they were surprised to hear the crowing of a rooster when they walked towards the mainland.

17. Deri Beach

East Flores is the right place if you want a beach tour. East Nusa Tenggara has a series of beach attractions with amazing views such as Deri Beach which is 3 hours drive from Larantuka City.

Beautiful beach panoramas are not the only thing Deri Beach has to offer. However, there are also cultural tours of Lamahelan Village, Harubala Village and Ile Boleng volcano tours.

18. Tanjung Bunga Beach

This tourist spot beach in Larantuka is located at the easternmost tip of East Flores or 2,5 hours drive from Larantuka City.

On this beach you can swim, sunbathe, watch the sunset or visit other tourist areas not far from the beach.

Several attractions are not far from Tanjung Bunga Beach such as Weibelen Lake, Batu Payung Karang in the middle of the sea and the Nopin Nature Reserve Site.

19. Kahale Beach

Kahale Beach, located in Tanjung Bunga, East Flores, offers a stretch of soft white sand lined with coconut trees and exotic mangrove trees.

From Kahale beach, you can see the beauty of Tanjung Bunga Bay which spoils the eyes. 

20. Asam Satu Beach (Asam Satu Beach)

Another tourist destination that includes 20 popular tourist spots in Larantuka, East Flores, is Asam Satu Beach (Asam Satu Beach) which is located in Weri Village, Larantuka, East Flores.

Asam Beach One tourist spot in Larantuka

The beach, which is 1 km from Gewayan Tana Larantuka Airport, offers clean white sand and complete tourist facilities.

It is suitable as a vacation spot with family and during week-end local tourists often visit this location.


East Flores can be an alternative in your bucket list this year by visiting and exploring tourist spots in Larantuka.

You must once in your life to this east flores pearl paradise and enjoy its beauty.

To get to the location, you can land/transit in Maumere or Kupang and then continue by flight or road.

If you need accommodation, guide or car rental in Larantuka, you can consult us again, Go Travela Indonesia.

So hopefully this article is useful for you and see you in Larantuka, East Flores.

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