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Sekotong Lombok Tourist Attractions | 8 Must-Visit Spots

Tourism in Sekotong Lombok

Sekotong Lombok Tourism

Tourist attractions in Sekotong Lombok are one of the hidden paradises in Lombok.

Lombok Island is indeed a paradise for natural tourism. There are lots of spots with beautiful and beautiful views that cover all parts of the area.

One part Lombok which is now becoming a popular tourist destination is Sekotong. Because, here you can visit beaches, hills, mountains, savanna and many more.

What tourist attractions in Sekotong Lombok are recommended to visit? It would be good for Travela to understand everything too Lombok Tourist Attractions & Entrance Ticket Prices, So that your holiday is more practical and exciting.

Best Spot Recommendation In Sekotong And Around

Sekotong has lots of tourist attractions that you can visit. Below are some of the best recommendations that you can use as a reference while on holiday, from the beach to the savanna.

1. Sekotong Beach

The tourist attraction in Lombok, Sekotong Beach, is a tourist destination that you must visit first. The distance is about 60 km from the city of Mataram. You can use various types of transportation, because the infrastructure to this beach is quite good.

Tourism in Sekotong Lombok

The entrance ticket price for Sekotong Beach is also very cheap, namely IDR 5.000. This beach has bluish water with very calm waves. So you are free to swim safely. Apart from that, the activities that tourists like most when visiting are snorkeling and diving.

Because the underwater view is so beautiful. Various colorful coral reefs complete with thousands of types of marine biota. And what you shouldn't miss is relaxing on the soft white sand while watching the beauty of the sunrise and sunset.

2. Mekaki Beach

This beach is in the southern part of Sekotong Lombok Tourism. You need a travel time of 2 hours if you depart from the city of Mataram. Even though it's quite far, it's guaranteed that you won't feel tired, because along the way there are lots of beautiful views of hills, farms and several dykes.


Then to enter Mekaki Beach you only need to pay the entrance ticket price of IDR 5.000. Arriving at Mekaki Beach you will be greeted by an amazing expanse of sea. The water is so clear with a turquoise green color at the edges and bluish in the middle.


For those of you who like surfing, Mekaki is a tourist attraction in Sekotong Lombok that you must visit, because the waves here are quite big. Apart from that, you can also relax and enjoy sunrise on white sand.
Not to be missed, you can add the view of the beach flanked by hills as an addition to your photo collection landscapes.

To visit the beach locations above we offer cheap car rental in lombok.


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3. Desert Points

Sekotong Lombok's next tourist attraction is also a paradise for surfing lovers. It has been proven that many world-class surfers visit here to enjoy the adrenaline-inducing waves.

Even, Desert Points also ranks 6th on the list of 10 surfing destination beaches with the fiercest waves International Surfing Association. For those of you who want to get Perfect Waves, come to Desert Points from May to October.


At that time, you will be pampered by concave waves with a length of 300 meters and a height of 3 meters which can last for 10 to 20 seconds. Meanwhile, for those of you who are not interested in surfing, you can try trekking in the 2.1690 hectare coastal forest.

Here there are many types of vegetation that you will find, including biduri, sea pandan, bajur, kesambi, and several other types of mangroves. How to get to Desert Point can be reached by crossing from Kuta beach, Bali. The journey time is around 3 hours. The Desert Point entrance ticket price is IDR 10.000.

4. Nambung Beach

The Sekotong Lombok Tourism Area is indeed a champion of marine tourism. Nambung Beach is also a tourist destination that offers extraordinary beauty. This beach borders directly on the Indian Ocean, so the waves are very big and rolling.

For those of you who like challenges, you can try surfing. Apart from that, the view that really catches the attention of tourists is the Asin Tanjung Waterfall. Huge waves from the east and south hit the rows of tall rocks on the beach.

Tourism in Sekotong Lombok Nambung Beach

The phenomenon of water falling due to the impact of the waves then looks like a waterfall. For those of you who want to come to Nambung Beach with the starting point at Mataram City, then the journey time is about one and a half hours. Meanwhile, the ticket price you need to pay is only IDR 10.000.

5. Gili Kendis

Gili Kendis is a small, uninhabited island that has beautiful natural charm. To get to this dyke you need to cross by boat from Sekotong Beach. Travel time is only about 30 minutes. When you get there you have to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 5.000.


This place is the best recommendation for those of you who are looking for a Sekotong Lombok tourist spot with a calming atmosphere. There are still not many people who have touched it, making this island still very beautiful and natural.

Gili Kendis has very clear seas and beautiful coral reefs. So many tourists spend their time snorkeling. No less exciting, you can also grill fish on the beach and then enjoy it with your family.

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6. Gili Layar

Another Gili destination that is no less amazing is Gili Layar. Just like before, you need to cross to get to this island.

The crossing can be done from Harbor Tembawong and takes about 30 minutes. During the trip, you are guaranteed to be amazed by the beautiful views of the Sekotong Mountains.

Tourism in Sekotong Lombok Gili Layar

Gili Layar is a paradise for coral reef lovers. Just by walking about 10-20 meters from the shoreline you can see various beautiful coral reefs.

There is even a fairly rare type of coral reef here, namely blue coral. You don't need to worry, the waves on Gili Layar are very calm. So you are free to swim, snorkel, dive safely.

7. Bagek Twin Mangrove Ecotourism

Are you planning a holiday with children? Bagek Kembar Mangrove Ecotourism could be the best choice. Because the concept offered is tourism as well as education. There are lots of exciting activities that you will do here.

Starting from an adventure exploring fish ponds, exploring rivers, learning directly about Mangroves to planting them, and seeing several types of birds. There's no need to doubt the view.

All parts of this place are neatly arranged and more complete with stunning views of the Sasak coast. If you visit this ecotourism, you must try the culinary menu.

How to get to Bagek Kembar Mangrove Ecotourism can be done using various modes of transportation. If you start the journey from the city of Maram, it will take around 1 hour. The good news is, you don't need to spend a penny to spend your holiday at this ecotourism.

8. Buwun Mas Hills

Currently Buwun Mas Hills is becoming a tourist attraction in Sekotong Lombok which is much discussed by travel lovers. The reason is, this savanna has such beautiful views. To reach the location, you need to pass a 2 meter wide road which is rocky and uphill.

The distance is about 2 km from the main village road. But there's no need to worry, motorbike taxi facilities are provided here at a rate of IDR 5.000. Meanwhile, the entrance ticket price is IDR 5.000. Your tiredness is guaranteed to be paid off after arriving at the savanna. The vast expanse of overgrown weeds is fertile and beautiful.

Then it becomes more complete with the background in the form of hills and beaches. Really the best spot for those of you who like taking photos. No less interesting is that the air is so cool it makes the body more relaxed.

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These are some of the tourist attractions in Sekotong Lombok. Which place will you visit on holiday? Yes, all destinations in Sekotong have amazing panoramas.

Please plan your vacation carefully, so that it is possible to visit many tourist attractions. Hopefully useful, yes.

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